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Childrens Ministry Visioning District name Name of facilitators.

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1 Childrens Ministry Visioning District name Name of facilitators

2 Scripture Passage Do you not know that in a race the runners all compete, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win it. Athletes exercise self-control in all things; they do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable one. So I do not run aimlessly, nor do I box as though beating the air. 1 Corinthians 9:24-26

3 Vision Who is God calling you to be as a congregation for the children inside your church walls and those within your community?

4 Vision What is a mission statement? The main goal you are attempting to accomplish

5 Vision What is a vision? How you perceive to live out the mission.

6 Vision What are goals? Specific attainable actions that help you achieve the mission you desire to accomplish

7 Mission, Vision, Goals The Mission Statement of the United Methodist Church: The mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. United Methodists all have the same mission!

8 Vision is how the local church or organization perceives God is calling them to live out that mission. The North Alabama Conference Vision Statement is: Every church challenged and equipped to grow more Disciples of Jesus Christ by taking risk and changing lives.

9 Our goal is to provide training for the local church in order to live out our mission and accomplish what we envision. Todays event is a goal to obtain our ultimate mission by living into our vision of challenging and equipping the local church.

10 Where Do We Start? Write down your church name, curriculum you use, and location of your congregation. Shift around tables so that as a church group you can discuss childrens ministry in your context. Make sure everyone has a partner!

11 Vision and Philosophy Ponder these questions… Where would you like for your childrens ministry program to go, and how would you like to get there? What is the primary purpose of your childrens ministry program?


13 Vision and Purpose Do you have a stated vision for your ministry? Your vision affects every aspect of your childrens program, from curriculum to volunteer schedule. Do your decisions reflect your vision and purpose for ministry? Once you understand your vision, it is important to share this vision with the church. Does your congregation know the vision for childrens ministry?

14 Vision for Childrens Ministry All United Methodists have the same mission: To make disciples of Jesus Christ! Vision is the way your faith community sees God is calling your church to live out that mission. Has your team spend time writing your vision? How is God calling your church to reach the children in your community?

15 Share the Vision! Why do we need a powerful vision is articulated to the church? To get everyone working together for the common goal!

16 Intentional outreach to children outside the church. Share the Vision! As Christians we must have double vision: Ministry for children inside the church

17 Goals –How are you going to measure those goals? –Are they Smart? –Are they Specific? –Are they Measurable? –Are they Attainable? –Are they Realistic? –Are they Timely? What are you trying to accomplish, and what goals will you suggest?

18 Goals Once you have established realistic goals, what must your church do to move forward? What must happen to see those goals accomplished? Are there any ministries that need to be reinvented or recycled into new and fresh efforts?


20 Details To what resources do you already have access that will help you achieve your goals? For what resources do you need to plan in order to reach these goals?

21 How will you offer spiritual formation for the children inside the church while reaching out to children in the community? GET OUT!

22 Ask yourself this question: where are kids in the community who are not in Sunday School? Take Christ to them! GET OUT!

23 Follow Through With each goal and ministry event, how will you follow through with those you reach? What anticipated obstacles might keep your congregation from obtaining the goals you have set? How can you address those obstacles?

24 Volunteers –How do you set a precedent in the church that children are important and people should volunteer with children? –Do you have job descriptions that help people understand what they are signing up for? –How do you reach out to recruit your volunteers?

25 Ideas for Recruitment Volunteer campaign Sunday Childrens Sabbath Present teachers ask incoming teachers to assist Follow up and Follow through Pastor support of recruitment!

26 Basics of Training Express the vision of your childrens program Utilize peoples gifts in the most valuable manner Housekeeping items: rotate schedules, express expectations, preach safe sanctuaries, explain curriculum, means of communication

27 Retain Them Give them a break…summer off, a semester off, or switch roles for freshness Provide proper support Follow up regularly Create a system so that no one feels overwhelmed

28 Express Thanks Donations in honor (UMCH, Heifer International, Sifat) Breakfast for the family Thanks a Latte on Sunday mornings Thank you production Personal notes Have the children bring flowers, cards, or simple gifts


30 Follow Through How will you follow up with the people to whom you are ministering? We will follow up with youand continue the conversation by creating cluster groups Follow through with every program you do!

31 Cluster Groups Meet once or twice a month, with the conference office providing structure for meetings through suggested questions, books, topics to cover. Each cluster group will choose what they do based on what theyd like to accomplish with their time together.

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