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Can the CAP contribute to improve life standards in rural areas and to diversify economy? Some aspects from Portugal Ricardo Ferreira

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1 Can the CAP contribute to improve life standards in rural areas and to diversify economy? Some aspects from Portugal Ricardo Ferreira

2 Answering the question: YES, I think so! But only if: Local players find good ideas / create good projects Program managers and information centres are able to disseminate good examples and to provoke the emergence of ideas of excellence

3 Ill focus the following: What has happened in the past. – The results from 2006 A view of some interesting projects Some strong personal ideas

4 What has happened in the past PROGRAMA OPERACIONAL AGRICULTURA E DESENVOLVMENTO RURAL - AGRO Year Assumed/ /programmed* Executed/ /programmed* 20001,10,1 200129,26,3 200246,818,6 200366,332,1 200482,445,0 200598,056,2 2006107,468,5 Total execution (%) Money is being spend Projects are appearing and money is circulating in the economy... Data on this slide and the next ones comes from the 2006 official report of AGRO

5 AGRO – execution per axis Axe2 Assumed/ /programmed* Executed/ /programmed* 20000,0 200130,61,2 200247,715,7 200364,429,1 200485,746,2 2005102,961,7 2006117,973,0 Axe1 Assumed/ /programmed* Executed/ /programmed* 20001,20,1 200130,26,9 200247,018,9 200366,532,4 200481,844,7 200597,755,4 2006106,567,8 No significant differences between different axis There is a serious difference between assumed expenditure and executed projects

6 PROGRAM MAIN RESULTS 2000200120022003200420052006 Grow th Rate Aim Work productivity (1000/WorkUnit) 4,2964,5124,4645,4626,3925,6596,5857,44%-5% Work income (1000/WorkUnit) 4,3244,9674,7275,8847,0076,4876,7807,84%-5% Gross investment / Added Value 28,029,328,525,123,724,3.26,5 27- 28% Agriculture Exports (includes forest and agro-industry) 42604248447345954702480355204,43%-5% Agro – main results

7 Axe 1 – Results 200120022003200420052006Aim Product increase in supported units / average product increase 3,5%2,8%3,1%1,8%2,4%0,7%2%-4% Increase in total irrigated area 2,4%2,7%3,1%3,5%3,8%3,9% 3.5%- 4.7% Investment in environmental factors on total investment in axe 1 nd5,0%5,5%6,5%8,0%9,2% 11%- 13% Investment in infrastructures on total investment in axe 1 2,5%8,0%7,8%6,6%5,8%5,4% 6.5%- 8.5% Investment in immaterial assets on total investment in axe 1 nd4,1%4,0%4,2% 4,1% 8%- 10% Young farmers installed over number of farms 0,3%0,5%0,7%0,9%1,1% 1.7%- 1.9% Young farmers installed over ben. of cessation 118,410,37,26,56,45,62.3-2.5 New forest area over existing forest 0,2%0,4%0,6%1,0%1,5% 2,70% Supported forest area over existing forest 1,0%1,9%2,8%4,0%5,4% 4,70% Increase in labor units in the supported farms 35,0%35,9%37,3%37,1%45,6%43,9%0,00%

8 Axe 2 reults 200120022003200420052006Aim Time dedicated by learners.5,9%8,4%8,3%9,8%9,9%8% Number of learners / potential learners.8,6%20,7%33,5%57,3%70,6%30,70% Women learners / total learners 46,0%49,7%48,6%52,4%53,2%>=50% Courses w/ envir. goals / total courses Nd25,0%26,1%22,0%30,2%32,8%>=80% Proj. on innovation / proj. on demonstr. 44,0% 40,9% 43,9%>=30% Specialized institutions / total institut. w/ courses 2,0%9,8% 20% Benef. of agro-rural serv./ total farmers 9,8%23,3%40,4%43,0%49,9%56,0%40%-60% Invest. in envir. factors / total inves. in the axe Nd10,3%7,6%16,3%13,4%13,9%18%-20% Invest. in infrastr. / total invest. In axe 7,5%15,7%14,8%11,7%9,7%11,6%13%-15% Immaterial investment / total investment in the axe Nd81,6%84,8%87,7%88,2%88,6%83%-85%

9 Interesting examples The following are examples of companies which have benefited from rural development support. – Will focus not on the project itself, but on the entire company idea Quizcamp Granfer Frulact Fertiprado Fluviário de Mora (support from regional policy)

10 Quizcamp® s mission is to give its clients a better quality of life, providing healthy food products originated in the country side, produced following the most demanding standarts of food security, ofering a set of experiences and ludic and pedagogical associated activities. QuizCamp

11 Several Agro-Food Products Connection with delicatessen stores network Mini garden: A system of modular vases, allowing intensive growing of plants, by anyone, anywhere. Usable for decoration, aromatic plants, flowers, small fruits, etc. (Clearly aiming at urban clients) Have you imagined having breakfast collecting the strawberries on your balcony? Or receiving friends in your living room with a wall covered with flowers with a incomparable aroma and unique decoration effect? QuizCamp 2005 – Vineyard project 89.700 (support = 26.910) Fruit production project 449.541 (support = 134.862)

12 Granfer Its a large fruit central, In the past 3 years has renovated facilities to achieve the highest international quality standards Also renovated equipments, including production lines and refrigeration systems At the present they count with 3 independent production lines, allowing for trustable supplies of their products

13 Its a company of products derivated from milk and fruit, created in 1987 Its also present in Marrocco, Tunisia Recently implemented a new factory in Tortosendo, strategically connected to a area of great fruit production Allows for a clear development in the region, not only the company

14 Incopil Basically its a factory of condiments. Their main product is dried powered pepper (paprika) Its a leader in its market, Its success is clearly due to the reunion of several old producers which were too small to be competitive in the market on their own We must promote in our producers the capacity, and the will, to cooperate with each other Incopil (site) Incopil history

15 Welcome! Mora Fluviario invites you to river trip – a paradigm of a Iberian river. You may observe different types of habitats and the living beings in those. Youll get to know species, some of which disappeared from our rivers... Fluviario de Mora (River Aquarium of Mora ???) From one of the leading national newspapers: Mora, Évora, 19 Mar - Um ano após ter aberto as portas ao público, o Fluviário de Mora festeja sexta-feira o seu primeiro aniversário com teatro, circo e entradas gratuitas para jovens e idosos, esperando atingir os 210 mil visitantes 210 thousand visitors in the first year Funded by EU regional development policy and not rural development...... But it could have been

16 Some personal ideas #1 Tradition, history and heritage must be emphasised.... BUT – People will not live only from artisan works, jams, and mushrooms – Rural tourism must be professionalised – Minimum dimensions should be kept – Partnerships are essential Some examples of false useless projects

17 Some personal ideas #2 People are the basis – Need motivated and well formed youth Open-minded Youngsters must leave their home regions to see – Selectivity in formation programmes Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Capacity to cooperate are key elements to promote

18 Economy is the principal element – There will be no development if not creating wealth; – Profit is not a bad word!!!!! Its essential; New projects should aim at – Finding regional comparative advantages – Productivity; competitiveness – And most of all: Export basis Some personal ideas #3

19 Environment will be a key element – To maintain the advantages of rural areas – Amenities to be explored Tourism, food quality, energy – We live where others want to spend their retirements, must take advantage from...... And be happy about it! Some personal ideas #4

20 Thank you for your time

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