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Business, Management and Finance (BMF) Career Cluster State Update October 18, 2013 Bridgette M. Sloan CTE Education Program Supervisor Division of Career.

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1 Business, Management and Finance (BMF) Career Cluster State Update October 18, 2013 Bridgette M. Sloan CTE Education Program Supervisor Division of Career and College Readiness

2 BMF State Update CTE Update State of the State BMF Overview Progress and Challenges Next Steps Strategies for Improvement

3 21 st Century CTE Todays CTE prepares students for both college and careers through rigorous programs of study. The focus has moved from preparing students with trade specific skills to preparing them with academic and technical knowledge to be successful in a wide range of career opportunities (and advanced education and training). Increased accountability supports CTE program improvement with an emphasis on academic and technical skill attainment (industry certification) – College and Career Readiness

4 Maryland Secondary CTE Arts, Media, & Communication (AMC) Business, Management & Finance (BMF) Construction & Development (C&D) Consumer Services, Hospitality, & Tourism (CSHT) Environmental, Agricultural, & Natural Resources Systems (EANR) Health & Biosciences (H&B) Human Resource Services (HRS) Information Technology (IT) Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology (MET) Transportation Technologies (TT)

5 Maryland CTE Today Half (50%) of all grade 10- 12 high school students enroll in CTE courses (107,615) 19% of the class of 2010 completed a CTE program of study (11,404) 51% of the CTE graduates also completed the coursework for entrance to USM, this is considered a Dual Completer (5,694)

6 2011 CTE Enrollment by Career Cluster

7 BMF Progress and Challenges CTE Program Enrollment and Completion Updating CTE Programs of Study - courses and sequence Increasing access and success on certification and CLEP exams Enhancing student achievement through participation in CTSOs

8 Enrollment Trend- Business Management and Finance – 2008-2012

9 2012 BMF Cluster Enrollment, Concentrators, Graduates, Completers, Dual Completers

10 Relative Share of Business Management and Finance Programs of Study Enrollment - 2012 DUAL

11 National Academy Foundation (NAF) Academy of Finance (AOF) [Revised] Principles of Finance/Financi al Planning (1) Required Principles of Accounting/ Managerial Accounting (1) Required Business Economics/ Ethics in Business (1) and Financial Services/ Applied Finance (1 ) Academy Internship Experience (summer of junior year) required and 10 th 11 th 12 th

12 NAF-Enrollment Total EnrollmentLSSTSA OptionsState Articulation 167010College Credit (Dual Enrollment) See NAF website

13 NAF/AOF Certification

14 Principles of Accounting & Finance (Required course) Advanced Business Management Advanced Accounting (Excel Exam) Introduction to Marketing (Includes e- commerce) Office Systems Management I (MOS Cert.) Office Systems Management II (MOS Cert.) Advanced Marketing (CLEP Exam) Accounting & Finance Capstone Course (CLEP Exam) Pathway: Business Management Pathway: Accounting and Finance Pathway: Marketing Pathway: Business Administrative Services Principles of Business Administration and Management (Required course) Business Management Capstone Course/ (CLEP Exam) Options: Dual enrollment Internship 10th 11th 12th BMF Cluster Programs

15 Enrollment: Business Management 2011 Total Enrollment LSSTSA OptionsState Articulation 922413CLEP ExamSee College List

16 Enrollment: Accounting and Finance 2011 Total Enrollment LSSTSA OptionsState Articulation 567014CLEP ExamSee College List

17 Enrollment: Marketing Pathway 2011 Total Enrollment LSSTSA Options State Articulation 332510CLEP ExamSee college list

18 Enrollment: Business Administrative Services

19 Comparison of Overall Performance and Cluster State Programs of Study to Overall State Performance (2012 PQI)

20 Technical Skill Attainment Industry Certification Options Early College Credit Options -- Dual Enrollment --Credit by Exam Total = 84 High Schools in Local School Systems offer students Access to MS Certification

21 Strategies for Increasing Access to Certification / College Credit Offer CLEP prep Webinars for each pathway. Sharing of CLEP prep best practices among teachers at PD. Sharing of MOS Cert. best practices among teachers at PD.

22 Career Technology Student Organizations (CTSO) BMF students also participated in CTSO events through: FBLA – 2588 enrollment DECA – 488 enrollment *CTSO students earn industry certification or licensure at higher rate than non- CTSO CTE students (23% vs. 8%) *CTSO students plan on college and take more courses for college credit through articulation agreements (25% vs. 12%) *CTSO students are more focused on working in an area related to their program of study (19% vs. 5%) *CTSO students more likely to pursue post-secondary education while working in an area related to program of study (24% vs. 10%) *data from pre-graduate survey of all CTSOs

23 EventDECAFBLA Fall Leadership ConferenceOctober 24, 2013 Hunt Valley Inn November 5, 2013 Maritime Institute Regional Conference No regional location Region I – 02/18/14 Region II – 02/11/14 Region III – 02/05/14 Region IV – 02/13/14 Region V – 02/01/14 State Leadership Conference March 13-14, 2014 TBD April 10-12, 2014 Hunt Valley Inn National ConferenceMay 3-6, 2014 Atlanta, GA June 29- July 2, 2014 Nashville, TN

24 Cluster Team Contact Information Bridgette M. Sloan CTE Lead Specialist (410) 767-0556 Vacant CTE Regional Coordinator Vacant CTE Student Organization Specialist

25 UMES Affiliate Update Dr. Nicole Buzzetto-More Associate Professor Department of Business, Management, and Accounting University of Maryland Eastern Shore

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