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Physical Education software used in the classroom

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1 Physical Education software used in the classroom
Amanda Phillp Grade: Elementary Students

2 How can an ipad help in a classroom? Where can I purchase and price?
The ipad can be used in a classroom many different ways. There are apps that can share different ideas for fitness activities. The ipad will keep a well organized classroom. Where can I purchase and price? Price Range: Starting at $300 dollars Purchase at: Apple store

3 Why technology? Technology is an up and growing trend.
The students will already know how to use a lot of technology. Saves time and paper Have more access to better learning activities.

4 Problem-solving software
Why Problem-Solving Software? Bring software into the classroom Will open up the students minds to solve problems Can Buy many versions of problem-solving for cheap Where to Purchase and Price? Price Range: $30-$150 Purchase From: Amazon,Target and internet

5 What will my students get out of using software?
Learning skills Setting them up for the “real world” Instead of writing all the time they will have a change in pace Keeps their mind thinking and learning

6 Video cassettes and laser discs
Videos can be shown to provide information Better understanding of information for visual learners Laser discs are interactive biomechanics for students Price range: $10- $100 Purchase from: Amazon is the best place to purchase both video cassettes and laserdiscs

7 Automatic Skin fold Calipers
What is it? Uses a built-in computer to calculate and display the percent of body fat Price Range: $10-$40 Purchase at: XXXX-Skinfold-Caliper/dp/B000NN9SDO Where can I but it and how much?

8 Body Composition Analysis
What is a body composition analysis ? Informs student of his/her percent of body fat. Where to Purchase and Price ? Price: Ranges from $50- $300 Purchase:

9 How do these come together?
The skin fold and body composition can be used together. Computer software to show how a healthy body composition can be formed. Ipad to keep track of the students progress.

10 How will these benefit my students?
Will learn how to use technology Different types of technology they may have never used Learning about body fat will help students with their health for the future

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