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a nano revolution in urban and rural scape

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1 a nano revolution in urban and rural scape

2 Nano-Bio Growth Enhancer
- India's first plant bio-nutrient using nano- technology consisting of Trace minerals suspended in amino acids. It helps boost the synthesis of enzymes, process of photosynthesis-ultimately leading to improved yield. -Helps reduce usage of water and harmful chemicals.

3 liquid organic nano- foliar spray
The latest development in nano- appli­cation of Protein Hydrolysates Plant organs, such as leaves, are able to take up free amino acids effectively. Amino acids as a nano-foliar spray provides ready-made building blocks for protein synthesis.  Foliar application of amino acids is proven to increase yield, along with plant quality. This effect is further highlighted at vital plant growth stages, when higher nutrient demand occurs.

4 A revolution in Nano-foliar nutrition
 Helps to give maximum trace minerals bio­availability through leaf, stem seed and root.  Helps to guard the plant against setbacks caused by trace mineral shortfall. This maximizes the yield and reduces labour costs.

5 Water saving benefits -Helps plants for better absorption of water and other nutrients (NPK) from the soil.  -Improves establishment and better plant population. -Promotes the development of roots and better propagation of rootlets.    -Provides strength to the plant to grow fast, and to withstand the stresses like drought, pests and diseases.

6 Other plant benefits -Reduces immature dropping of flowers, vegetables and fruits. -Increases maturity and improves quality. -Increases yield by % -Increases keeping-quality. -Is not phytotoxic to plants. 

7 Other plant benefits -Chelates have a significant nitrogen sparing effect. -This saves the plant significant amounts of energy it uses to accomplish natural chelation on its own.  -Is a natural product, easy to handle, safe to the user and to the environment.

8 Why Nano -Foliar Spraying?
Plant feeding with nano-foliar spray is accepted as an improved method of feeding plants. Reduces usage of water tremendously. While watering plants with nutrients is necessary to ensure that the roots get adequate water and nutrients. Nano-foliar spray can be up to 20 times more effective in delivering nutrients.

9 Amino Acid Based Plant Biostimulation
Uneven growth results from environmental stresses (temperature fluctuations, frosts, moisture levels, salt levels, chemical damage) The action of the L form amino acids combat these reactions by: Regulating osmotic pressure Slowing down the photorespiration process Increasing net photosynthesis Preventing stomata closure

10 Trial results

11 Trial results

12 Cardamom Trial - Kumuli
Control Treated Trial results

13 Trial results

14 Trial results

15 Trial results

16 Trial results

17 Trial results

18 Thank you

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