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Impact Programming Lady Drema Lee Woldman National First Vice President National Program Chair.

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1 Impact Programming Lady Drema Lee Woldman National First Vice President National Program Chair

2 Impact Programming National Focus To implement programs that: (1) impact the lives of our youth and the people we serve; (2) address critical issues in the community; (3) enhance the overall quality of life; (4) equip the residents of the communities we serve with the tools to help themselves; and (5) leave a legacy of volunteerism.

3 Impact Programming Tools to Measure Success Webinars Programs and Activities Chapter Report Book Reporting Conference Calls Q & A List Serve

4 Impact Programming Chapter Report Book Two Year Program Response Outcomes Going Forward Quirks Changes

5 Impact Programming What We Are Doing Well Embracing the Program Showing Enthusiasm Being Cooperative Creating Innovative Programs Slowly but Surely Embracing Technology Forming Partnerships

6 Impact Programming What We Need to Work on Teen Programming Programs vs. Activities Transitioning Administrations Recording Hours and all that we do Evaluating our Programs Reading Following Instructions

7 Impact Programming S.M.A.R.T. Characteristics Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Timely

8 Impact Programming Outcomes By the Numbers TTA HRS March Of Dimes SERVICE HOURS FUNDS ALLOCATED TRAD PROG HRS NATL DAYS (Chapters) AREA I11, , , , ,966/1620 AREA II 1, , , , /1 6 AREA III 5, , , , ,559/612 AREA IV11, , , , ,111/511 AREA V 2, , , , /4 9 AREA VI 4, , , , /5 5 TOTAL38,449.00$35, ,307.00$141, ,098/3363

9 Impact Programming Exemplary Programs Top Teens of America Status of Women Senior Citizens Community Beautification Community Partnerships

10 Impact Programming Top Teens of America March of Dimes

11 Impact Programming Top Teens of America March of Dimes

12 Impact Programming Top Teens of America The Vivian Coe Richard Leadership Academy Texas Medical Center Houston, TX July 15 – July 22, 2012

13 Impact Programming Leadership Academy Agenda Items Reception Academy Internal Workshops Prairie View A&M University School of Nursing Admit Insights University of Texas – M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Texas Chiropractic College

14 Impact Programming Leadership Academy Agenda Items Texas Southern Univ Pharmacy/Health Sciences Memorial Hermann/TIRR Texas Heart Institute Health Museum Sickle Cell Disease Student Symposium Texas Childrens Hospital Clinical Care Center Food, Food and More Food Graduation

15 Impact Programming









24 Exemplary Programming

25 Impact Programming Status of Women Back to Work The signature program of this Thrust shall be Back-to-Work, an initiative that will impact women in the community who have been downsized, underemployed or forced to rejoin the workforce and impact Teen unemployment through effective job preparation for entry level jobs.

26 Impact Programming Toledo Chapter Lady Mary McKinley-Reed, President Partnered with Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority and ABC HealthCare, Inc. Assisted with class enrollments Provided needed supplies Monthly classes 8 persons completed the class and are now employed Program will continue

27 Impact Programming Status of Women

28 Impact Programming Status of Women Back to Work

29 Impact Programming Lincoln Park Chicago Chapter Lady Selma McDonald, President Partnered with 3 rd Ward and Mollison Elementary Included Men and Youth Workshop Series Over a 4 Month Period w/14 Participants Program Consisted of 4 workshops, a wardrobe closet, and ongoing mentoring Ceremony of Completion, Personal Journals, Professional Ink Pens and Silver Business Card Holder Will Provide Follow-up and Refresher Courses to Program Will Continue and Expand 480 Volunteer Hours

30 Impact Programming




34 Senior Citizens We Care The signature program of this Thrust shall be We Care, an initiative that will impact seniors who live in assisted living facilities and nursing homes

35 Impact Programming Dale City – Prince William County Chapter Sandra Clark, President Partnered with Prince William County to support Woodbridge Senior Day Program Primary focus is keeping seniors safe and engaged while caregivers are at work Robust program – provides companionship, bible study, music, clean-up, health workshops, entertainment, assistance at meal time Has volunteered since the inception of Dale City Chapter Program is held on a monthly basis and is continuous 200 volunteer hours

36 Impact Programming




40 Miami Chapter Lady Crystal C. Pittman, President Partnered with Sylvias Living Senior Facility and Breezy Acres Senior Facility Conduct monthly Health/Safety Awareness Workshops Other components of program: safety & health tips, technology, exercise, voting, long-term care, living wills and estates Miami-Dade Police Dept., Meals on Wheels, Publix Supermarket to name a few Continuing Program, 480 volunteer hours

41 Impact Programming Community Beautification The signature program of this thrust shall be America the Beautiful, an initiative that will impact residents of our communities by providing them with awareness and education of a simpler, healthier, and earth friendly lifestyle.

42 Impact Programming Houston Chapter Lady Jacqueline Carter, President Partnered with the 4H Club and other local groups to create a community garden on the grounds of the Greater Zion Baptist Church Provides fresh produce for the residents in addition to providing neighborhood improvement Variety of vegetables planted and harvested Also participate in cleanups as well as planting and harvesting during the course of the year Program is continuous, 262 volunteer hours

43 Impact Programming


45 Cincinnati Chapter Lady Carole Cutter-Hawkins, President Collaborated with the Paddock Wills Assembly to identify and develop a community garden Location was an eyesore on a busy suburban street Chapter purchased gardening tools, plants and flowers Garden has a sign identifying Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. as a partner Site is maintained bi-weekly Program is continuous 140 volunteer hours

46 Impact Programming

47 Community Partnerships The signature program of this thrust shall beJoining Forces, an initiative that will impact residents by providing enhanced services to our communities through the formed partnerships.

48 Impact Programming Missouri City/Houston Space City Chapter Lady Helen Harvey, President Raised funds for Program Implementation by soliciting from various corporations; 30 th Pearl Anniversary Status of Women event; sponsored a raffle and a Fiesta Party in conjunction with a local grocer Collaborated with other entities; Southeast Precinct Judges Council, NAACP, Charles White Charity Productions; Controller Ronald Greens Annual Grandparents Luncheon, Congressman Al Greens Annual Community Update Breakfast, Houston Community College, etc. Generated a Greater Presence in the Community by displaying TLOD logo on all distributed literature and seeking mutual collaborations with organizations/entities with like causes 110 volunteer hours

49 Impact Programming

50 Inglewood Chapter Lady Mary Guinn, President Worked with the City of Inglewood for the past three years on various projects Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration, Miracle on Manchester Thanksgiving Food Distribution, Adopt a Highway, Grant AME Church, Annual Youth Health Conference, Salvation Army, AKA, March of Dimes and Sickle Cell On going partnerships, 700 volunteer hours

51 Impact Programming Summary "Impacting Our Future Through Positive Interventions in the Lives of Our Youth, Our Communities and Our Legacy Through Effective Volunteerism."

52 Impact Programming Smart Programming When they ask us why we do it…… We do it for love! Service with a smile in the name of love.

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