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F riendly J eopardy! Rules of Play Players are to be grouped into teams. Answers are revealed on the game board which shows categories and possible points.

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2 F riendly J eopardy!

3 Rules of Play Players are to be grouped into teams. Answers are revealed on the game board which shows categories and possible points to win or lose for each answer to be picked. A query must be provided for each revealed answer. The team with the last correct query picks the next answer. The answers must be stated as a query. Any person on a team may provide the answer/query, but the first person to raise their hand must answer for the team. An incorrect answer will result in points being deducted. The moderator has sole discretion regarding who gets to provide the query, the time limit for answering and to the acceptability of an answer. The object of the game is not necessarily to win but to have fun learning about the Religious Society of Friends.


5 Doubly F riendly J eopardy!


7 Triple Dog Dare F riendly J eopardy!


9 Final F riendly J eopardy!

10 Inspired Inventions

11 This product was inspired by an Englishman who became a doctor (and then pioneered sterile surgery) because other educational pursuits were unavailable to 19 th Century Quakers.

12 What is Listerine?

13 F riendly J eopardy!

14 Founded in 1837, this school became Guilford College, the first co-educational college in the South (and the third oldest co-educational institution in the nation).

15 What is New Garden Boarding School?

16 This school of religion takes its name from the family estate of English "Orthodox" Quaker Joseph John Gurney.

17 What is the Earlham School of Religion?

18 The Clintons and Obamas both enrolled their children at this Washington, DC school.

19 What is Sidwell Friends School?

20 Created by a bequest from a wealthy Friend and its namesake, this Baltimore university is renowned for its medical school.

21 What is Johns Hopkins University?

22 This school has been educating Palestinian children for over 100 years.

23 What is Ramallah Friends School?

24 This classic movie was set in 1860s Indiana and starred Gary Cooper as Jess Birdwell and Anthony Perkins as his conflicted son.


26 What is Friendly Persuasion?

27 Known as the Dame of English Actresses, She won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I in Shakespeare in Love …Ms the word…


29 Who is Judi Dench?

30 Grace Kelly played Gary Coopers Quaker wife in this classic Western. …Its about time…


32 What is High Noon?

33 This classic book and movie has several Friendly characters. One of them is the namesake for Starbucks Coffee. By the way, Id like a venti white chocolate mocha half-caff skinny.


35 What is Moby Dick?

36 Even the Duke gets in on the act in this Friendly-themed movie. Of course, its a Western. How about it, Pilgrim? (whoops! I mean Quaker?)


38 What is Angel and the Badman?

39 This cereal company's "Popeye, the Quaker Man" was not favorably viewed by Friends.

40 What is Quaker Oats?

41 Quaker State is a brand of motor oil that is obviously tied to Friends. This is another one.

42 What is Pennzoil?

43 Their factory was a Quaker experiment in social equality for employees. …and makes delicious eggs!

44 What is Cadbury Chocolate?

45 He wrote "The Apology" in 1675, but his family's bank is one of the world's largest today.

46 Who is (Robert) Barclay?

47 Quaker pharmacist Charles E. Hires invented this beverage as a substitute for its alcoholic namesake.

48 What is Root Beer?

49 Known for his "shaggy locks" and "leather breeches (he was apprenticed to a leather maker in his youth), he is credited as the founder of the Religious Society of Friends.

50 Who is George Fox?

51 As a boy, this pioneer's Quaker family moved from his Pennsylvania birthplace to the Yadkin River valley of NC. A nearby city honors him with its name.

52 Who was Daniel Boone?

53 His father's reward for defeating the Dutch Navy became the "Quaker State".

54 Who was William Penn?

55 Born into Centre Meeting, this father of broadcast journalism recalled his mother often saying "This I believe".

56 Who was Edward R. Murrow?


58 This much beloved NC Friend and apple orchard owner authored the UN Treaty of the High Seas… The US is the only nation that has refused to sign it.

59 Who was Sam Levering?


61 He witnessed a coffle of slaves being "conducted" past his home and dedicated his life to fighting slavery, as the President of the Underground Railroad.

62 Who was Levi Coffin?


64 The Revolutionary Wars fighting Quaker, he was Washington's second in command and most trusted subordinate. His armys 1781 loss set the stage for the British surrender at Yorktown.

65 Who was Nathanael Greene?


67 The sister of Joseph John Gurney, she is the mother of English prison reform.

68 Who was Elizabeth Fry?

69 Elizabeth Fry visiting Londons Newgate Prison

70 Abolitionist, reformist, pioneer of womens rights, Levi Coffin was her cousin and fellow crusader.

71 Who was Lucretia Mott?

72 Statue of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Lucretia Mott in the US Capital

73 Written in 1895, this book recorded the oral history of Friends who suffered for their peace testimonies, at the hands of the Confederacy, during the Civil War.

74 What is Southern Heroes?

75 May we look upon our Treasures, and the furniture of our Houses, and the Garments in which we array ourselves, and try whether the seeds of war have any nourishment in these possessions or not.

76 Who was John Woolman?

77 "Walk cheerfully over the earth, answering that of God in everyone

78 Who was George Fox?

79 True godliness doesn't turn men out of the world but enables them to live better in it and excites their endeavours to mend it.

80 Who was William Penn?

81 "I may be out of the King's protection, but I am never outside of God's!

82 Who was Margaret Fell Fox?

83 Established in 1950, this NC place is beloved by thousands who have spent summers there.

84 What is QLC or Quaker Lake Camp?

85 Fee Fi Fo FUM… Hey, what about FGC?

86 What is Friends United Meeting and Friends General Conference?

87 In battlefield and village, hospital and school, the symbol of this organization has been observed around the world, since 1917.


89 What is AFSC or the American Friends Service Committee?

90 Founded in 1943, this organization is the largest team of registered Peace lobbyists in Washington, DC.

91 What is FCNL or the Friends Committee on National Legislation?

92 From Burundi to Bolivia, Lebanon to Latvia, and Nepal to North Carolina; liberal to evangelical, traditional to fundamentalist, this is the only Friends organization that is common to all Quakers.

93 What is FWCC or Friends World Committee on Consultation?


95 What is FCNL or the Friends Committee on National Legislation?

96 Let women then go on -- not asking favors, but claiming as a right the removal of all hindrances to her elevation in the scale of being -- let her receive encouragement for the proper cultivation of all her powers, so that she may enter profitably into the active business of life... Then in the marriage union, the independence of the husband and wife will be equal, their dependence mutual, and their obligations reciprocal.

97 Who was Lucretia Mott?

98 He was the artist of this series of paintings... Wasn't his cousin also a famous Quaker?


100 Who was Edward Hicks?

101 This Rock-n-Roll hall of famer has also won 8 Grammy awards…now thats something to talk about!


103 Who is Bonnie Raitt?

104 Her book Silent Spring is widely credited with launching the modern environmentalist movement. A national estuarine sanctuary, located in NC is now named for her.

105 Who was Rachel Carson?


107 A Pulitzer Prize-winning author, some of his sagas include "Centennial", "Chesapeake" and "Tales of the South Pacific.

108 Who was James Michener?


110 This folk singer was one of the headliners at Woodstock and has been leader in the Peace Movement since the 1960s.


112 Who is Joan Baez?

113 This is the year by which the Society marks its beginning.

114 What is 1652?

115 The Quakers have shown us that it is possible to carry into action something which is deeply rooted in the minds of many; Sympathy with others; the desire to help others; that significant expression of sympathy between men, without regard to nationality or race; feelings which, when carried into deeds, must provide the foundation of a lasting peace. For this reason they are today worthy of receiving Nobel's Peace Prize.

116 What is 1947?

117 North Carolina Yearly Meeting (then, there was only one NCYM!) held its first session in this year.

118 What is 1697?

119 The Daily Double!

120 While Friends are believed to have been meeting at the spring nearly two decades earlier, the Meeting was officially recognized in this year.

121 What is 1773?

122 The governor of NC and the State Council were held hostages in Springs meeting house during the bloody Battle of Lindleys Mill in this year.

123 What is 1781?

124 The battle left over 250 dead and wounded soldiers for the meeting to care for, with many buried in a mass grave in Springs burial ground.

125 A Quaker who is heavy with regard to respectability?

126 What is a Weighty Friend?

127 Daily Double!

128 Prayerful discernment or persuasion that gives birth to following Gods will…

129 What is to labor?

130 To be disciplined or lectured tobut not necessarily by an older Friend.

131 What is to be Eldered?

132 Its not a geometric term, but the task of preparing oneself for worship.

133 What is to center?

134 Most Friends dont believe in the rather passive process of Conversion and instead, practice this more active process.

135 What is Convincement?

136 Upon reaching its summit (with much ado), George Fox envisioned a people to be gathered (but no witches!)

137 What is Pendle Hill?


139 Margaret Fell Foxs estate, the hub of early Quakerism, also has a Quaker college of the same name.

140 What is Swarthmoor Hall?


142 This country claims the largest concentration of members of the Religious Society of Friends.

143 What is Kenya?

144 Liberal Quaker leader Elias Hicks was from this yearly meeting.

145 What is New York?

146 They are three of the five American colonies which were, at one time, all governed by Quakers.

147 What are North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Rhode Island ?

148 H _ l _ _n _ h _ _ _ g _ _

149 What is Hold in the Light?

150 _ t _ l l _ m _ l l _ _ _ c _

151 What is Still small Voice?

152 S _ _ _ k T _ _ t h t _ _ _ w _ r

153 What is Speak Truth to power?

154 S _ _ s _ _ f t _ _ _ _ _ t_ _ g

155 What is Sense of the meeting?

156 W_ _ w_ _ _ _ p _ n

157 What is Way will open?

158 One of his many quotes from Leaves of Grass was O Captain, my Captain!.

159 Who was Walt Whitman?

160 His masterpiece, Last of the Mohicans, was set in the French and Indian War.

161 Who was James Fennimore Cooper?

162 This Talking Head has received, Academy Awards, Grammy Awards and Golden Globe Awards, but may be best known for his 1980s classics Burning Down the House, And She Was and Once in a Lifetime.

163 Who is David Byrne?

164 This iconic folk singer has also been a mainstay of the peace movement. Where have all the flowers gone?

165 Who is Pete Seeger?

166 In 1652, George Fox spoke to about 1000 seekers on this spot, which came to be known as Foxs Pulpit.


168 What is Firbank Fell?


170 This contemporary band leader left his native South Africa when a teen to evade military service.


172 Who is Dave Matthews?

173 Im not a crook

174 Who was Richard Nixon?

175 Raised a Friend, he became a rebel without a cause.

176 Who was James Dean?


178 His best known film role is probably as Mahatma Gandhi.

179 Who is Ben Kingsley?

180 In 1660, she was hung in Boston Common.


182 Who was Mary Dyer?

183 Her aim was to tour with Buffalo Bill.

184 Who was Annie Oakley?


186 Born and raised at New Garden, she rescued Gilbert Stuarts Portrait of George Washington just before the British burned down the White House.


188 Who was Dolley Payne Todd Madison?

189 He was the keynote speaker at the Friends General Conference Annual Gathering of 1958.

190 Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?

191 Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara confided that this persons November 1965 act of protest against the Vietnam War, on the steps of the Pentagon, was the saddest day of his career.

192 Who was Norman Morrison?

193 Among other faiths, he tried the Society of Friends briefly but eventually started his own ill-fated church, in the end drinking the kool-aid.

194 Who was Jim Jones?

195 Due to their collective ancestry, this President and his staff were referred to, often derisively, as the Quaker Cabinet.

196 Who was Abraham Lincoln?

197 Quaker Cabinet Photo

198 Now a museum, this Jamestown, NC home & farm was a station on the Underground Railroad.


200 What is the Mendenhall Plantation?

201 This 19 th Century Englishman is remembered as one of the greatest orators to ever sit in Parliament.


203 Who was John Bright

204 The Daily Double!

205 Upon his return to England to join Parliament, this former 17 th Century governor of the Carolina colonies was refused admission because of his scruples against taking an oath of office.

206 Who was John Archdale?

207 This Public Enemy #1 was raised a Friend but was eventually hunted down and killed by FBI agents.

208 Who was John Dillinger

209 This Friend is a current, upcoming folk singer.


211 Who is Carrie Newcomer?

212 This Arthur Miller play was loosely based on the Puritans enmity for Quakers in 17 th Century Massachusetts.

213 What is The Crucible?

214 Writing (among other things): I believed that the doctrine and the history of such extra-ordinary people were worthy of curiosity, this French philosopher wrote admiring commentaries about Friends.

215 Who was Voltaire?

216 Known by this definitive name, Pioneer Industrial Revolutionist Andrew Darby built it as the first of its kind in both England and in the world. The 1781 structure still stands today.



219 What is Ironbridge?

220 He was kidnapped tragically and murdered in Baghdad while serving as a Christian Peacemaker in 2006.


222 Who was Tom Fox?

223 The father was the Father of American Botany while the sons explored and documented much of what is known about 18 th Century native and natural NC and America. Their Travels and drawings are still studied today.


225 Who were the Bartrams? (John Sr., John Jr., and William)

226 Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

227 Who was John Greenleaf Whittier?

228 When he arrived in Philadelphia for the very first time, he got off his ship and curiously followed the street crowd into a plain looking building and like them sat, mysteriously, in silence.

229 Who was Benjamin Franklin?

230 These Philadelphia merchant brothers (and friends of John Woolman) were imprisoned for refusing to sell goods to the Continental Army. Later, their descendant surrendered the Confederate Army after the siege of Vicksburg.

231 Who were James and Israel Pemberton?

232 Many descendants of Friends who lived on this New England island (The Nixons, Starbucks, Coffins, Worths, Gardners, Macys, etc.) emigrated to NC, leaving their whaling livelihood behind.

233 What is Nantucket?

234 Raised at Centre Meeting, he left to study Law, becoming NCs first post Civil War Governor.

235 Who was Jonathan Worth?

236 This husband and wife both practiced medicine. Opening their farm in the Centre Meeting community to tend to resident patients, they essentially became the first regular hospital in NC.

237 Who were David and Eunice Gardner Worth?

238 Guilford County Native William Sydney Porter was better known by this alias.

239 Who was O. Henry?

240 A former Communist, he became a convinced Friend in 1941 and later accused Alger Hiss of having been one, too, using the infamous Pumpkin Papers to prove the point.

241 Who was Whitaker Chambers?

242 Early 20 th Century Diplomat and Intellectual, this Friend is honored on Japans 5000 Yen ($50) Bill.


244 Who was Nitobe Inazo?




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