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Cruise ship © 2011 Cruise ship & Costa Concordia Bateau de croisière Costa Concordia et.

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1 Cruise ship © 2011 Cruise ship & Costa Concordia Bateau de croisière Costa Concordia et

2 Cruise ship © 2011 Embark: go on board a ship or aircraft. Disembark: leave a ship, aircraft, or train. Deck: a floor of a ship, especially the upper, open level. Crew: a group of people who work on and operate a ship, boat, aircraft, or train. On board: on or in a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle. Evacuation: remove from a place of danger to a safer place. Vocabulary

3 Cruise ship © 2011 EnglishFrench EmbarkEmbarquer Disembarkdébarquer Deckpont Crewéquipage On boardLe conseil d'administration Evacuateévacuer

4 Cruise ship © 2011

5 Cruise ship © 2011 CasinoDance floor Spa ShoppingTheatre Lounge

6 Cruise ship © 2011 Cruise Liners:

7 Cruise ship © 2011 Costa Concordia

8 Cruise ship © 2011 Grammar Non-Action Verbs [Non-action Verbes]

9 Cruise ship © 2011 Non-Action Verbs Some verbs cannot be used in the progressive tenses. They are called non-action verbs. Non-action verbs indicate state, sense, desire, possession, or opinion. The most common non-action verbs are: [Certains verbes ne peut pas être utilisé dans les temps progressive. Ils sont appelésnon-action verbes. Non-action verbes indiquer l'état, le bon sens, le désir, la possession, ou de ses opinions. Les plus courantes non- action verbes sont:]

10 Cruise ship © 2011 be*seemappear*(existence) look*sound*smell*taste*feel*(senses) likewantpreferlove*(desire) have*ownpossess(possession) think*believeconsider*(opinion) Some verbs have both action and non-action meanings. They are indicated by an asterisk* in the table below. [Certains verbes ont à la fois l'action et non d'action significations. Ils sont indiqués par un astérisque * dans le tableau ci-dessous.]

11 Cruise ship © 2011 Mr. Tactful is seeming like a nice guy.(Wrong!) Mr. Tactful seems like a nice guy.(Correct) This salad is tasting delicious.(Wrong!) This salad tastes delicious.(Correct) I am liking banana cream pie.(Wrong!) I like banana cream pie.(Correct) Examples of Non-Action Verbs:

12 Cruise ship © 2011 Those flowers look beautiful.(Non-action) Flora is looking out the window.(Action) I think that's a great idea.(Non-action) I am thinking about my upcoming speech.(Action) We have a brand new car.(Non-action) We are having a party this weekend.(Action) Craig is a real estate agent.(Non-action) Billy is being naughty today.(Action) The situation determines whether the action or non-action form of the verb is used.

13 Cruise ship © 2011 Below are the sentences with non-action verbs,correct if wrong. 1.You are seeming to be bored with the lesson. 2.I am preferring the yellow dress rather than the blue one. 3.She looking beautiful today. 4.I believe in God. 5.I am think to finish my homework first. 6.Dora is wanting more of cheese.

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