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Welcome to our Bug Show!.

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1 Welcome to our Bug Show!

2 Ant Parth Mody Bridget Burke

3 What does the ant look like?
Six legs Black, brown, yellow, red 2 antenna Carry big leaves

4 What does the ant eat? Eat caterpillars, scorpions, cockroaches, and other ants Chomp and chew Don’t eat crops Can travel thousands of feet to find food

5 Where does the ant live? live in plants underground under logs, in
cracks of sidewalks hill out of sand or earth Do not migrate Beneath oak tree lives acorn ant

6 Honey Bees Colleen Moore Amanda Stone Charlotte Park

7 What does the bee look like?
Six legs 2 antennae- smell Yellow, black, furry Compound eyes

8 What does the bee eat? Pollen and honey Pollen on legs
Sucks nectar with a long tongue Helpful by making flowers

9 Where does the bee live? All states In hive-60,000
Six sided cell called honeycomb Stay together to keep warm

10 Butterfly Ryan Lazaar Emily Clark

11 What does butterfly look like?
Six legs Straw mouth part Black, yellow, white, orange Fly if body temperature above 86 degrees

12 What does the butterfly eat?
Drink nectar from flowers Help flowers grow Caterpillars eat leaves Only drink liquid using proboscis

13 Where does the butterfly live?
Trees at night South in winter Trees and flowers Hot, cold, dry, misty areas

14 Cicada John Joseph Alexandra Voutsinas

15 What does the cicada look like?
Black, red, yellow, green or orange Head, thorax, abdomen Two antennae Move abdomen to make sound

16 What does the cicada eat?
Tree sap Pointy tube pokes into tree Important food for other animals Feed on plants

17 Where does the cicada live?
Tropical countries Live on trees Below to above 6-17 years under ground as nymphs

18 Cricket Brandon Micciche Emma Holmes

19 What does the cricket look like?
Four wings Black or brown Eggs look like small baby bananas Chirping increases with the temperature

20 What does the cricket eat?
Small insects and leaves Chomp and chewing Harmful to humans Cow manure and crab meat

21 Where does the cricket live?
Crickets live in United States or Europe Crickets settle grassy riverbanks Goes underground and hibernates All crickets live together

22 Dragonfly Alex Kieffer Tara Schmidt

23 What does the dragonfly look like?
Big eyes Green, blue or red Has a smile looking mouth Pattern on abdomen

24 What does the dragonfly eat?
Tadpoles, small frogs, larvae of other insects, small fish, and crustaceans Bites and chews Hold legs in a shape of a basket Has sharp spikes on legs

25 Where does the dragonfly live?
Water, gliding over water, air lives near streams, ponds, marshes, lakes, rivers, and even waterfalls Live in every part of the world Live in deserts or other dry places

26 Fireflies Morgan Johnson Corinne Pressing

27 What does the firefly look like?
Two pairs of wings One and one/fifth inches Pliers mouth Firefly are beetles

28 What does the firefly eat?
Larva eat fireflies, insects and snails Eat bugs that eat plants Paralyzes the prey with venom Drinks water from leaves

29 Where does the firefly live?
Woods, fields, backyards Larva bury in soil to make home Does not migrate Not seen west of Kansas


31 What does the grasshopper look like?
Green or brown Four and a half inches Five eyes Head, thorax, abdomen

32 What does the grasshopper eat?
Herbivore Plants, seed, and grass Swarms eat every plant Farmers’ crops

33 Where does the grasshopper live?
Everywhere except North and South Pole Live in the grass and plants Do not build houses Most do not migrate

34 Ladybugs Thomas Weed Hannah Needham

35 What does the ladybug look like?
Black, red, yellow, brown, white, orange Pliers mouth parts 3/8ths of an inch Beats its wings 85 times per second

36 What does the ladybug eat?
Aphids and tiny creatures Chew from side to side Eat garden pests like aphids and mealy bugs Eat about hundred aphids a day

37 Where does the ladybug live?
Where there are plants and aphids Under tree bark, in attics, sheds, and leaves 5,000 kinds of ladybugs in the world Eat fat during hibernation

38 Praying Mantis Justin Shapiro Maura Belcher

39 What does the praying mantis look like?
Pliers mouth Green, gray, pink, brown, brown-green Thorax, head, abdomen Name from praying pose

40 What does the praying mantis eat?
Wasps, poisonous spiders, other mantises, birds, and mice Chomp and chew with mandibles Eat insects that eat crops Bites neck of prey and eats it alive

41 Where does the Praying Mantis live?
Green plants, gray tree bark, pink flowers, where there are warm springs Lay eggs fall, hatch spring Egg case protects eggs during winter Change color where they go

42 We hope you enjoyed our presentation. Thank you for coming!
Mrs. Stenerson’s and Mrs. Hill’s class

43 Thank you to all our parent volunteers!
Other parent helpers Room mothers

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