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Experiential Education at Ursuline College Internships and Co-operative Education Meegan Cox Coordinator of Experiential Education.

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1 Experiential Education at Ursuline College Internships and Co-operative Education Meegan Cox Coordinator of Experiential Education

2 Overview This presentation will: Define the types of experiential education programs available at Ursuline College Explore the benefits of participation in these programs Briefly summarize the Office of Counseling and Career Servicess (OCCS) policies and procedures Provide Student and Employer Testimonials

3 What is Experiential Education? Experiential education is any form of education that emphasizes personal experience of the learner rather than learning from lectures, books, and other second hand sources. (McBrian & Brandt, 1997, p 38)

4 Experiential Education at Ursuline Departments offering experiential education: Nursing – Clinicals and Practicum Education – Student Teaching Long Term Care – Field Practicum Social Work – Field Experience OCCS provides opportunities to all other majors through: Internships Cooperative Education

5 What is an Internship? Internships: Meaningful temporary work experiences directly related to the students academic major For juniors and seniors with significant progress in their major course work May be paid or unpaid Academic credit is always awarded Learning objectives/goals relate work experiences to academic discipline

6 What is a Co-op? Co-ops: Longer term work experiences in the students major (at least two semesters) Always paid Not for credit Available for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors Student is hired as a co-op on a part time basis Related semesters of work in the co-op position will allow the student to work towards increasingly more meaningful and in-depth assignments

7 Whats the Difference? Internships: Paid or unpaid Usually part-time Always for academic credit Short term Often project based Co-ops: Always paid Full or part-time Not for credit Long term or recurring, but must be related semesters In-depth

8 Whats the Same? Participating in either of these programs will: facilitate student learning in the major and in the career allow students to make intellectual connections between course work and on the job assignments boost student resumes increase professional competencies define career goals often lead to full time job offers upon completion

9 Benefits of Participating in an Internship or Co-op: Employment! 60.2% of co-op students are offered employment upon completion (NACE, 2004) 57.6% of student interns are offered employment (NACE, 2004) 85.5% of employers report higher retention rates of hires from their own co-op or intern programs as compared to other college hires (NACE, 2004) Students with job related experience spend less time in the job search (2.5 months) than those without (6.3 months) (Kysor & Pierce, 2000)

10 Benefits: Higher Salaries! 49.7% of employers say that they offer higher salaries to new college graduates with internship/co- op experience (NACE, 2004) 32.5% say they offer higher salaries to students from their own internship/co-op program (NACE, 2004) These students tend to receive promotions and higher merit pay increases in their first job than students without experience (Kysor & Pierce, 2000)

11 What are the Benefits to Ursuline Students? Of the Ursuline students who participated in an internship in the spring semester of 2005: 38% received job offers, promotions, or increased responsibility as a result of their internship 89% reported that their internship experience was high quality and would recommend the experience to other students All received career and resume boosting experiences including networking opportunities with professionals in their field

12 What are the Common Concerns of Students? For many students an internship or co-op is their introduction to a professional work setting and they may experience disillusionment (Sweitzer and King, 1999) Students may fear that the internship they chose is not in a career track that they want to follow They may be disappointed when the internship that seemed so exciting on paper involves some not so exciting leg work Students may need coaching in professional behavior (punctuality, dress, demeanor, email and phone etiquette) The staff of the OCCS have experience helping students with all of these issues, please do not hesitate to contact us at 440-646-8322 for guidance

13 Academic Requirements All internships are facilitated through the Office of Counseling and Career Services Faculty and Coordinator of Experiential Education approval of internship or co-op job description Must be related to academic major Internships are always for credit Two site visits, one by the coordinator and one by the faculty advisor Evaluations by the supervisor of the students professional development and by the student of the work site Complete requirements are available in the Internship and Co- operative Education Guides available in MU130 or at

14 Now The Fun Part... Student and Employer Testimonials...

15 Some of the artifacts I was able to handle were amazing...things people dream of touching! Such as The Supremes gowns and Ray Charles' sunglasses. I designed and made a pair of curtains for the "Tommy: The Who" exhibit and some stage skirting for the Ray Charles Exhibit, which many higher ups said "Really made the exhibit." I am currently applying for assistant designer positions across the U.S. where I can utilize the great experience I have attained at the Rock Hall. Che Paskert Fashion Merchandising Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Exhibitions Intern

16 Kendall Christian Chief Preparator Rock and Roll Hall of Fame I have found that when interns are trusted and given challenging work, they rise to meet their responsibilities with flying colors. Che was a perfect example of how an intern can be a real asset to the team. Im confident that her experience with us will benefit her in her job search.

17 Jennifer Risch Business Administration Jacobs Field/SportService Intern My internship experience at Jacobs Field has given me an opportunity to put all my studies to use. Working for SportService, I am surrounded by professionals in my field who are eager to share advice with me and help me with my entrance into the business world. SportService has hired me as a full-time supervisor now that my internship is complete, and I will be applying for an assistant manager position at the end of the season. I am very satisfied with my internship opportunity, it has provided me with great experience to support the education that I have received over the past four years.

18 Rob Strosnider Jacobs Field/SportService Manager Jen adapts well and fits into our structure very well. She helps our management group by displaying professionalism as well as bringing a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Jen is a can do individual and a nice addition to our team – were glad she is aboard.

19 Linda Belcher Interior Design/Graphic Design International Womens Air and Space Museum Interior Design Intern The goals of my internship were to create space plans to convert a non-functional multi-purpose space into a storage space for the expansion of the museums extensive collection of artifacts and records. I also had learn and comply with ADA requirements. The internship gave me opportunities to exercise my Auto CAD skills, network, make decisions, assist in selecting and purchasing office furnishings, supervise volunteers and staff, do field work, and handle and preserve artifacts. The skills I gained from Ursuline College allowed me to successfully complete the tasks that were set before me. Joan Hrubec and Linda Belcher

20 Joan Hrubec Curator International Womens Air and Space Museum Having a summer intern is a new experience for the IWASM. Fortunately we found that Linda brought to us talents that we could really utilize. She has designed our new storage room to best fit our collection and files, making the best use of the space available. Working a large number of components into our limited space was a challenge, but she met it with enthusiasm, determination, and professionalism. She has also brought a lot of details to our attention that we would not have considered ourselves. Working with Linda has been an educational and pleasant experience. Joan Hrubec and Linda Belcher

21 What are Employers Saying? The work our intern did in the office was invaluable to us, and I noticed a marked improvement in her interpersonal skills too. When she first came to us she was very quiet, by the end of her internship she was able to attend and participate in meetings and work with clients as a professional. She was also able to make contacts with 200 of the local agencies that we work with, allowing her to actively network for her next job. Sheila Lee, Assistant Director, RSVP Cleveland

22 What are Employers Saying? Darlenes help has been invaluable and her willingness to learn and effort toward accomplishing her goals is refreshing. It is clear that Darlenes commitment to HELP goes above and beyond that of a normal employee, her care and concern for all consumers is evident in her excellent work. Joan Ackerman, Director of Development, HELP Foundation Inc.

23 What are Employers Saying? Heather is a pleasure to work with. She is a quick study and very reliable with the assignments she has been given. She maintains an enthusiastic and professional demeanor. Joanne Rogers, Director of Staff Development, University Hospitals Home Care Services

24 What are Employers Saying? Jason has done an outstanding job as an intern and an employee, his professional demeanor, his can do attitude, and problem solving skills are excellent. Caroline Zito, Bailiff, Summit County Court of Common Pleas

25 Student Quotes Everything I learned in my classes regarding ethics and protecting the privacy of clients/patients came to the forefront, my ability to be caring and objective about peoples situations was helpful. My organizational and strategic planning skills were well used, also I was independently able to set priorities and accomplish assigned tasks. Joyce Hullett, Family Studies, Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity

26 Student Quotes This internship has glued together the pieces of the puzzle from my education and previous work experience to provide me with a base to grow and prosper from. I am continuing to learn and am confident that my future success will be a result of my educational and professional building blocks. Cindy Mackow, Accounting, Ro-Mai Industries

27 Student Quotes I truly have developed my academic skills while working on this project and will continue with a better awareness of technology development. Cheryl Dickerson, Business, Student Technology Assistant Intern

28 Questions? Make an appointment to learn more: Call Meegan Cox at 440-646-8321 Or email

29 References Kysor, D. & Pierce, M. (2000). Does intern/co-op experience translate into career progress and satisfaction? National Association of Colleges and Employers Journal, Winter 2000, 25-30. McBrien, J. & Brandt, R. (1997). The language of learning: a guide to education terms. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. NACE Research (2004). 2004 Experiential education survey executive summary. The National Association of Colleges and Employers. Retrieved May 26, 2004, from the NACE Web site: Sweitzer, H. & King, M. (1999). The successful internship: transformation and empowerment. Pacific Grove Books.

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