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Washtenaw Intermediate School District Special Education Millage Request Tuesday, September 14, 2004.

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1 Washtenaw Intermediate School District Special Education Millage Request Tuesday, September 14, 2004

2 Whats the issue? 1 mill for 7 years for Special Education Services on Tuesday, September 14, 2004

3 all children. The funds are designed to maintain quality programs for special needs students and offset some of the state funding reductions that affect all students. The millage is intended to benefit:

4 More than 7000 students who receive special education services. Thats 1 of every 7 students in our public schools! The millage is intended to benefit:

5 All 48,000 students enrolled in the public schools

6 Why now? The last special education millage was passed in 1987. Increasing numbers of general and special education students are straining available resources. Unstable state budget + Repeated reductions in school funding + Increasing local school costs = Financial crisis for our schools!

7 Washtenaw Countys student population is growing 37,76247,453

8 K-12 enrollment 1988-2003

9 Special education enrollment 1988-2003

10 What special education services are supported by the millage? Teacher consultants for children with learning disabilities Services such as speech, occupational and physical therapy Special education classroom teachers Special education para-professionals Assistive technology and specialized materials Training for teachers and families

11 What else does the millage support? Prevention of early learning failure Programs and activities supporting high expectations for all students Special education and general education students learning together Increased parent and student participation in educational decisions Transition support from school to college, work and the activities of adult life.

12 Who are the special education students in Washtenaw County? December 1, 2003

13 Special Education by Disability in Milan Area Schools December 1, 2003

14 How does countywide special education funding work? About $30 million of the ISD Act 18 fund is now distributed annually to local districts. After federal and state dollars, this covers about 67% of the added cost of educating students with disabilities. The authorized millage rate is 3.5 mills. WISD now levies 2.9545 mills due to Headlee rollbacks. Last years levy was 2.9724 mills.

15 How do local school districts pay for special education services now? 26% 10% 21% 43%

16 What would these proportions be in 2004-05 with and without passage of the millage? With MillageWithout Millage

17 Special education funds cover a percentage of the costs The Special Education Fund has never completely covered the cost of special education programs; the General Fund budget of the local school district has always absorbed a portion of the cost. The 2003-04 reimbursement rate is 67%. The 2004-05 school year reimbursement rate will go down to about 62% (without additional millage).

18 Milan Area Schools 2004 – 2005 Estimates Without With Additional Millage Additional Millage Special Education Services (Est. 7% Inc.) Est. Claim to WISD Special Ed Fund $2,162,318$2,162,318 Services Covered Through Federal Grants 425,130 425,130$2,587,448 Special Education Revenues State Funding - 618,721- 618,721 Federal Grants- 425,130- 425,130 WISD Reimbursement- 957,030- 1,234,878 Local Revenues Needed to Cover the Balance of Special Education Services 586,567 308,719 Increase in Funding to Milan Schools With Additional Millage+$277,848

19 Milan Area Schools 7-Year Millage Funding Summary Estimated Additional *Assumes an annual 7% Increase in Special Education Costs Funding with Special Education Millage 2004-05$ 277,848 2005-06 412,912 2006-07 441,816 2007-08 510,563 2008-09 546,302 2009-10 627,842 2010-11 671,792 Total Estimated Additional Funding to Milan Schools with Special Education Millage$3,489,075

20 What does this mean for our school district? The additional revenue received from a special education millage increase will be the equivalent of 5 teachers for our schools.

21 1 mill for 7 years to help maintain quality programs for all children in Washtenaw County public schools. Whats the issue?

22 Residents in the school districts of: Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Lincoln, Manchester, Milan, Saline, Whitmore Lake, Willow Run and Ypsilanti Who can vote?

23 Milan Middle School 920 North Street Where do I vote?

24 When do I vote? Tuesday, September 14, 2004 7:00am - 8:00 pm

25 Call: WISD at (734) 994-8100 Visit: Call: Superintendents Office 439-5050 Visit: Want more information?

26 Thank You! Please remember to Vote!

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