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PU Library Botany 560 Paleontology Paleozoology 572.82 Molecular Botany (Plants development) 579.177 Marine Botany 580 Plants 580.14.

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1 PU Library Botany 560 Paleontology Paleozoology Molecular Botany (Plants development) Marine Botany 580 Plants Botany – nomenclature BotanyDictionaries Reproductive adaptation (fruits, seeds) Protective adaptation Leaves and fronds Stems and roots Miscellaneous nontaxonomic kinds of plants (edible, medicinal plants etc.)

2 PU Library Botany Plants characteristic of specific environments, plant ecology Plants by specific continents, countries etc. 582 Plants noted for specific vegetative characteristics and flowers Trees 583 Magnoliopsida (Dicotyledons) Rosa (Roses) 584 Liliopsida (Monocotyledons) 585 Pinophyta (Gymnosperms) Coniferales (Conifers) 586 Cryptogamia (Seedless plants) 587 Pteridophyta (Vascular seedless plants) 588 Bryophyta

3 PU Library Space Sciences 520 Astronomy and allied sciences 521 Celestial mechanics (Gravitation, Orbits, motion) 522 Techniques, procedures, apparatus, equipment, materials (astrometry, positional and practical astronomy) Observatories Astronomical instruments Telescopes Special methods of observation Spherical astronomy Specific auxiliary techniques and procedures Corrections

4 PU Library Space Sciences 523 Specific celestial bodies and phenomena Astrophysics Cosmochemistry The universe, galaxies, quasars Solar system Moon Planets Meteors, solar wind, zodiacal light Comets Sun Stars Satellites (Moons) and rings; eclipses, transits, occultations 525 Earth (Astronomical geography)

5 PU Library Space Sciences 525 Earth (Astronomical geography)

6 PU Library High Energy Physics High-energy physics Nuclear fission Nuclear fusion (Thermonuclear reaction)

7 PU Library Islamic Studies 297 Islam Education Koran Topical dictionaries and encyclopedias Origin and authenticity Including inspiration, revelation, commentary about historic occasions on which passages were revealed; Koranic prophecy and prophecies Koran stories retold Arabic texts Compilation and recording of Koran Recitation and readings Translations Interpretation and criticism (Exegesis) Allegorical and numerical interpretations Commentaries Nonreligious subjects treated in the Koran

8 PU Library Hadith Hadith (Traditions) Specific Hadith Al-Bukhari, Muhammad ibn Ismail Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj al-Qushayri Other Sunni Hadith Hadith of other sects

9 PU Library Islamic Studies Misc Religious and ceremonial laws and decisions Stories, legends, parables, proverbs, anecdotes told for religious edification Islamic doctrinal theology (Aqaid and Kalam); Islam and secular disciplines; Islam and other systems of belief Doctrines of specific sects God (ALLAH) Attributes and names of ALLAH Tawhid (Unity of God) Revelation Theodicy Angels Humankind Other doctrines Prophets prior to Muhammad Islam and secular disciplines

10 PU Library Islamic Studies Misc Islamic worship Specific sects Pillars of Islam Sufism (Islamic mysticism) Islamic moral theology and religious experience, life, practice Islamic leaders and organization Protection and propagation of Islam Islamic sects and reform movements Babism and Bahai Faith

11 PU Library Prophets prior to Muhammad (SAW) Prophet Mohammad (SAW) Muhammad's family and companion Islamic religious education

12 PU Library History 900 History 901 Philosophy and theory of history 903 Dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances of history 904 Collected accounts of events (by natural origin, induced by human activity) Historical research (Historiography) Historians and historiographers 908 History with respect to kinds of persons 909 World history (civilizations & events not limited geographically) Ca /1500 (including Crusades) Modern history, 1450/ Specific historical periods

13 PU Library History 930 History of ancient world to ca Archaeology 940 General history of Europe Western Europe 950 General history of Asia Orient Far East Pakistan Ancient to Pakistan after General history of Africa 970 General history of North America 980 General history of South America 990 General history of other parts of world, of extraterrestrial worlds Pacific Ocean islands

14 PU Library Archaeology Archaeology Techniques, procedures, apparatus, equipment, materials Underwater archaeology Discovery of remains Excavation of remains Interpretation of remains Arch. Of Eolithic Age Paleolithic (Old Stone) Age Mesolithic (Middle Stone) Age Neolithic (New Stone) Age Copper and Bronze Age Iron Age Arch. And History of Specific places 932 Egypt to 640

15 PU Library Earthquake Studies Volcanoes, earthquakes, thermal waters and gases Volcanoes Earthquakes (seismology) Testing and measurement Thermal waters and gases Earthquake engineering Earthquake-resistant construction Seismic sea waves

16 PU Library Pharmacy Pharmacists and pharmacy Human experimentation Drugs (Materia medica) Pharmacopoeias Formularies (dispensatories) Posology (dosage determination) Drug preservation technique Pharmaceutical chemistry Inorganic drugs Organic drugs Synthetic drugs Drugs derived from plants and microorganisms Pharmacognosy Drugs derived from bryophytes Practical pharmacy Solutions and extracts Pills, capsules, tablets, troches, powders Ointments and emulsions

17 PU Library Numbers to remember (Social Work) 361 Social problems and social welfare in general Counseling Social work Practice of social work Interviewing Volunteer social work Group work Governmental action Social policy Private action Community action 362 Social welfare problems and services (Social Security) Forms of assistance Prevention and forms of assistance (Psychiatric social work) Emergency and rescue operations Financial assistance 367 General clubs (Social clubs)

18 PU Library Numbers to remember (Philosophy) 101 Theory of philosophy 103 Dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances of philosophy 110 Metaphysics 111 Ontology 113 Cosmology (Philosophy of nature) 114 Space 115 Time 116 Change 117 Structure 118 Force and energy 119 Number and quantity 121 Epistemology (Theory of knowledge) 122 Causation 123 Determinism and indeterminism 124 Teleology 126 The self 127 The unconscious and the subconscious 128 Humankind 129 Origin and destiny of individual souls

19 PU Library Numbers to remember (Philosophy) 140 Specific philosophical schools and viewpoints 141 Idealism and related systems and doctrines 142 Critical philosophy 144 Humanism and related systems and doctrines 147 Pantheism and related systems and doctrines 148 Dogmatism, eclecticism, liberalism, syncretism, traditionalism 149 Other philosophical systems and doctrines 170 Ethics (Moral philosophy) 180 Ancient, medieval, Oriental philosophy 181 Oriental philosophy 182 Pre-Socratic Greek philosophies 183 Sophistic, Socratic, related Greek philosophies Socratic philosophy 184 Platonic philosophy 185 Aristotelian philosophy 186 Skeptic and Neoplatonic philosophies 187 Epicurean philosophy 188 Stoic philosophy 189 Medieval western philosophy 190 Modern western and other non-Oriental philosophy

20 PU Library Numbers to remember (Political Science) Political institutions (political sociology) 320 Political science (Politics and government) General theory; systems Language and communication Psychological principles Historical, geographic, persons treatment The state Comparative government Structure and functions of government Political ideologies Liberalism Conservatism Collectivism and fascism Nationalism Religiously oriented ideologies

21 PU Library Racism Anarchism Policy making Local government Political situation and conditions 321 Systems of governments and states (kinds of states including heads of state and administration) Democratic government 322 Relation of the state to organized groups and their members 323 Civil and political rights 324 The political process 325 International migration and colonization 326 Slavery and emancipation 327 International relations 328 The legislative process

22 PU Library Numbers to Remember (Physics) Molecular, atomic, nuclear physics Molecular physicsastronomy Atomic physicsastronomy (astro physics, Cosmology) 530 Physics (Pure Physics) Materials Theories and mathematical physics Relativity theory Quantum mechanics (Quantum theory) Matrix mechanics (Heisenberg representation) Wave mechanics

23 PU Library Statistical mechanics Field and wave theories Mathematical physics States of matter Solid-state physics Liquid-state physics Gaseous-state physics Plasma physics Instrumentation Measurement

24 PU Library Mycology Fungi Eumycophyta (True fungi) Myxomycotina (Slime molds) Miscellaneous fungi Oomycetes Deuteromycotina (Deuteromycetes, Fungi Imperfecti) Ascomycotina (Ascomycetes) Discomycetes (Cup fungi) Basidiomycotina (Basidiomycetes) Diseases due to fungi (Medical mycology)

25 PU Library Plant Pathology Diseases Pathology Degeneration (Pathology) Cell Death 632 Plant injuries, diseases, pests Damages caused by environmental factors Galls Diseases Fungus diseases Weeds Including poisonous plants General topics of pest and disease control Plant quarantine Pesticides Biological control

26 PU Library Microbiology 579 Microorganisms, fungi, algae Specific topics in natural history of microorganisms, fungi, algae Genetics and evolution (microorganisms) Adaptation Miscellaneous nontaxonomic kinds of organisms Organisms characteristic of specific environments, ecology Viruses and subviral organisms DNA viruses RNA viruses Prokaryotes (Bacteria) Protozoa Fungi Eumycophyta (True fungi) Mushrooms Lichens Algae

27 PU Library Molecular Genetics Biochemical genetics Molecular evolution Metabolism Nucleotides DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) Molecular structure Biosynthesis DNA repair Gene expression Extrachromosomal DNA Chromosomes Genetic recombination RNA (Ribonucleic acid) Biosynthesis Transfer RNA

28 PU Library Genetics and Evolution 576 Genetics and evolution Genetics (Heredity, experimental works on genetics of specific organism) Laws of genetics Genetic makeup Variation Environmental factors (Mutagens) including Radio Genetics Mutation Evolution

29 PU Library Earth Sciences 550 Earth sciences 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology Interior Core Mantle Crust Land-atmosphere interactions Temperatures Climatology and weather 552 Petrology 555 Earth sciences of Asia

30 PU Library Environmental Sciences Environmental problems Sanitation Wastes Pollution Influence of physical environment Coastal ecology Floodplain ecology Aquatic environments Mine environment Architecture and the environment

31 PU Library Psychology 150 Psychology Psychoanalytic systems Freudian system 150.3Psychology Dictionaries, encyclopedias etc. 152 Sensory perception, movement, emotions, physiological drives 153 Conscious mental processes & intelligence 154Subconscious and altered states and processes 158Applied psychology Industrial psychology Mental and emotional illnesses and disturbances Mental disorders

32 PU Library Numbers to Remember (Botany) 560Paleontology Paleozoology Molecular Botany Specific kinds of environments Organisms characteristic of specific environments, ecology 580 Plants Botany nomenculture 580.3Botany Dictionaries Reproductive adaptation Fruits Seeds Protective adaptation Leaves and fronds

33 PU Library Botany Continued Stems and roots Miscellaneous nontaxonomic kinds of plants Beneficial plants Edible plants Medicinal plants Plants of industrial and technological value Harmful plants Weeds Rare and endangered plants Plants characteristic of specific environments, plant ecology

34 PU Library Biochemistry & Biotechnology Biochemistry of Control Processes 572 Biochemistry Biochemistry--Dictionarie Botanical chemistry General topics of biochemistry Bonds (Chemical forces)--biochemistry Analytical biochemistry Biochemical evolution Bioelectrochemistry

35 PU Library Biochemistry & Biotechnology Miscellaneous chemicals Proteins Enzymes Biochemical genetics Biotechnology-Law 630 Agriculture and related technologies Biotechnology Genetic engineering Manufacturing processes Preservation techniques

36 PU Library Chemistry 540 Chemistry and allied sciences Ancient and medieval theories 540.9Chemistry-History 541 Physical and theoretical chemistry Chemistry of states of matter Molecular structure Atomic structure Physical chemistry Optical activity

37 PU Library Chemistry 542 Techniques, procedures, apparatus, equipment, materials 543Analytical chemistry 544 Qualitative analysis 545 Quantitative analysis 546 Inorganic chemistry 547 Organic chemistry 548 Crystallography 549 Mineralogy

38 PU Library Numbers to Remember (Special Education) 371Schools and their activities; special education Specific kinds of students; schools for specific kinds of students Special education Teaching methods Buildings, rooms, furnishings, apparatus, equipment, supplies Mainstreaming Special education by level Special education at elementary level Special education at secondary level Special education in colleges and universities

39 PU Library Numbers to Remember (Special Education) Adult special education Students with linguistic disorders Students with speaking disorders Students with reading disorders Students with mobility impairments Students with mental disabilities Slow learners Students with mental retardation Students with emotional disturbances Gifted students Public support of special education National support of special education Public support of private special education

40 PU Library Numbers to Remember (Economics) 330 Economics Mathematical principles EconomicsDictionaries Historical, geographic, persons treatment of economics as a discipline Free enterprise economy Mixed economies Schools of economic thought 331 Labor economics 332 Financial economics 333 Economics of land and energy 334 Cooperatives 335 Socialism and related systems 336 Public finance 337 International economics 338 Production 339 Macroeconomics and related topics

41 PU Library Library and Information Science 020 Library and information sciences Permanent nongovernment organizations Education, research, related topics 021 Relationships of libraries, archives, information centers 022 Administration of the physical plant (site, building, stacks, equipment etc.) 023 Personnel administration (Positions: professional, technical etc.) 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers Technical processes Administration

42 PU Library Library and Information Science Acquisitions and collection development Bibliographic analysis and control Classification and shelflisting Dewey Decimal Classification Reference and information services Circulation services (interlibrary loan) Physical preparation for storage and use (binding, labeling, repair and restoration) Maintenance and preservation of collections 026 Libraries, archives, information centers devoted to specific subjects and disciplines 027 General libraries, archives, information centers 028 Reading and use of other information media (reviews)

43 PU Library Numbers to Remember (Mathematics) Mathematical principles (computer mathematics) 510 Mathematics (finite mathematics) CalculatorsMathematics 510.3MathematicsDictionaries, Encyclopedias 510.9MathematicsHistory 511 General principles of mathematics 512 Algebra, number theory 513 Arithmetic 514 Topology Analysis and topology Analysis and linear algebra Calculus and analytic geometry

44 PU Library Numbers to Remember (Mathematics) Calculus and trigonometry General aspects of analysis Properties of functions Differential calculus Integral calculus and equations Calculus of finite differences Operational calculus Functions of real variables 516 Geometry 519 Probabilities and applied mathematics Game theory Statistical mathematics

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