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IPad in Education, CIT Tech Intensive John Bansavich June 1 st, 2011.

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1 iPad in Education, CIT Tech Intensive John Bansavich June 1 st, 2011




5 iPad and microphone

6 iPad2 Tech Specs Height: 9.5 inches Width: 7.31 inches Depth: 0.5 inch Weight: 1.33 lbs. Wi-Fi model Weight: 1.35 lbs. Wi-Fi + 3G model 16GB, 32GB Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, video or listening to music Up to 9 hours of surfing the web using 3G data network 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 custom- designed, high-performance, low- power system-on-a-chip




10 iPad in Education

11 iPad: e-book Reader Amazon: E-books now outsell print books Switch to digital books a turning point, as public transitions from paper books to e- readers. announced Thursday that it is selling more Kindle e-books than printed hardcover or paperback books. Computerworld, May 19, 2011

12 Tablets to Transform College Students Say Tablets Will Transform College, Though Most Dont Own Tablets. As for the actual tablet owners in the survey, 73 % said they liked digital formats more than print for reading textbooks. Only 32 percent of non- owners felt the same way. But, over all, the survey group was excited about reading digital textbooks. May 25, 2011, Chronicle of Higher Education






18 iBooks App Free app iBookstore Primarily receives the ePub format. Can adjust fonts, point-size, and brightness. Pages can be turned by tapping or dragging the pages. 100 million iBooks downloaded on the first year. Released for the iPhone/iPod touch in June, 2010

19 iWork for iPad iWork productivity applications make it easy to create beautifully formatted documents, stunning presentations, and spreadsheets with charts, functions, and formulas on your iPad. Keynote, Pages, and Numbers are the first desktop-class productivity suite designed specifically for Multi-Touch. Available for $9.99 each from the App Store.

20 E-Textbook Readers for the iPad

21 Blackboard Learn on the iPad

22 iPad in the Classroom $29.99 at the Apple Store. Note: the Videos app includes downloaded TV Shows, Podcasts, and iTunesU content.

23 iPad Studies


25 USF iPad Study The USF iPad study is a six-month research project that will review, experiment and share potential uses of the iPad in higher education. The Center for Instruction and Technology (CIT) is sponsoring the study with 40 USF faculty beginning in June and concluding December 2010.

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