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IACBE Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting April 10, 2014 Facilitated by Dr. Ross Wirth & Professor Janet Staker Woerner 1 Roundtable Discussion.

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1 IACBE Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting April 10, 2014 Facilitated by Dr. Ross Wirth & Professor Janet Staker Woerner 1 Roundtable Discussion

2 Provide a high-level overview of challenges before us in Business Education Introduce Trends and Challenges in Business Education (TCBE Project) Opportunity to discuss and add perspective to guide our next steps Draft an agenda for online & future face-to-face (F2F) meetings 2

3 Fifteen years from now more than half of the universities will be in bankruptcy, including the state schools. -Clayton Christensen Speaking Feb. 6, 2013 at the Startup Grind conference 3 Author of Retrieved from disruption-guru-christensen-why.html?page=all

4 1. Diminishing ability to pay for college education 2. Even more going down-market for lower tuition 3. Value of a degree being publicly questioned 4. Increased focus on buying into a career path 5. Number of high school graduates is shrinking 6. Non-traditional students still an opportunity 7. Transient students increasingly common 8. Message control moving online to social media 9. Data analytics enabling personalized learning 10. MOOCs starting to move toward transfer credit Lawlor Intelligent Marketing Solutions for Educators, Retrieved from 4

5 How can we keep up with what is happening? 5 Logos retrieved from Google Images

6 6 Johnson, L., Adams Becker, S., Estrada, V., Freeman, A. (2014). NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Higher Education Edition. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.

7 Western Governors University Zero to 40,000+ students in 18 years Southern New Hampshire University Enrollment grew from 2000 to 34,000 in five years Targeting 350,000 College for America enrollment Saylor Foundation – NCCRS or CLEP credit MOOCs moving toward ACE credit (slowly) StraighterLine, University of the People, Peer-to-peer University Udemy, Skillshare, CreativeLIVE, Lynda 7 SNHU information retrieved from sity_how_paul_leblanc_s_tiny_school_has_become.html

8 Incremental Change (transactional) Any Centers of Excellence to leverage? Productivity & process improvement? Disruptive Change (transformative) New Business Models? Possible within current structure? 8

9 9 Retrieved from

10 ??? What scenarios are we considering? 10

11 As a school of business – What is our role in leading change on campus? As an assembly of schools of business – What role might IACBE play in collaboration? 11

12 Recent articles in BizEd magazine Rethinking the Business Model for Business Schools How business schools must change to survive The 21 st Century Business School Dean Online delivery systems will revolutionize education Next steps for online education What MOOCs could mean for higher education Competing for faculty in a changing environment 12 plus newsletters, webinars, workshops, & discussion boards

13 Meetings underway to discuss Collaboration among Division Heads Sharing Faculty Development opportunities Networking faculty within a discipline Cross-listing low-enrollment courses Sharing learning resources Sharing curriculum (Center of Excellence) 13 The Power to Convene

14 The IACBE will serve as a: Communications Hub for connecting members Distribution of Information Professional Development & Thought Leadership Focus will be on: Discussing Trends in Business Education Participatory conversations Addressing challenges facing member institutions Developing solutions to these challenges 14

15 Convene IACBE member schools to Collaborate to develop ways to address the challenging issues facing our institutions Contribute to our common goal of excellence in business education 15

16 Serve as a platform for researching technology Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn.... Blog – issue clarification & discussion F2F sessions - National & Regional Assemblies, IACBE Summer Institute Special Interest Working Groups In-depth investigation of a problem or opportunity Knowledge repository for sharing Learning Resources Best Practices Webinars – Continuing Education and/or live discussion 16

17 How can you play a role? Blogging & discussion Testing technology Other? How can other IACBE members be invited in? Looking for ideas for next steps Summer Institute & Regional Assemblies 17

18 Opportunity to Check-in Virtual Conference connected to F2F session What topics should be on the agenda? Who would like to participate in the planning? What needs to be done between now & then? 18

19 We need your ideas & help Please provide your contact information 19

20 Dr. Ross Wirth, Franklin University Prof. Janet Staker Woerner, Herzing University 20

21 21

22 Stages of Collaboration Raising awareness of issues Clarification of issues Sharing and identification of expertise & capabilities Transition to an asking culture Challenges Moving first to sharing – then to asking Balancing benefits across institutions Clarifying policies & procedures 22

23 High Impact Low Impact High Probability Low Probability Scenario Planning 23

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