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Inter-professional Education in the Clinical Setting

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1 Inter-professional Education in the Clinical Setting
Miguel Olmedo DNP, FNP-c NP Residency Director Family Health Center of Worcester

2 Objectives Participants will be able to:
Describe the FHCW NP Residency Program Demonstrate understanding of the IPE currently taking place at Family Health Center of Worcester

3 Family Health Center of Worcester
FQHC Over 33,000 patients seen yearly Over 37 Languages Onsite Services Teaching site for family medical residents, medical students, NP’s, pharmacy students and PA students.

4 Nurse Practitioner Residency
Post graduate NP residency which began in 2009 Focus on primary care in community health Twelve month residency with subsequent year commitment Only NP Residency in Massachusetts CHC – Connecticut PCHC – Maine 13 others Nationwide

5 Why A Residency Impetus of the residency - fifty percent NP turn over between Exit interviews: factors included complexity and size of patient panel, increased stress, long hours and limited clinical support

6 Residency Overview Focuses on increasing clinician autonomy, improving competence and enhancing clinical confidence in community health setting Clinician retention Designed in such a way that residents train along side other disciplines (team) in order provide optimal care and improve clinical outcomes

7 Benefits Better equip Nurse Practitioner to take on full responsibility of comprehensive primary care for complex underserved populations across all life cycles Build upon the education and clinical knowledge acquired in academia through an intensive clinical and inter-professional mentorship experience

8 Residency Goals Improve clinical confidence Enhance provider autonomy
Refine and foster clinical skills that will enhance patient care outcomes Improve overall comfort in managing complex patients Foster and strengthen inter-professional collaboration

9 Clinic Schedule Residents have 7 primary care clinic sessions per week
One subspecialty clinic per week One session for clinical didactic per week with Umass Family Medicine Residents All clinic sessions are precepted by FHCW faculty providers (MD and NP) that are blocked specifically to mentor Over 1400 visits per year

10 Fostering Inter-professional Education/Care at FHCW

11 Inter-professional Education
“the process by which professionals reflect on and develop ways of practicing that provides an integrated and cohesive answer to the needs of the client/family/population… involves continuous interaction and knowledge sharing between professionals, organized to solve or explore a variety of education and care issues all while seeking to optimize the patient’s participation… Inter-professionality requires a paradigm shift, since inter-professional practice has unique characteristics in terms of values, codes of conduct, and ways of working. These characteristics must be elucidated” (WHO, 2010)

12 What is IPE? Inter-professional education occurs when students from two or more professions learn about, from and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes (WHO,2010)

13 Why IPE “When multiple health workers from different professional backgrounds work together with patients, families, caregivers and communities, they are likely to deliver the highest quality of care” (WHO, 2010)

14 Inter-professional Education at FHCW
FHCW embraces inter- professional care/education model Current healthcare disciplines: Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy and Behavior Health m

15 Ongoing Inter-professional Education
Weekly Didactics Variety of primary care clinical topics that MD faculty present to residents (NP and MD) Classroom setting

16 Ongoing Inter-professional Education
Team Precepting Behavioral Health Faculty MD/NP faculty Pharmacy Observe clinical care by NP or MD residents and provide “real time” feedback for an entire clinical session Commentary/feedback may include – communication, physical exam, Dx and Management, fund of knowledge, education, overall patient interaction…..

17 Ongoing Inter-professional Education
Chart Rounds Daily clinical discussions post session MD/NP/Pharm.D./Behavioral Health disciplines (students and faculty)

18 NP Residents are mentored by: MD Residents are mentored by:
MD & NP faculty Behavioral Health faculty Pharm.D. faculty MD & NP faculty Behavioral Health Faculty Pharm.D. faculty

19 IPE is dynamic, hands on learning that is taking place at FHCW daily Residents feel part of a team that is patient centered and comprehensive

20 Preliminary Results NP Residents perceive themselves as more competent and autonomous in providing care Feel part of IP holistic care team Likely to remain working in FQHC

21 How do Residents feel? “I thought is was a wonderful experience, we learned a lot from one another” Shelby Freed FNP – NP Resident 2011 “It’s great that we have the opportunity to work with and learn from other health professionals during clinic sessions” Toy Lim FNP - NP Resident 2012

22 “This program is transformative in terms of residents (MD and NP) ability to solve clinical problems and develop comprehensive treatment plans” “There is no substitution for group education in this model” Mathew Silva Pharm.D. Associate Professor Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Services Worcester, Ma 01610

23 Future of IPE Promising
Transforming how learners are learning and patient care is provided Promising “Equipping a workforce with new skills and new ways of relating to patients and each other demands both retraining of the current health professions workforce and inter-professional learning approaches for preparing future health care practitioners” (IOM, 2001, p. 19)

24 “ “If you’re expected to work together why not learn together?”
Ivy F. Oandasan MD Associate Professor and Research Scholar Department of Family and Community Medicine Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

25 Acknowledgments Umass Medical Family Residency Department
Family Health Center of Worcester Funders Jessie B. Cox Charitable Foundation Fairlawn Organization Massachusetts Area Health Education Center

26 Thank You Contact information: Office phone: 645 Park Ave Worcester, MA 01610

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