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Champion of Democracy By: Judith Bloom Fradin and Dennis Brindell Fradin ~Jane Addams~ ~Lauren Palmateer~Period: 8~March 12, 2013~

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1 Champion of Democracy By: Judith Bloom Fradin and Dennis Brindell Fradin ~Jane Addams~ ~Lauren Palmateer~Period: 8~March 12, 2013~

2 ~Plot Summary~ Throughout this book, the life of Laura Jane Addams is described in great detail beginning from her childhood all the way into her adult years. Laura Jane was born in Cedarville, Illinois on September 6, 1860. Although she had eight brothers and sisters and was the second youngest child, only five of the nine children lived past the age of two, due to sicknesses that were not treatable during this time. Three of the children that lived were her three older sisters Mary Catherine, Martha and Alice. Their parents were Mrs. Sarah Weber and Mr. John Huy Addams. Unfortunately, their mother died on January 14, 1863 when Laura Jane was only about 3 years old. Through Laura Jane's childhood she enjoyed riding horses and had big plans for her future. While attending the Rockford female Seminar, Laura Jane decided that she wanted to be known by her middle name, Jane. Jane eventually founded the first settlement house. The Hull House was given to her for free under one condition, that she had to name it in honor of Charles J. Hull. This settlement house was in Chicago, a city that developed much faster than anyone expected which led to unsanitary conditions and other issues such as prostitution and corrupt politicians. All of these things led to the development of the Hull House.

3 ~Setting~ This biography is written on Jane Addams, who was born in 1860 and died in 1935. This photograph is of the Hull House, founded by Jane Addams. Chicago, Illinois.

4 ~Critical Review~ I enjoyed reading some parts of this book because it was interesting to see how one person can change so much in a lifetime. I believe it was well written and it was laid out in an easy-to-read format. The chapters were set in chronological order according to Jane Addams life and her experiences. If I had the choice to read another biography I would love to find one written by the authors. While reading I got the sense that Judith Bloom Fradin and Dennis Brindell Fradin really knew what they were talking. It seems like a lot of time and effort went into figuring out appropriate pictures and quotes to put in the right places to break up written paragraphs.

5 ~Quote~ Jane Addams As a voter and citizen of the 19 th ward, and interested in the welfare of this great beautiful city, I have watched, and noted with interest, how for the past few years, you have worked and sought the defeat of that good, noble, and charitable man John Powers. Now what has Jane Addams done? Nothing. [Mr. Powers] has been subject to newspaper notoriety by you Jane Addams who has long since forgot the pride and dignity so much admired in a women. -A Voter ~Explanation~ In January 1898, Jane Addams received an anonymous letter from friends of a man who was angry at her for becoming involved in what they believed was mans work. Before this, in 1895, Jane and some of her colleagues convinced a resident who was the leader of the Hull House Mens Club, to run for the wards second aldermanic seat. After winning, he took his seat beside Mr. Powers, whos friends then sent Jane this strongly worded letter. (pg. 93)

6 ~Theme/Controlling Idea~ Although this is a biography, a reoccurring controlling idea that I could find within Jane Addams life was that anything is possible if you really set your mind to it. Laura Jane Addams was a fortunate girl to even live past the age of two after four of her siblings had died at such a young age. She had huge ambitions and even though she was one person, she accomplished many, if not all of her dreams. She did change her mind quite a bit through this process, from wanting to be like her father, to wanting to be a doctor to wanting to travel the word. A settlement house like the Hull House never would have been created with such excellence if it was not for a woman like Jane Addams, who had her dreams in sight and chased them.

7 ~Author Biographys~ ~Judith Bloom Fradin~~Dennis Brindell Fradin~ These authors have written several other books about American historical figures. Numerous awards have been received and they have earned starred reviews. This happily married couple lived in Evanston, Illinois. Judith Bloom Fradin was born in 1945 in Chicago, Illinois. She attended college at Northeastern Illinois University and graduated in 1975. In her free time she has always enjoyed trying to grow flowers, dahlias being her favorite. Before becoming an author she taught English and History in high schools from 1967-1975 and 1982- 1990. Also, she was a writing instructor at Northeastern Illinois University and the President of the Southwest Evanston Associated Residents(SWEAR). Dennis Brindell Fradin was born in 1945 in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up in the neighborhood of Roger Park, he graduated from New Trier High School in Winnetka and then went on to earn his bachelor's degree in English in 1967 from Northwestern University in Evanston. After college, he found a job teaching second-graders at Faraday Elementary School on the West Side of Chicago. Dennis has written childrens books on many topics such as astronomy, colonial history, and scientific discoveries and biographies on Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, and Louis Braille.

8 Dennis Brindell Fradin & Judith Bloom Fradin Dennis Brindell Fradin passed away on August 29, 2012. His wife still resides in Evanston, Illionis.

9 ~Citation~ Fradin, Judith Bloom., and Dennis B. Fradin. Jane Addams: Champion of Democracy. New York: Clarion, 2006. Print. N.d. Photograph. Dennis Brindell Fradin. Good Reads Inc. Web. 22 Mar. 2013. "Fradin, Judith Bloom 1945–." Something About the Author. 2008. 22 Mar. 2013.Fradin, Judith Bloom 1945–. "Dennis Fradin." Illinois Authors. Illinois Center for the Book, 10 Sept. 2012. Web. 22 Mar. 2013. Website.

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