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Three Parts of an Essay: Introduction, Body, Conclusion

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1 Three Parts of an Essay: Introduction, Body, Conclusion
An essay has three basic parts: an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Each part has a specific purpose.

2 A good introductory paragraph does several things:
It tells what your topic and main ideas are (specific) It gives a preview of your essay. It may provide background information. It provides a stance and purpose

3 The Thesis Statement The thesis statement.
This sentence is the main idea of the whole essay. You can write the thesis statement by rewriting the main idea Example: Main idea: I like Comedies. Thesis Statement: Of all the many different kinds of TV shows, comedies are the most popular in the U.S. Main idea: Native Americans Thesis Statement: Native Americans have made many valuable contributions to modern U.S. culture A computer is necessary for college students for three reasons: Latino culture has enriched North American culture in several areas:

4 Writing Body Paragraphs
The Body Writing Body Paragraphs

5 You can develop body paragraphs by using details and examples
Supporting idea Details and examples Burns calories Lose weight Regular exercise Feel more relaxed Details: Muscles that are working burn more fat calories You lose weight and look slimmer and trimmer Examples: Running, bicycling, or some other aerobic activity You feel rested and ready to go during the day, and you sleep better at night

6 Topic Sentences/Supporting Sentences, and Concluding Sentences
Use paragraph transitions… Example: One Way, Another Way, Although, first, in addition, furthermore Every good paragraph has a topic sentence Contain a topic and controlling idea Example: Driving on freeways requires skill and alertness Example: Driving on freeways requires an aggressive attitude Supporting sentences explain or prove the topic sentence Provides the main idea Concluding Sentences signals the end of the paragraph and links to the next aspect Example: Finally, lastly, in brief, etc….

7 Writing your concluding paragraph

8 Concluding Paragraph The last paragraph of your essay is the concluding paragraph. It gives the same information that the introductory paragraph gives, but it is written from a different perspective. Instead of previewing the ideas in your essay, you review them. It restates your thesis statement and sums up your supporting ideas. Your concluding paragraph may be, but it should restate your thesis statement and sum up the three main ideas from your three body paragraphs. You might also include a strong, last impression.

9 Outlining An essay has three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusion The introduction consists of two parts: general statements and thesis statement What makes up good and effective body paragraphs? Link paragraphs Topic Sentences Concluding/transition sentences

10 Quiz…Together… Immigrants have contributed many delicious foods to U.S. cuisines: Topic Sentence English speakers put on kimonos, a Japanese word. English speakers sit outside on patios, a Spanish word. English speakers enjoy the fragrance of jasmine flowers, a Persian word. English speakers eat yogurt, a French word: Writing a Topic Sentence. In conclusion, we now have more variety of greeting cards to choose from, but they are also becoming very expensive—correct or incorrect concluding sentence? In conclusion, there are many other legends like this one in Hawaii—correct or incorrect concluding sentence? A college education is a good investment—good or bad thesis statement? Lasers have several applications in industry and medicine—good or bad thesis statement?

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