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F.3P Serena Banh (1) Pearl Ho(14) Karen Hui (18) Aiva Li (28) Lorraine Wong (37) Natalie Wong (38) F.3P Serena Banh (1) Pearl Ho(14) Karen Hui (18) Aiva.

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2 F.3P Serena Banh (1) Pearl Ho(14) Karen Hui (18) Aiva Li (28) Lorraine Wong (37) Natalie Wong (38) F.3P Serena Banh (1) Pearl Ho(14) Karen Hui (18) Aiva Li (28) Lorraine Wong (37) Natalie Wong (38)

3 During the period between 14 th -24 th September, a group of Paulianians was invited by the Mayor of Cupertino to perform at the Moon Festival of the Silicon Valley. They were arranged to stay with the local families and they also attended school there. You must be curious to know if there is any difference between the campus life in the U.S. and that in Hong Kong. Therefore, we have sent 6 reporters to bring you an exclusive on school-life abroad. They will also bring you the Highlights of the Month---The Moon Festival Performance. Hope you will all enjoy it!!! Editorial


5 After our observation in USA, we discovered that the education system in USA and that in Hong Kong are totally different.

6 The education system in USA is divided into three parts: - They have six years in elementary school. - Then they have two years in middle school (junior high). - Next, they have four more years in high school before they go into university/college. - Lastly, they have to attend the university/ college for at least four years in order to get a degree.

7 Elementary School--- 6 years Middle School --- 2 years University/College --- 4 years High School --- 4 years

8 -- In USA, the size of each class is relatively smaller. -- They have a maximum of 30 students In each class..

9 In USA, they have mainly one exam which is called the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) for 11th graders and 12th graders. It is a college entrance test that consists of multiple-choice questions in Maths, oral and writing skills in English. Moreover they have another exam for the 9th graders and 10th graders, which is called Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT).

10 -- The students who study in public schools in America do not have to wear specific uniform. -- They dress in casual wear to school.

11 The students in USA only have to choose six to seven subjects from at least forty ones taken in one year. They gain credits from each subject. They have to get enough credits in order to graduate from high school. There are 3 different kinds of programme, namely normal, honors and advanced placement (AP).

12 Aspects Education system in USA Education system in Hong Kong Years in School Elementary School (6 years) Middle School (2 years) High School (4 years) University/College (4 years) Primary School (6 years) Secondary School (7 years) University (3 years) Class size Below 30 students Above 35 students Clothing Casual Wear Uniform Minimum required subjects 6-8 At least 10 Public Exams SSAT (Grade 9/10) SAT (Grade 11/12) HKCEE (From 5) A-Level (Form 7)

13 Subjects!

14 There is a wider selection of subjects in US than in Hong Kong. Students in the US can choose their own subjects. They are required to take 6-8 subjects each year. There are a lot of languages for them to choose, for example, French, English, Spanish, Japanese, German and Mandarin. Students learn structure through explanation and by practicing patterns of sound, order and form. Through the language, students will learn about the cultural heritage of other places and become acquainted with customs and thoughts of other people. There are subjects such as US History, World History, American Literature, World Literature, Mathematics, Business, Physiology, Art, Contemporary Lit, Mathematics, Physical Education, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

15 Mathematics Unlike Hong Kong, the US students learn a specific topic each year. For example, in grade 10, they learn about algebra in the whole term. Music Students can make a choice among Music Theory, Music Appreciation, Choir, or they can join the orchestra in Music lessons.

16 Science Science is divided into 3 major subjects--- Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Students can choose any one of them instead of studying all 3 subjects.

17 Physical Education Two years of physical education is required during the 9th and 10th grade. Elective physical education is encouraged during the 11th and 12th year. By the end of their 9th and 10th grade year, students will receive instructions in some of the activities listed under the following five areas of the foundation program: Physical Education AquaticsDual SportsRhythmsIndividual Sports Team Sports Diving Swimming Water Polo Badminton Pickle Ball Tennis Aerobics Dance Bowling Weight Training Track & Field Field Hockey Basketball Pitch Softball Volleyball Flag Football Soccer Wrestling Self Defense


19 Mainly surrounded by trees simplicity large campus

20 4 main blocks, with 2 stories each Art Room, Gymnasium, Rally court, cafeteria, library, Main Office, ASB Office, Career Centre, Vocal Music Room, Instrumental Music Room, temporary classrooms, Student and Staff Parking Lot

21 most students ride bicycles to school some go to school on foot some go in skateboards Seniors drive to school public transport is uncommon most of the students live near their school

22 Differences between schools in USA and schools in Hong Kong

23 People Since the system, subjects and the environment are all different in the US campus from that in Hong Kong, the teachers and students also have a different attitude. Do you want to know the differences? Lets take a closer look together: Teachers 1) Are all the teachers in Cupertino Native Americans? No. Since Cupertino was a holiday resort before it was developed to its present appearance, many Chinese moved there and thus resulted in a lot of Chinese in Cupertino and the teachers in Cupertino are mainly Native Americans and Chinese. Moreover, teachers in the US are also dressed more casually than those in Hong Kong.

24 Classrooms 2. How is the atmosphere in class? Since the teacher-student relationship is very good, the atmosphere in class is generally warm and the students do learn in harmony. Moreover, teachers in the US often joke with their students, in order to keep the warm atmosphere. This keeps the students interested in learning. 3. Do they teach in the same way as the teachers do in Hong Kong? Different teachers have their own style of teaching, but most of them do not follow the textbook and read aloud word-for-word. Generally, they introduce the concepts during class and ask the students to study and revise the textbook at home.

25 Students 4. Are they required to wear school uniform? Since most of the high schools in the US do not require their students to wear school uniform to school, students in the US wear causal wear and the girls usually wear make-up when they go to school. 5. How is the learning attitude of the students in the US? From what I have observed during class, students in the US do enjoy the process of learning and their learning attitude is good. For instance, whenever a teacher asks a question or for a volunteer, although they are not so sure about the answer, a lot of them are still willing to make an attempt. Moreover, students in the US do not study for quizzes.They studied because they want to learn more and satisfy their curiosity.

26 5. Do the students in the US take part in a lot of extra-curriculum activities? Yes. Students in the US also take part in a lot of extra-curriculum activities and many of which take place after school. Moreover, students have also got their own uniform with their names on for some particular kinds of activities, such as tennis.


28 The Chinese Moon Festival is on the 15th of the 8th lunar month. It's also known as the Mid-autumn Festival. Chinese culture is deeply imbedded in traditional festivals. Just like Christmas and Thanksgiving in the West, the Moon Festival is one of the most important traditional events for the Chinese. The Moon Festival is an occasion for family reunions. When the full moon rises, families get together to gaze the full moon, eat moon cakes, and sing moon poems. Children are specially excited because of the various lanterns that bring them a lot of joy in the Moon Festival.

29 Date:21-22 Sept, 2002 Venue:Memorial Park, Cupertino, US Time : 10:00 - 18:00

30 Moon Festival of Silicon Park This year is the forth year of the Moon Festival in the Silicon Valley. Each year,it welcomes people and performers from the local community and from all around the world. Over the years, it attracted thousands of Chinese-Americans and people from all ethnic groups. Manifest the charm of Chinese culture and organizers great initiatives. It plays a very active and positive role in making the Chinese community enjoy the Chinese culture. Cello : 1 Dizhi : 12 Erhu : 6 Pipa : 7 Guzheng : 28 Yangqin : 4 Israelite girls : 14 Korean Dance : 10 Joy in the Mist : 14 Celtic Dance : 8 Ukrainian Dance : 13



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