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Immersive Learning for Technical and Vocational Education Open source and open to the world! from e-Learning to v-Learning.

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1 Immersive Learning for Technical and Vocational Education Open source and open to the world! from e-Learning to v-Learning

2 Warren Sheaffer Saint Paul College Saint Paul, USA Norbert Fuhrmann Felix-Fechenbach Berufskolleg Detmold, Germany

3 Education 3.0 Why? Play video

4 Immersive Education An educational technology based on distributed computing models, computer networks and computer graphics Designed to immerse and engage students in the same way that today's best video games capture and retain the participants attention Support self-directed learning as well as collaborative group-based learning environments

5 Immersive Education Implementation Tools Interactive 3D graphics Commercial transaction server and simulation technology Virtual reality Voice chat (Voice over IP/VoIP) Web cameras (webcams) Using these tools we create collaborative online course environments and classrooms.

6 Immersive Education Gives participants a sense of "being there" An effective alternative when attending a class or training session in person isn't possible, practical, or desirable Allows educators and students to connect and communicate in a way that greatly enhances the learning experience

7 The Minnesota Experience

8 Minnesota, USA St. Paul

9 Minnesota Facts and Figures Minnesota is approximately the size of Germany The population of Minnesota is 3.2 million compared with 80 million in Germany Low population density Tradition of quality educational access for all who want it

10 Saint Paul College Two year dual purpose college 6000 Students 40+ Areas of study Growing 5% per year Located in the city of St. Paul Much like FFB in architecture, culture, students

11 Been simulating for 30 years!

12 Second Life Platform Lets visit 2 nd Life for a moment.....

13 MnSCU Island Play video

14 How do we get there? Saint Paul College recently named a Sun Center of Excellence We leverage that relationship Utilize open source tools Do not waste time reinventing platform Improve community exposure Call in the Coughlin Group(marketing) Maintain excellence in academics

15 Virtual NorthStar Based on Sun Microsystems Wonderland Open source project Look us up at: Framework for developing virtual worlds for education Based on Sun open source technologies: MPK20 Voice Bridge Darkstar Highly scalable architecture, client-server 100% Java

16 Virtual NorthStar, cont. Dual path development External art creation tools Blender Maya Sketch-Up Internal programming 100% Java Can do about anything

17 Virtual NorthStar, cont. Advantages Private (no sex or griefing) Fine grained identity management Open source (you have the code) High fidelity audio X11 support for application sharing in-world Scene graphs are developed outside the world with high quality graphic development tools Disadvantages Currently in pre-beta release (working on it) High learning curve in return for complete flexibility

18 Lets visit Wonderland Play video

19 Experiences using Immersive Education in an International Classroom Setting

20 Case 1: English Language Instruction Fulltime Class IT-Specialists Second year technology students Required course Course Topic: Relevance of international cooperation in technical training

21 Location of students: At home or at any place with internet access Class was conducted in an open format (guests from Minnesota …) Case 1: English Language Instruction


23 Observations A surprising result: The students stayed focused for the whole class period One student returned from the Sun-Island The students were self-motivated and visited MNSCU Island individually and met faculty members of the St. Paul College Introduction of flexibility in scheduling classes Case 1: English Language Instruction

24 Phase 2 A virtual field trip to view the exhibition of the St. Paul College media-display Case 1: English Language Instruction



27 Learning doesnt take place just in the school building The students experience in a 3-D virtual world closely paralleled the in class experience Students learn in a world that they define Case 1: English Language Instruction

28 Future Directions for TVET Create and maintain a learning objects repository,[LOR] for technical education: open source and open to the world Create a secure, low cost tool for anyone who wishes to utilize a virtual environment, [VE] for their educational needs: open source and open to the world Seamless integration of the LOR with the VE to leverage existing educational assets Key: Open source and open to the world

29 Next Steps : Practical Application Pilot Project: Network a Company Transfer a project which is currently done internationally into the virtual environment Project Highlights: Create a 3 D building to the specification of a floor plan Create international, multicultural teams Simulate all affective, psychomotor and cognitive aspects of the exercise Demonstrate the effectiveness of the use of virtual environments in technical and vocational education

30 Next Steps (2) St. Paul College will create the buildings and provide the platform Felix-Fechenbach-Berufskolleg and Atlanta Technical College will develop the curriculum components and learning objects Students from Atlanta Technical College, Savonlinna Vocational College and Felix-Fechenbach-Berufskolleg will navigate and learn in the created virtual environment

31 The End

32 Questions?

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