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PRINCE MAHIDOL CONFERENCE Bangkok, January 28, 2011.

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1 PRINCE MAHIDOL CONFERENCE Bangkok, January 28, 2011

2 The Movement 2000 2004 2006 2008 2010 2011 MDGs HIV/AIDS JLI WHR Kampala COMMISSION MEPI NEPI WHO-PEPFAR DIRECTION?

3 Benchmarks

4 Priorities ShortagesCHWs Mal-distributionRetention Work envirnmtIncentives

5 Why Professional Education? Leadership Health system Team work

6 Education of Health Professionals for the 21st Century Global Multi-professional Evidence-based Systems Educ-Health THE COMMISSION Commissioners Advisory Inputs Advisors Youth Papers Consultations Research Advisory Inputs Advisors Youth Papers Consultations Research

7 100 th Anniversary Flexner, Goldmark, Welch-Rose 1910 19151923

8 Professions: Two Sides Brighter Knowledge broker Care-giver Technology Quality Team leader Advancing Health Darker Monopoly knowledge Financial self-interests Professional chauvinism Over-specialization Urban preference Inequities in health

9 Structure Institutional Design Financing Stewardship Accreditation Collaborations Metrics Instructional Design Criteria admission Competencies Channels Career pathways Context Global-Local Process Transformative Learning Interdependence in Education Outcomes Components Education System

10 Maps by Disease Burden & Medical Schools

11 Professional Education Expenditure %

12 India Brazil Number of medical schools New Medical Schools India and Brazil

13 Traditional Model Educational Objectives Educational Objectives Competency-Based Model Curriculum Assessment Health Needs of System-Society Competency Outcomes Competency Outcomes Curriculum Assessment

14 Inter- and Trans-Professional Education Higher income countriesLower income countries Inter- Professional Education Inter- & Trans- Professional Education

15 Scientific curriculum University based University based Problem based learning Academic centers Academic centers Competency driven: local-global Competency driven: local-global Health education systems Instructional Institutional 1900 2000+ Three generations of reforms

16 Instructional Competency-driven Local-Global Inter + trans-professional IT empowered Educational resources New professionalism Institutional Joint planning Academic systems Networking Culture critical inquiry Recommendations Enabling Actions 10 Reforms Align accreditation Strengthen global learning Enhance investments Mobilize leadership Goal Professional education for equity in health Goal Professional education for equity in health

17 Directions? RISKS OPPORTUNITY 1) Arrogance-silos Pt-centered team work 2) One model Adapt local (arch-type) 3) Skewed funding Balanced HRH investment 4) Proprietary sch Quality assurance 5) Global flow Sharing & learning

18 Nigel Crisp: Biased Flows North South Ideas/Technical Money/Finances People Migration Nigel Crisp

19 Mutual Exchange NorthSouth Innovation Capacity Bldg Ideas Faculty-Training Sharing/Learning

20 Check-List 1) Competencies new professionalism 2) Locally adapted - global knowledge 3) Balanced HRH investments 4) Accreditation for quality-equity 5) Global sharing & learning


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