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IEHA Continuing Education Program The Who, What, When, Where & Whys.

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1 IEHA Continuing Education Program The Who, What, When, Where & Whys

2 History IEHA Board recognizes the fact in order to further the professional development of environmental health practitioners continuing education should be required. In approximately 2006 the IEHA Board Members approached the Iowa Department of Public Health regarding educational requirements. Continuing education requirements were added to the Grant to Counties Contract and later the Tanning, Tattooing and Swimming Pool Contract.

3 Who Needs Continuing Education Hours? Grant to County Contractors Swimming Pool, Tanning & Tattoo Contractors All Active Environmental Health Practitioners in Iowa

4 What Constitutes Continuing Education Hours CEU Definition – an hour of training must include at least 50 out of 60 minutes in classroom activity such as lecture, field training & webcast. Partial contact hours will be awarded for half-hour increments. Breaks and meal times shall not be included in any totals. The IEHA Website lists pre approved training. If you are not sure if a class will qualify for continuing education, contact the IEHA Professional Development Committee.

5 When Continuing Hours Need to be Submitted All continuing education hours need to be submitted by January 15 of the following year. For example 2012 continuing education hours will need to be submitted by January 15, 2013. Continuing education hours can be completed anytime in the calendar year. (January 1 to December 31)

6 Where To Submit Continuing Education Hours Currently all continuing education hours can be submitted to: Tammy McKeever 300 West 4 th Street, Suite 6 Spencer, IA 51301 Fax: 712-264-3991 Email:

7 What Happens After I Submit My Hours Hours are reviewed by IEHA Professional Development Committee for validity. Name and hours are entered into a spreadsheet. NEW – A certificate will be emailed to you. Spreadsheet is sent to Carmily Stone, IDPH, on January 16.

8 What If I have a NEHA Credential? Many environmental health practitioners hold a NEHA credential. Of course, IEHA recognizes these credentials. Those with an RS, REHS, or CEHT do not need to turn in evidence of continuing education, but MUST provide proof that their registration with NEHA is current.

9 Why Do I Need Continuing Education Hours It is the belief of the Iowa Environmental Health Professional Development Committee that practitioners who want to establish a standard of excellence in the profession need to continue to receive education on environmental practices.

10 Our Vision for the Future Continue to encourage professional development through continuing education. Continue to encourage environmental health practitioners to obtain a NEHA credential. Work with NEHA for continuing education submission for IEHA.

11 Questions??? IEHA Professional Development Committee Members Tammy McKeeverBrenda Corey Aimee DevereauxJodi Sutter Tim DoughertyJennine Wolf Carmily StoneKasi Bilyeu Heather LloydSteve Mandernach

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