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Education and Innovation. Business Efficiency Drivers.

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1 Education and Innovation

2 Business Efficiency Drivers

3 Global competitiveness Index 5 th pillar higher education and training 1.Secondary education enrollment 2.Tertiary education enrollment 3.Quality of the educational system 4.Quality of math and science in education 5.Quality of management schools 6.Internet access in schools 7.Availability of research and training services 8.Extent of staff training

4 Global competitiveness Index 12 th pillar of innovation 1.Capacity for innovation 2.Quality of scientific research institution 3.Company spending of R&D 4.University-Industry collaboration in R&D 5.Govt procurement of advanced tech products 6.Availability of scientist and engineers 7.Pct. patents, applications

5 Goals: Allignment of education and innovation with the priority sectors Bringing employers and schools together

6 Suriname Compete !!!! Join the Beat !!!

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