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Invitational YOU!

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1 Invitational YOU!
IAIE 2005 Invitational Education World Leadership Institute A Bridge to Success For Every Learner Round Table Sharing Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Secondary School Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to our sharing session-invitational leadership in you by CCHPWSS. While we are waiting, maybe you can spend a minute or so to fix the jigsaw puzzle on the table and tell me what messages you have got about our school……. Invitational YOU! Ms Lucy Poon (Principal)

2 Invitational Leadership
5Ps Policies Processes Places Invitational Leadership Excellent. Now we turn to today’s theme -- invitational leadership. We heard about this last year when we visited Kentucky and Atlanta in the States. We find the IE very inspiring and practicable. So when we came back, we worked together as a core group to find out more about the theory and practised it at our school, according to the 5Ps—places, people, policies, processes, and programs. Programs People

3 4 Basic Principles in Invitational Education
Trust Respect Besides the 5Ps, we believe in the four important elements of IE. We call it TRIO. T stands for Trust, R stands for Respect, I stands for intentionality, and O stands for Optimism. In order to be successful, we have to implement these four core elements within our school, especially working towards people, for people make the difference. As Dr. Betty Siegel says, ‘All children are able, valuable and responsible and should be treated accordingly.’ Intentionality Optimism

4 Three foundations of Invitational Leadership
Perceptual Tradition Understanding human behaviour Primary importance in how people see themselves, others and the world. Self-concept Awareness of our own personal existence. Building up self-motivation and internal integrity. Serving as a perceptual filter and guiding the direction of behaviour. We also believe in the three foundations of invitational leadership, as invented by Dr. Purkey and Dr. Siegel. The first is perceptual tradition. As you can see, in order to be successful in IE, we have to understand people’s behavior. This is of paramount importance. As we have to know how people see themselves, others and the world, in order to dig deep into the meaning of life. Second, we have to aware of ourselves, that is self-concept. We have to consistently build up our self-motivation and internal integrity in order to guide our behavior.

5 Three foundations of Invitational Leadership
Whispering Self Inner voice, soundless, inner speech Internal audibility influences what we do as leaders Invitational Leadership = Self-fulfilling prophecy Third is the whispering self. Telling us what to do and what not to do. Being inviting, we can find our lives fulfilling.

6 Going To CCHPWSS Hi, I’m Emily! Hello, I’m Ian!
Bearing all these in mind we try to practise IE theory in our school, i.e. walk the talk and not talk the talk. Let us guide you to CCHPWSS through the daily lives of our IE students, Ian and Emily. We’d like you to experience how the 5 Ps and TRIO are intertwined in our school to make it inviting for the people. Welcome to our school. We’ve just 5 years school history, so there’s a lot of room for development and advancement. Ian is in 2I and Emily is in 3E. In our school, we have IDEAL classes. What does it mean? Well, I stands for Intelligence, D stands for Diligence, E stands for Elegance, A stands for Appreciation, and L stands for Love. We hope all our students will practise all these virtues in their daily lives. Hi, I’m Emily! Hello, I’m Ian!

7 School Spirit Creativity Communication Harmony Perseverance Wisdom
Self-motivation Self-discipline Apart from the IDEAL virtues,we also try to cultivate our CCHPWSS spirit – that is C stands for Creativity, C stands for Communication, H stands for Harmony, P stands for Perseverance, W stands for Wisdom, S stands for Self-motivation and the final S stands for Self-discipline. And this school spirit has been practised since the opening of the school, that is 5 years ago, in the year 2000.

8 Welcome Back It’s so sweet! I’ve got a candy!
On the first day of school, they’re warmly welcomed by their peers. At the school gate, each of them received a candy. Both Emily and Ian feel very happy to be back at school after the summer vacation. I’ve got a candy!

9 As the school bell rings at 8 a.m.
As the school bell goes at 8 a.m., they line up at the playground for their morning assembly. Our Playground Let’s go and line up. G/F

10 Outdoor Stage for Shows & Performances
Morning Assembly Outdoor Stage for Shows & Performances During the morning assembly, we have various activities such as inspiring talks by teachers and students, and members of the family. We aim to promote trilingualism and therefore our assemblies are conducted in Cantonese, Mandarin and English at different days of the week. The outdoor stage is especially designed for students to act, play, sing and have fun. Performances include singing, dancing, brass band performance, and Halloween make-up competition.

11 School Lobby After the morning assembly, Ian and Emily go back to their classrooms. They will pass by a nicely-decorated school lobby. The display cupboard is for prizes and trophies won by members of the IE family after so much hard work and effort.

12 Wall Decorations with Subject Themes
Yearly Theme As they walk along the stairs and corridors, they can see many posters and banners with words of encouragement. They feel inspired and motivated to start their day. Wall Decorations with Subject Themes

13 Student Handbook & Temperature Reocord Card Morning Reading Scheme
The first 30 minutes is the morning reading period. Ian and Emily will have a choice between morning reading cards provided by the school and their own books. We aim at promoting life-long learning and continuous self-improvement for our young members of the family. I always enjoy the morning reading period. Reading allows me to improve myself.

14 1st lesson in the English Wonderland
Cozy and comfortable Ian’s first lesson is an English lesson. It takes place in the newly furnished English Wonderland. He enjoys the lesson very much because he can learn English in a cozy and warm environment. The Wonderland is also fitted with a plasma TV. Students can sit back and enjoy English programmes here.

15 Emily's 1st lesson - Visual Arts
2/F Emily's 1st lesson - Visual Arts Emily’s first lesson is the Visual Arts lesson. The art room is a place for our students to create their dreams. The door and other desk tops are all painted colourfully by students of different levels. I painted this table. I’m so proud of myself. Art Room

16 Recess Staff Room During recess, Ian goes to the Staff Room to see his class teacher while Emily goes to the general office to buy some exercise books. Ian, where are you going? I will go to the office to buy exercise books. I’m going to see my class teacher, Ms. Chan. See you during lunch time. Bye

17 Student Nurturing Room
向晴軒 Ms. Chan, I would like to have a meeting about the Life Wide Learning Day with you. Ian goes to see his class teacher to learn more about the Life-wide Learning Day to be held in December every year. This day camp is part of our leadership training programme set for all our students. Devoted teachers at CCHPWSS are willing to give advice to our students during lunch time or even after school. Life Wide Learning Day Sure! We can have lunch together at the Student Nurturing Room next Monday.

18 A Welcoming Reception Area
with Displays of Excellent Students' Achievements The general office is located on the 1st floor. The reception area has been renovated with glass cupboard displaying the awards and prizes that the students had won over the years. Most students will pass by this area daily. 1/F

19 Ian's 2nd lesson - Integrated Science Environmental Education Trail
In the second lesson, Ian’s teacher brings the class to the Environmental Education Trail. We have a pine tree garden, a desert corner and also horticulture facilities. As a green school, we try to make use of every corner in our school to plant trees and shrubs. Our yearly theme this year is “Greening Life to Show Glamour”

20 All the plants along the trail are taken care of by our environmental protection ambassadors. Parents are also invited to join in. I would like to be an environmental protection ambassador to take care of the plants with our classmates and parents.

21 Design and Technology Room
2/F Emily's 2nd Lesson in the Design and Technology Room Half of my class will have Design and Technology lesson and the rest will have Home Economics lesson in the Needlework Room on the 7th floor. Um…I can learn to use the Laser Engraving Machine to make my own clock and key chain…. Emily’s 2nd lesson is Design and Technology. She’s given the opportunity to design creatively in class. They enjoy the lesson very much and their productions are very creative.

22 Needle Work Room 7/F The Needlework Room on the 7th floor is a place for both boys and girls to extend their potentials beyond the text. Creative, charming and yet practical products include tissue box case, jeans, and blouses are made.

23 Ian's 3rd Lesson in the Library
The library has been re-furnished to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for our teachers and students.The tables and chairs are arranged in a Y-shape to facilitate students’ discussion. On the other side of the library is the Self-access Learning Centre. It is equipped with 44 computers to promote independent learning. The library is so big and comfortable. I can borrow books and search for information here. The self-accessed learning centre is where my friends and I hang out after class. 7/F

24 Emily's 3rd Lesson in Environmental Education Centre
Emily’s teacher brings her class to the Environmental Education Centre. In the centre, she can learn a lot about the endangered species by studying their specimens. She also has the chance to feed our school pet – a lizard. What is it? It looks so cute. Can I feed it?

25 Roof-top Garden I can have organic farming at the roof-top garden. Um…I can plant some flowers and give them to my mum on her birthday. Opposite to the Environmental Education Centre is our Roof-top Garden. Emily and her friends can come here to have a chat and they can also learn about organic farming.

26 Having Lunch in Canteen Daily Class Happy Lunch Hour
Emily, What do you have? I have chicken and carrot with rice. It’s so delicious! Having Lunch in Canteen Both Ian and Emily look forward to lunchtime. Today, Emily enjoys a Happy Lunch with her classmates and teachers. It’s a time of sharing and happiness for both students and teachers. Ian has a healthy lunch in the canteen. As a healthy school, the menu of the school lunch is designed by the nutritionist. I have pizza, pasta, salad and sandwiches with classmates in the classroom during Happy Lunch Hour. Daily Class Happy Lunch Hour

27 Cyberland E-kiosk See whether I have paid all the fees.
After lunch, Ian goes to the Cyberland to get online. He accesses to the school intranet from the e-kiosk. See whether I have paid all the fees.

28 Mathematics & Science Week Secondary 1 New Students Orientation Day
I.E. Sing-along There are so many activities during lunch time. Which one should I go? Language Week Ian likes to go to various activities during lunchtime. Meaningful and fun-filled activities according to different themes are held throughout the year. For example, language week, science week, moral and civic education week, etc. English Drama Secondary 1 New Students Orientation Day English Auction conducted by English Club

29 Ian's 4th lesson - Moral & Civic Education
Classroom Decoration The first lesson after lunch is the Moral and Civic Education lesson. Students are asked to decorate their classrooms to make them inviting. Everyone in the class has to be involved. This can uplift their class spirit and sense of belonging. We conduct per plant per student policy in order to cultivate a sense of caring and responsibility in class. Per Plant Per Student

30 Relaxing & Comfortable Medical Room
Get well soon!! Ian is not feeling well. He goes to the Medical Room to take a rest. Our Medical Room is nicely decorated, painted with beautiful ocean blue. It is hoped that students will have a speedy recovery in this warm and caring room. I am not feeling well today. I better go to the Medical Room.

31 Emily's 4th lesson - Moral & Civic Education
Emily’s 4th lesson is also a Moral and Civic Education lesson. Our school emphasizes on students’ whole-person development. Therefore, we provide them with ICAN lessons to learn how to build up their self-confidence and self-empowerment. We hope that these values will let them persevere through the difficult times in their lives. ICAN

32 Implementation of Whole School ICAN Curriculum
devised by Dr. Wong Chung Kwong The ICAN curriculum is devised by a famous professor and psychologist in Hong Kong. He is Dr. Wong Chung Kwong. I am also a member of the Management Committee of the Whole Person Education Foundation in Hong Kong. ICAN Sharing

33 Ian's 5th Lesson in the Lecture Theatre
Ian is looking forward to his 5th lesson. This is his very first time to go into the newly furnished lecture theatre. The lecture theatre is fully-furnished with more than 80 seats. It is a quiet and comfortable environment for students to have lectures and sharing together.

34 Emily attends the Ceremony of the Outstanding Students Award
4D Yu Shuk Yu Emily leaves school early today because she has to attend the Outstanding Students Award prize presentation ceremony. Two students in our school have received this award as a recognition of their achievements. Outstanding Students Award 2004 Outstanding Students Award 2005 4E Li Ka Ming

35 Students' Achievements
Family members of CCHPWSS have a lot of talents, both academic and non-academic, as you can see on the screen.

36 Assembly Respect Teachers' Day
Felicity, one of our IE core members will further explain the programmes we had in the past years involving the other 4 Ps. Every year, we have the Respect Teachers’ Day to show our respect and thankfulness to the teachers. It’s a wonderful experiences for the whole school – students, teachers and parents will join hands to create all these wonderful moments of life. Respect Teachers' Day

37 Mothers' Day S.5 Farewell Other assemblies include, Mothers’ Day and Form 5 students Farewell Party.

38 S.5 Graduation Ceremony Open Day 2005
Last year was our 5th Anniversary, we’re delighted to have invited Dr Nancy Law, Vice-President of the Education Faculty of the University of Hong Kong as the guest of honour at our Form 5 Graduation Ceremony. We also celebrate anniversaries. Last year was our fifth school anniversary and we held an Open Day. All members of our family celebrated joyfully with our guests and school managers.

39 After School Leadership Training
Thank you! I’m going to see Mr. Choi about Leadership training. We believe that members of this family sooner or later will become leaders of tomorrow. We promise to provide ample opportunities for them to sharpen their leadership skills to strive for excellence and serve our community. Emily Congratulations! What are you doing after school?

40 Volunteer Training Every member of our family is required to complete at least 10 hours of voluntary work every year. We believe that through voluntary work, members can develop important and essential values and virtues. Emily, it provides opportunities for us to communicate with other people and to learn how to solve problems we may encounter. Mr. Choi, Why volunteering work is part of leadership training?

41 Exchange Tour in Beijing Exchange Tour in Shanghai
In order to broaden the horizon, exchange tours are organized for students. In order to broaden our students’ horizon and understand the development in China, exchange tours to Beijing and Shanghai are organised. Exchange Tour in Shanghai

42 Continuous Professional Development
The Principal and all the teachers at CCHPWSS always attend seminars and tours to better equip themselves with the latest trends of development in education like the IE International Conference conducted this week in Hong Kong. Strive for excellence Serve the community

43 Shanghai Exchange Tour
Staff Development Shanghai Exchange Tour Teachers have many professional training throughout the year. They go to an overseas exchange tour at least once a year. We went to Shanghai last year. This year we went to Xian. Next year we will go to Singapore and the States together. Xian Exchange Tour

44 Teachers Commendation Ceremony
2005 Outstanding Life Education Teaching Plan Award 2005 Outstanding Teachers Commendation Ceremony Our efforts are recognised by the Education and Manpower Bureau of Hong Kong. Our teacher members have received various awards and prizes in recognition of their outstanding performances. In July this year, we have just won the Outstanding Life Education Teaching Plan Award.

45 The Hong Kong Heathly Schools Award Scheme Bronze Award
This year, the whole family of CCHPWSS is being awarded the Caring School Award 2005. We also won the Bronze Award in the Hong Kong Healthy Schools Award Scheme this year. Caring School Award 2005

46 Sharing with Parents We outreach our parents and include them as members of our family through the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association). We share our fun and joy of being together, working together and celebrating together.

47 I. E. PAPA / MAMA I. E. OCTOPUS I. E. ANGELS Mentor & Mentee
Everyone matters and everyone in our big family is treated with respect and trust. We are optimistic about our future and we intend to make our family a warm, lovely, comfortable and fun-filled place for every member to grow healthily day by day. Mentor & Mentee

48 Cultivating a Harmonious School Culture
CCHPWSS is one big, harmonious and caring family.

49 We Love CCHPWSS We all love CCHPWSS. Invitational leadership lies not just within the hearts of the principal, and the teachers, but also within the hearts of our students and parents. We would like to include you all in our inviting family. We are both leaders and learners at the same time. Sometimes we lead, sometimes we learn. Next time, when you come to Hong Kong, remember to visit our school. You are most welcome. Let’s all celebrate by singing together the Disney theme Park song –It’s a Small World, Yes I CAN and finally Bridge Over Troubled Water, and I regard the last song Bridge Over Troubled Water as the theme song of the 2005 Invitational Education World Leadership Institute. Let’s hold hands as we sing.

50 It’s a Small World

51 It's a small world It's a world of hopes and a world of fears.
It's a world of laughter, a world of tears. It's a world of hopes and a world of fears. There's much that we share, There's time that we're aware, It's a small world after all. It's a small world after all, It's a small, small world.

52 Yes I can

53 Yes, I can If you think you’re outclassed you are.
You’ve got to think high to rise. You’ve got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win a prize. Battles of life don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the person who wins is the one who thinks he can. Yes I can, you can, we can.

54 Bridge Over Troubled Water

55 Bridge Over Troubled Water
When you're weary, feeling small When tears are in your eyes, I'll dry them all...all... I'm on your side, oh, when times get rough And friends just can't be found Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down

56 Bridge Over Troubled Water
When you're down and out When you're on the street When evening falls so hard I will comfort you (ooh) I'll take your part, oh, when darkness comes And pain is all around Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down

57 Bridge Over Troubled Water
Sail on silver girl Sail on by Your time has come to shine All your dreams are on their way See how they shine Oh, if you need a friend I'm sailing right behind Like a bridge over troubled water I will ease your mind

58 Thank you very much!! Thank you!

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