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Context – Creative writing

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1 Context – Creative writing
The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif Context – Creative writing

2 What makes a strong creative piece?
Originality No one dies suddenly at the end, the drama is not out of control to the point of being totally farfetched, no one suddenly wakes up and realises it was all a dream, and you don’t just retell a version of Najaf’s life but give the protagonist a different name A clear purpose and aim Your story should teach your audience something – a life lesson or moral the reader can take away A distinct ‘voice’ Who are you as a writer? Pizzazz! There needs to be something special about your writing. You want to make us laugh, cry, give us goosebumps, say ‘wow, that is beautifully written’ Strong links to the text and prompt We’ll look at this shortly

3 Links to the prompt and text
The prompt acts as the overall theme or main idea behind your creative piece You must explore the prompt and its various implications within your creative piece The text Use of quotes from the text within an original piece of your own – clear, explicit links to text Themes – your creative piece might share themes such as hard work, humility, hope and freedom Images – your creative piece might share some of the imagery such as the flowers that bloom or the birds being set free Scenes – you might retell a particular scene from a different character’s perspective

4 Ensuring your creative piece has strong links to the prompt and text
PROMPT: In times of conflict, people react in unexpected ways. The tight-bound straps dig deeper into my torn flesh. I need to get out of here- break free from this desolate place. The torches, shrills and screams are oppressing. For a while I couldn’t bear to open my eyes. It was harder to block out the sounds but after a while “I ceased to hear the cries of those around me, just as they ceased to hear my cries, I have no doubt. The sound of anguish became background noise.” But that doesn’t stop my thinking; I keep wondering, keep pondering, how did I end up here? I’ve done nothing wrong- no crimes, no sins, no butcheries. I’m an innocent man with a purpose, although my purpose has nothing to do with this damned place. Thrashing about violently does not seem to help, “my despondency [is] growing deeper” but I must try- it may be my only chance, my only escape, my only way of survival. *** I am here because I stood up and challenged them; challenged their authority, challenged their rules, challenged their beliefs. I am here because I think differently. I am hear because they fear me. I am not a threat to society. I am not dangerous. I do not deserve to be locked up. But they are afraid of my ideas, of my mind, of my words. I must regain my purpose. I must stay true to my beliefs. They may keep me caged like a bird, but though I cannot fly, they can’t stop me from singing my song.

5 In your authorial intention…
Ensure you have discussed exactly how your piece was inspired by The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif You must use examples of specific scenes You must provide quotes which detail where your inspiration came from You should take inspiration from KEY IDEAS and STYLE and you should use evidence from the text to demonstrate how you’ve drawn on both these elements.

6 Where to find creative inspiration in The Rugmaker
Imagery and similes “I think of the red flowers around the mosque at Mazar-e-Sharif. I think of how they bloom each year, no matter how many rockets explode over them.” (p6) “Sadness is like a stone in your shoe at a time when you can’t stop to get the stone out.” (p23) “In this room, hope comes up like the sun, or sinks behind the mountains forever,” (p46) “Cripples in poor lands like mine are like the sparrows of a city. We search for crumbs that have fallen into cracks, then retrieve them one at a time.” (p133) “When I saw my daughter shining like the sun, the cloud sped away.” (p253)

7 Where to find creative inspiration in The Rugmaker
Other quirks/nice links “I will tell you a story…” “With the reader’s permission, I will…” The importance of songs/music The beauty of the little things in life Survival through memories/thoughts Other ideas?

8 Where to find creative inspiration in The Rugmaker
Quotes! “There is nothing at stake, but still there are arguments.” (p28) “Lies are a form of theft; the liar steals from another person that person’s trust.” (p47) “Has part of me become sick and died while the rest of my body is still living?” (p71) “the pain in her heart would have been greater than the pain of her bruised bones.” (p113) “I ceased to hear the cries of those around me, just as they ceased to hear my cries, I have no doubt. The sound of anguish became background noise.” (p131) “I had to train myself not to think too far into the future.” (p154) “It is all impossible, it is all daydreams. But it is true” (p244) And many others

9 Options for creative pieces
Narratives (first person, third person, split narrative, linear/non-linear…) Use some of the imagery and key ideas to create a completely original story of encountering conflict (like the sample we read) Take an event from The Rugmaker and write it from the perspective of another character (eg. Najaf’s 15 days in the secret hiding place from Hakima’s perspective) Write the eulogy for Gorg Ali Write an interview with Hakima (5 years on from arrival in Australia) → could go all out and script it like an episode of ‘Four Corners’ (include discussion of videoclips and voiceovers) Other options?

10 Options for creative/expository/persuasive (hybrid) pieces
Other forms: Create a news report/opinion piece/series of letters to the editor based on one of the events in The Rugmaker Create a series of blog posts from the perspective of an Afghani in 2013 – what are the ongoing ramifications of the conflict that Najaf dealt with? What conflict is currently being encountered? (Google real examples from other conflicts – Syria, Israel/Palestine etc – for inspiration) Create a speech (soooo many options! – realistic reason!) Scripts (film/play) Other options?

11 Writing skills – essential for success
Creative writing doesn’t happen by accident! Description (sensory and figurative language) Control of conventions (tense, point of view) Showing, not telling Awareness of your choices as an author – and the intended effect of these choices Real creativity – insight and originality Subtlety

12 What should you do? Pros – Cons –
Some people love creative writing (though this doesn’t necessarily mean you are good at it!) Lots to write about in an AI Lots of potential for originality Cons – Need subtlety in your writing in order to explore the prompt and link to the text You need to be a good writer! Risky option, especially for the exam

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