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Welcome to Italy Today we will be traveling to Rome, Italy! Click on the star to take you inside the city!

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1 Welcome to Italy Today we will be traveling to Rome, Italy! Click on the star to take you inside the city!

2 Rome Today we will be traveling around the ancient city of Rome. Rome, Italy is one of the oldest and most visited cities in the world. Click on the place in the city that you want to visit! Each place will give you some neat facts about itself. Pay close attention, because there will be a little quiz at the end. Click on the tour bus to take the quiz when you are finished! Next

3 The Coliseum The Trevi Fountain St. Peters Basilica QUIZ!!

4 The History of the Coliseum The Coliseum was built almost 2000 years ago by the Roman Emperors: Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. The building took about 10 years to build and was used for over 450 years Map Next

5 Inside the Coliseum The Coliseum could hold between 50,000 to 75,000 people. There was a stage for the games, but many tunnels and rooms underneath the floor for the fighters. Part of the Coliseum were reused for building material during the Renaissance. NextPrevious Map

6 Warriors of the Coliseum Warriors who fought in the Coliseum were called gladiators. The gladiators were normally captured slaves, criminals, or prisoners of war. They fought to the death in front of thousands of people. Previous Map

7 About St. Peters Basilica St. Peters Basilica is located inside of the Vatican City, which is the small city state within the city of Rome. The Vatican city has its own police and postal system. St. Peters is the home of Catholicism. It is where the Pope resides and where thousands of people come every year to visit. Next Map

8 The History of St. Peters Basilica The largest church in the world, it rests atop the hill that is believed to be the site where Saint Peter was buried. The building was started in 1506 by the architect Donato Bramante, and after his death work was continued by Michelangelo. The church was completed in 1626… 120 years after it was started. NextPrevious Map

9 The Swiss Guard The Swiss Guard are the protectors of the Vatican and the Pope himself. To join this elite group, the men must be Swiss, Catholic, and take a vow of loyalty to the pope. They have been a part of the sacred guard sine 1506… thats over 500 years!! Previous Map

10 History of the Trevi Fountain The fountain was commissioned by Pope Clemet XII in 1732. The work, done by the artist Salvi, took 30 years to complete! The design comes from the baroque period. Next Map

11 About the Trevi Fountain The fountain statues are of: Neptune- the Roman god of the sea. The horses pulling his shell shaped chariot. One of the horses is calm and the other is wild. It is supposed to represent the moods of the sea. NextPrevious Map

12 The Legend of the Trevi Fountain Legend has it that if you throw a coin into the fountain, while standing backwards, that you will someday return to Rome. Most of the fountains in Rome are connected to a water system that is supplied with water from the Aqua Vergo. The water is clean and drinkable! Previous Map

13 Self Test Now that you have toured around the city see what you can remember from each place! Click on the tour bus to get started!! Map

14 Question 1 How old is the Coliseum? A. 1,000 years B. 2,000 years C. 4,000 years D. 3,000 years

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17 Question 2 What were the fighters in the Coliseum called? A. Soldiers B. Militia C. Gladiators D. Calvary

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20 Question 3 The basilica in the Vatican city sits on top of whos grave? A. St. Andrew B. St. Matthew C. St. Peter D. Paul

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23 Question 4 Anyone can join the Swiss Guard… True False

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26 Question 5 You can drink the water from the spout at the Trevi Fountain? True False

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29 Question 6 How long did it take to complete the Trevi fountain? A. 10 years B. 15 years C. 25 years D. 30 years

30 Finish

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32 Thanks for traveling with us today! We hope you come back to Rome soon for a visit! Click on the map button to revisit Rome. Click the bus to exit. Map

33 For more information on Rome, please visit: The A View on Cities-Rome The Vatican website Lonely Planet

34 End!!

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