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EDUCATION LAWS AMENDMENT ACT.2007 Searches and Seizures.

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1 EDUCATION LAWS AMENDMENT ACT.2007 Searches and Seizures

2 What does Section 8A of the SASA say? Dangerous objects and illegal drugs Who conducts the search and under what circumstances? How does the search take place? What happens to the object or substance? What happens to the learner?

3 Implementation of ACT? Advocacy School Code of Conduct Metal Detectors School Safety Committee Safety become school ethos Partnerships – SAPS, DOCS, DOJ

4 To focus on guns in school is to miss the larger picture of the violent communities that spawn violent students. And to focus only on one instrument of violence, the gun, is to begin the search for gun control laws which have a superficial appeal, but will do nothing to remove the causes of violence. - Dr Joseph Sheley et al – American Journal of Diseases of Children

5 No Single solution Holistic approach Structures, procedures, strategies Education and Awareness Campaigns Violence – limiting mechanisms Tackle issues surrounding it Address issues in the surrounding environment

6 9 Point Safe Schools Planning Process Establish a safety Committee Make safety part of the schools vision Conduct a safety audit Set major objectives Develop a safety plan Select and implement strategies Conduct an audit of service providers in the area Create cluster structures Evaluate and assess progress


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