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ED3820: Foundations of Special Education   Dr. Diana P. Sukhram

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1 The Levin Institute &
ED3820: Foundations of Special Education Dr. Diana P. Sukhram Assistant Professor Chair-Exceptional Education and Learning Department SUNY, College at Old Westbury Spring, 2010

2 Globalization and Special Education
Issues and implications Classroom dynamics, students/teachers interaction, unique learning styles Observations and interview, recommendations for change

3 Learning Outcomes: To obtain a general understanding of the relatedness of global education and global citizenship on historical development and contemporary dilemmas and practices in the field of special education. To understand the field as an evolving and changing discipline in reference to globalization. To adopt a critical stance when using the special education knowledge base, with particular attention to diversity and social justice issues and its relevance to globalization. To nurture an appreciation of and respect for individuals with special needs, and professionals who serve them. To create a forum, where issues related to special education and globalization could be discussed and examined. To create a genuine interest in learning, acknowledging, and respecting the way in which different individuals approach the learning processes as is influenced by globalization.

4 Materials   New briefs and articles on Global Education and Global Citizenship (Text) Guided discussion questions - Classroom Summarization Identify and discuss issues and implications Explore the relevance to Special education Advantages and /or challenges Observation guidelines – In the Field Log and journal reflection  Connecting the readings/discussions to classroom practices  attachments will be provided

5 Materials Written report and oral presentation rubrics - Students
Open-ended interview questions - Teachers Teachers views/understanding of globalization Relationship to the field Incorporation of globalization in classroom practices Written report and oral presentation rubrics - Students Describe the experience Overview of activities Understanding f globalization and special education Exploring the issues and implications Discussion of findings and recommendations

6 Readings
  Public Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy Curriculum_Pedagogy Global Education and Global Citizenship ucation Curriculums going Global within Ed K12 culum Difficulties implementing a Global Ed K12 Curriculum _k12_curriculum The Charter School Movement chools Brick and Mortar Models forced to compete in a Global Worlds ompete Traditional Universities offer Virtual Realm _universities

7 Readings Social Studies and the World: Teaching Global Perspectives Merryfield & Wilson (2005) Selected Readings: Pages 15-27 The Many Dimensions of Global Education Teaching Idea 6: The World in the Classroom Global Education in Social Studies Today The Controversial Nature of Global Education Global Education and Multicultural Education Criticisms of Global Education Our Perceptivities Multicultural and Global Education Together Globalization and Global Education

8 Time Required  Weekly discussion of assigned readings (news briefs and articles) 20 hours of field work (classroom interaction; observation; interview) Oral presentations/discussion (presentations of the findings and recommendations)

9 Procedures Procedures by class sessions
 Prior to field placement: Introduce students to the topic of globalization through a discussion of the news brief and articles (students will be instructed to research and bring to class one article that addresses the issue of global education and global citizenship ) specific readings; discussion guide Distribute guidelines and requirements for project (Attachment of field work requirement and final product) Field placement/classroom interaction (students observations begins )  Students share observations and how the findings relate to the news brief and articles discussed in class  Based on classroom interaction and observations as a class, students with construct teacher interview questions  Field placement/classroom interaction (students conduct teacher interviews) Class discussion of the interview findings and how the information gathered connects with the observation findings  Student write-up of the project (summary of activity; observation, and interview, their stance of global education and global citizenship in the special education classroom context, and recommendations  Students oral class presentations /discussion

10 Assessments Participation in class readings and discussions
Field placement activities (20 hrs) Final project and presentations Scoring rubric will be attached.


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