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Aflatoun: Child Social and Financial Education Hidde van der Veer executive director.

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1 Aflatoun: Child Social and Financial Education Hidde van der Veer executive director

2 What is Aflatoun? Aflatoun is A social and financial education program for children and youth 6-18 years old Methodology is child-centered: participatory, learning by doing, games and activities Goal is behavior change Our strategic pillars: 1.Concept: Balanced Social and Financial Education 2.Program: Out of the home, into the classroom 3.Network: Children and partners from civil, public and finance sectors Separate fiction from fact, explore, think, investigate and act

3 Aflatoun CONCEPT - 5 Core ELEMENTS 1. Personal understanding and exploration 2. Rights and responsibilities 3. Saving and spending 4. Planning and budgeting 5. Child enterprise (social and financial) Social empowerment + Economic empowerment = Mission: Inspiring children to socially and economically empower themselves to be agents of change in their own lives and for a more equitable world

4 Educational Materials for Partners... Activity Book Non-Formal Educ. Manual for Non- Formal Education/Alternative Education Europe Books Set of 8 Books for formal Education, Aflateen Set of 8 Books for formal Education, Regional version for Europe in English Aflatot (new) Aflatot Manual for pre-school children (3-6 y.o.)

5 Using a financial system

6 Visit to banks and educational trips

7 Conduct social enterprises

8 Conduct financial enterprises

9 PRINCIPLES of Implementation Strategic Principles o Partnership working o Low-cost approach Programmatic Principles o The Aflatoun character o Training o Five core elements

10 Children Schools & NFE Centres Ministry of Educ/Finan. Financial Institutions AFLATOUN Partner Orgs Parents & Community Other Orgs. (Multilateral s) Aflatoun Network

11 Asia (15) India Bangladesh Nepal Pakistan Philippines Thailand China Indonesia Cambodia Mongolia Afghanistan Sri Lanka Laos Malaysia Vietnam Where we are: Aflatoun is live in schools with over 1.3 million children in 95 countries Europe & CEE/CIS (20) Serbia Netherlands Moldova Kosovo Albania Lithuania Georgia Kazakhstan Macedonia Portugal Belarus Kyrgyzstan Azerbaijan Tajikistan Poland Iceland Armenia Ukraine Russia Bosnia & Herzegovina Americas (19) Argentina Ecuador Paraguay Peru Costa Rica Nicaragua El Salvador Brazil Chile Honduras Panama Guatemala Mexico Colombia Bolivia Suriname Puerto Rico Uruguay Dominican Republic Anglophone Africa (17) Ghana Kenya Mozambique Namibia Nigeria Tanzania Uganda Zimbabwe Gambia Lesotho Ethiopia Zambia Sierra Leone Botswana Swaziland Malawi South Africa MENA (9) JordanSyria EgyptAlgeria SudanYemen PalestineLebanon Morocco Francophone Africa (14) Guinea Conakry Guinea Bissau Mauritius Chad Niger Togo Côte DIvoire Mali Burkina Faso Rwanda Cameroon DR Congo Senegal Central African Republic

12 Some achievements within the network 11 Children have done 976 social enterprises (environmental and anti-bullying campaigns, etc.) 4,054 financial enterprises (selling jam, seed and recycled material jewelry, selling eggs, etc.) 49% of the Aflatoun children save actively Average saving is 0.73 dollar cents per month ($ 2,750,000 dollars / EUR 2,162,028)

13 International Aflatoun Day, 17th March Celebration for the children of the network to commemorate Aflatoun activities around the world 12

14 What has been achieved in Moldova 1. Partnership established with CCF Moldova in 2009 and with Indigo Center in 2010. Materials were translated for the pilot phase of the programme in 2009 2. Implementation of curriculum for older children, Aflateen, started in 2011 in childrens institutions. The Curriculum integration process started in 2010 and the approval as an optional subject was in 2012 3. Scale-up teacher training was facilitated in 2013

15 Aflatoun and UNICEF -Development of Module of Social and Financial Education for Child Friendly Schools -Opportunity to build up capacity in the country in the field of Social and Financial Education

16 Social and Financial Education in Moldova Next steps: -Continue collaboration with the local partners – CCF Moldova and Indigo Center -Continue collaboration with the Institute of Educational Sciences and Ministry of Education -Formalize partnership through signing an MoU -Continue to make joint efforts to make Social and Financial Education reach all the children in the country, and build capacity with the teachers.

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