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Classes-To-Go Education Program for Clubs Keeping Clubs Energized, Focused and Relevant Irina Clements, Associate Director, BIVA Board.

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1 Classes-To-Go Education Program for Clubs Keeping Clubs Energized, Focused and Relevant Irina Clements, Associate Director, BIVA Board

2 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION Disclaimer The information in this presentation is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a recommendation to purchase or sell any of the stocks, mutual funds, or other securities that may be referenced. The securities of companies referenced or featured in the seminar materials are for illustrative purposes only and are not to be considered endorsed or recommended for purchase or sale by BetterInvesting National Association of Investors Corporation (BI) or the BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory Board, its volunteer advisory board (BIVAB). The views expressed are those of the instructors, commentators, guests and participants, as the case may be, and do not necessarily represent those of BetterInvesting or BIVAB. Investors should conduct their own review and analysis of any company of interest before making an investment decision. Securities discussed may be held by the instructors in their own personal portfolios or in those of their clients. BI presenters and volunteers are held to a strict code of conduct that precludes benefiting financially from educational presentations or public activities via any BetterInvesting programs, events and/or educational sessions in which they participate. Any violation is strictly prohibited and should be reported to the President of BetterInvesting or the Manager of Volunteer Relations.

3 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION Agenda Education as a Priority Roles and Responsibilities BetterInvesting Resources Websites, Speakers, Books and Club Specific Elements Sample One Year Plan (4 Club Types)

4 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION Education Centricity President includes Education on Agenda Have an Annual plan Keep it Interesting and fun Stay aware of the importance of education and ride herd on the agenda to keep Education included

5 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION All Members Included Operating Procedures –Prospective members brief club on an education topic Over year each member briefs [or coordinates for a speaker] Constant Vigilance –Education is a priority –All members are helping

6 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION BI Publications BetterInvesting Magazine –Repair Shop –The Clubhouse –Stocks to Study BINC 2009 CD –Over 100 Classes –Shorten to 15 minutes for an Education Segment

7 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION BI Online Tools Web Enabled –No Software to Buy or Update SSG Online Tools –Included with Membership –SSGs can be saved and shared


9 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION Reference Materials BetterInvesting Investment Club Operations Handbook How To Guides: Check Amazon and Public Libraries Online Accounting –Bivio - –Club Accounting On Line - Better Investing Chapters - http:// / example, BetterInvesting Discussion List for Club Treasurers BI Wiki -

10 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION Website Education Segment Screen Captures –Jing –MWSnap –SnagIt Screen Size –View > 125% Plan movements (no aimless surfing!!) Go Slow and explain.

11 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION Book Education Segment Range of Interests –Infinite Applicability to Investing –Infinite Management and Managers –The Snowball – Warren Buffet Biography Investment Approaches –Motley Fool Guides Topics of the Day –House of Cards [Bear Stearns Collapse]

12 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION Booking a Speaker Sources –Local Chapter –Banks –Insurance Agents –Librarians Offer them dinner or an audience 6 degrees of Separation Only limit is imagination

13 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION Club Specific Topics Examine Your Portfolio –Canadian, British, Japanese or Israeli Stocks –Currency conversion –Issues with respective economies Portfolio Mix of industries –Too much retail –No energy –Are there other issues?

14 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION Something Old Something New 14 members in a 10 year club, with 2 founders and 3 new members Meet in a local library, 11 times a year. Mix of experience with SSG All have good computer skills

15 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION JANFEBMARAPRMAYJUNJULAUGSEPOCTNOVDEC March – Treasurer presents class on club reports September – Member report on BetterInvesting website May – Member presents class from BINC CD January – Member class on Adding Judgment to the SSG February– Portfolio review from BI local chapter April – Member presents class on finding stocks to study June – SSG Refresher – Front Side October – Report from member who attended annual meeting of stock owned by club November – Member Book Review Something Old, Something New 11 Month Education Plan December – Holiday dinner and meeting August No meeting July – Member presents report from attendance at BINC

16 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION Final Thoughts: Keys To Success Prioritize Education Involve all members Have fun

17 BETTERINVESTING NATIONAL CONVENTION Make A Difference In Someones Life If you have benefited from BETTERINVESTING, Please pick up some BETTERINVESTING materials and introduce others to this opportunity.

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