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Christmas in New Zealand

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1 Christmas in New Zealand
By: Sam Foss #10 6R Population: 4,252,277 map

2 When is it celebrated? New Zealand is on the southern hemisphere. Our winter is their summer, so New Zealanders celebrate Christmas in the warm summer sun. Many flowers and trees are in bloom at this time of the year, for example the pohutukawa. I got this info atChristmas in New Zealand :: Default - English Grammar Online Wow!

3 In new Zealand they say Merry Christmas like:
Language In new Zealand they say Merry Christmas like: Meri Kihremete! In New Zealand the main languages are: Maori and English

4 Tree The pohutukawa tree grows on the North Island, mainly in coastal areas and has lovely red blossoms. Therefore New Zealanders call the pohutukawa their Christmas tree. The tree in new zealand is called a Potukawa tree

5 Food In New Zealand the traditional Christmas dinner is roast turkey with vegetables and sauces. For dessert it is rich, fruity Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. Mince pies, pastry cases filled with a mixture of chopped dried fruit. I got this info at Many New Zealanders have a barbecue for Christmas lunch and this is becoming more popular. The food cooked on the barbecue is often ham slices or even venison or some other kind of exotic meat. Shrimps and other fish are also barbecued! Desserts are also very popular! Many still have a hot fruit pudding with custard and ice cream but cold desserts are popular. These include pavlova and whipped cream, meringues, cold fruit salad, jelly and ice cream. Drinks will include a range of soft drinks. Those who like it often over do the alcoholic drinks too. I got this info at: For food that has a distinctly New Zealand flavour, the foodie’s choice includes lamb, cervena / venison, salmon, crayfish / lobster, many species of fish and shellfish such as Bluff oysters, paua / abalone, mussels, scallops, pipis and tuatua (New Zealand shellfish), kumara / sweet potato, kiwifruit, tamarillo, feijoa, and manuka honey. Found info above at:A taste of New Zealand cuisine > New Zealand

6 Important Characters The important characters in new Zealand are:
Santa clause Sorry but I couldn’t find any more. 

7 Unique Things About New Zealand's Christmas
They celebrate Christmas in July There tree is called a potukawa tree

8 BIBLIOGRAPY I got the tree at: 342078 At Microsoft clip art I got: The candy canes The Amazed pirate The banners The flag The map

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