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Our Health, Our joy in Life Prepared by: Saudi Diabetes and Endocrine Association.

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1 Our Health, Our joy in Life Prepared by: Saudi Diabetes and Endocrine Association

2 Dedication This nutrition education story is dedicated to the children and the families of Saudi Arabia. The aim of this book is to promote a healthy lifestyle; proper nutrition, and dietary habits for our children, their families, and future generations. The story maintains the values of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and encourages children and their parents to invest in their health and take actions that avoid many lifestyle-related diseases that negatively impact our society. We are confident that children and their parents will enjoy reading and learning from this book.

3 Faisal & Nourah I am Faisal. I am 6 years old and my sister, Nourah, is 5 years old. We go to school together. We are active and take care of our health. We eat healthy meals with Mom and Dad.

4 Join Us in Our Daily Routine with Faisal and Nourah We wake up early in the morning. We wash and perform early morning Fajar prayers with Mom and Dad. We clean our teeth with our toothbrushes and toothpaste.

5 In the Morning… We have a healthy and tasty breakfast with Mom and Dad. Today we had: One slice of brown bread with low fat cheese. A glass of low fat milk. One hard-boiled egg.

6 We Put in Our School Bag… One low fat labneh sandwich One apple One banana

7 At the School… We keep the classroom clean and do not write on walls: no scribbling. We always throw litter in garbage bins. We wash our hands before eating. We play with our friends during play time.

8 At Home… We return home by bus. We wash and perform noon prayers. For lunch we eat… Steamed rice Vegetables Low fat laban Roast chicken without skin

9 In the Afternoon … We first pray then eat low fat milk and fresh fruits. We study, then prepare our books for the next day. We Go to the Playground to Play… We play with our friends. We drink plenty of water. We keep our gardens clean. We do not pluck flowers. We do not play in the street.

10 At the Grocery Store… We help Mom and Dad while shopping for vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, whole wheat bread, and low fat milk and cheese. We do not drink unhealthy soft drinks or sweetened juices or eat chips, butter, fatty foods, or creamy biscuits. We buy sweets in small amounts and ask Mom and Dad to check nutrition information on the labels.

11 At the Market… We always hold our parents hands and do not walk alone or run. We do not throw garbage or litter the streets and public areas. We always listen to our Mom and Dad.

12 How We Keep Healthy? We always wash our hands with soap and water before eating. We always wash fruits and vegetables before eating them. We always ask Mom and Dad for the expiry dates on foods. We always brush our teeth three times a day. We always cover our mouth and nose before sneezing, and wash our hands with soap and water.

13 When Going on a Journey… We do not walk barefoot. We do not touch insects or strange objects. We take water, fruits, and vegetables in our bags. At the Corniche… We do not throw leftover food, empty cans, or paper in the Corniche, but in the assigned baskets. We listen to our swimming instructor when playing in the water.

14 After Playing Outside… We go home, wash ourselves, and then do evening prayers. We watch children's TV for one hour.

15 In the Evening… We wash ourselves and perform Ishaa prayers. We Enjoy Dinner with Mom and Dad and Eat: Baked potato Vegetables Low fat yogurts Fresh fruits Baked fish Water

16 Before Bed… We wash our hands and brush our teeth. We brush our hair. We read a story with Mom and Dad. We say our bedtime prayers. We say goodnight to Mom and Dad.

17 Thats Why… We are clean and are health. We have strong white teeth. We have beautiful skin and hair. We are smart and active. We are good at school. We keep our house, school, gardens, playgrounds, and the Corniche clean.

18 Thats Why… We help Mom and Dad. We eat healthy food and drink water regularly. We have strong bones by drinking low fat milk, exercising, and playing in the sun for 30 minutes daily. We sit in Dads car in the backseat and fasten our seatbelts. We do not play with electrical wires, matches, or cleaning material.

19 Thank You for Listening!

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