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2 Regionalization Background 2006 –NBOD charged Founder to solicit consultant(s) for the purpose of improving BDPA efficiency and improve services to its members and stakeholders (BDPA paid for this service!) 2007 – Founder presented committees report to NBOD; NBOD approved report and charged committee to move forward 2008 – 2009 – No activity by NBOD Nov 2009 –NBOD voted to include the new regional structure within its overall 2010-2014 strategy July 2010 – Chapter Delegates approved new Bylaws which included The Regional Model in Philadelphia, PA 2

3 Regionalization President established initial Board Governance Committee Scope: Define the Regional Operations Develop the regional model implementation plan Develop qualifications and volunteer job descriptions for regional officers Committee members appointed by the National President Ad-hoc Committee Chair Wilhelmenia Ravenell National VP Strategy & PlanningCurtis Jenkins National ParliamentarianJohn Williams National Outside DirectorWilliam Flowers Committee members representing each Region Note: These individuals are not the new Regional Officers. They are only serving on the committee to assist with the development of Regional Operations Northeast Region Karen Smith Midwest Region Charlie Perkins South Region Julius Clark West RegionJohn Malonson 3

4 Regionalization contd 4 BDPA Region StatesRegional Committee Representative Contact Information NortheastCT DC (Washington) DE MD MA ME NH NJ NY PA RI VT Karen MidwestIA IL IN KS MI MO MN ND NE OH SD WI Charlie SouthAL AR FL GA KY LA MS NC OK SC TN TX VA WV Julius WestAK AZ CA CO HI ID MT NM NV OR UT WA WY John

5 5 Feedback from Chapters Dec 10, 2010Develop Initial Report Jan 2011 Initial Regional Model Implementation Plan Qualification and Volunteer Job Description for Regional Officers Provide Draft Report to NEC and NBOD Jan 2011Present Report to NBOD for approval Feb 2011Launch Implementation Plan Feb – Dec 2011New Organization Jan 2012 Regional Model NEC and NBOD composition Timeline

6 Recommendation 6 Implementation Plan Modify and provide the chapters with revisions of the operating procedures for the Election and Bylaws process, to support the regional model. Regional Officers will be elected at the National BPDA delegates meeting in August 2011. The National BPDA Q4 2011 NBOD Meeting should include 2012-2013 goals and objectives that align with the Regional Model that will be effective in January 2012. Regional Officers should attend the Q4 2011 NBOD Meeting and schedule meeting(s) with the Chapter Officers in Q4 2011. The operations for the National BDPA Regional Model will begin January 2012.

7 Recommendation 7 Operations for Regional Officers Funding/Expenses for Regional Officers: 1.The National Office should provide support regional officers to attend NBOD meetings. This should be included in National plan and budget. 2.The Chapters should provide support for Regional or Chapter meetings. This should be included in Chapter plans and budgets. Performance Measures for Regional Officers: 1.National Office will have a template/scorecard for performance and assist with the creation of the document to outline the expectations and measurements. 2.Performance Measures for each region should align to the 5 areas Chapter of year, accompanied by standard for reporting. The 5 areas are: Community Service Management Membership Professional Development Chapter of the Year 3.Regional officers should convene with Chapters annually, with a focus on the review of the criteria and conduct any other business as needed.

8 Recommendation 8 Operations for Regional Officers As a result of the acceptance of the recommendations and receiving approval to implement the plan, it is expected that the National BDPA standard operating procedures for the election process would begin in 2011 to identify and elect candidates. Then the new regional model would begin in January 2012.


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