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The gateway to Norway – June 2007 © Photo by: Gil Shmueli Music: The Shadows

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2 The gateway to Norway – June 2007

3 © Photo by: Gil Shmueli Music: The Shadows

4 Our hotel and the sleeping gear

5 The morning view of Losjoen river at Rena


7 The morning view of Losjoen river

8 Roros - The preserved town by UNESCO

9 Roros - preserved town ; old and new - side by side

10 The morning view of Storfjorden

11 The king of the forests

12 The traditional roof from mud, wood and straw


14 The Norwegian fisherWOmen on a Sunday trip

15 The Ski school at summer time

16 The Ski site at summer time

17 The running water – on the way to waterfalls

18 The lovely town of Alesund, on a beach of Atlantic Ocean


20 The masters of disasters for sculpture heads

21 The Traffic sign – warning you about trolls

22 The Trollstigen – the troll ladder


24 The road to Valldal on Trollstigen – Cold!!!

25 So, this night we spent the night at a mountain cabin

26 Warm and colorful houses on the road to Sylte

27 The view of NordallsFjorden

28 The Arctic gull flying on a rainy day - GeirangerFjorden

29 The seven sisters waterfall – GeirangerFjorden

30 Geiranger town and tour ships – GeirangerFjorden

31 Stave church at town Lom – Stavkyrkje

32 The view of countryside with river in the middle

33 White flowers among thorny bushes

34 All the rivers flowing to sea at FiaerlandsFjorden

35 The tongue of valley glacier – Briksdal

36 Rain at the valley lake - glacier of Briksdal

37 The challenging climb to - Nigardsbreen glacier

38 The deep color of ice at Nigardsbreen glacier

39 Melting ice – creating waterfall channels

40 Small village at the foot of the mountain - SogeneFjorden

41 Land Isolated, agricultural farm - AurlandsFjorden

42 The view from mountain train from Flam to Myrdal

43 The color of nature

44 Long Shutter exposure, gives us the milky water – 1/5 second

45 Narrow bridge. One route only – Bridge at Fykse

46 Crowded roofs, old town at Bergen – Gamle Bergen

47 Top view, old town of Bergen – with Norwegian flag

48 The beauty of Bergen streets – road to Ulriken mountain

49 Fish market of Bergen – Fisk Torget, with fresh whale meat

50 Old wood houses of German traders – Bryggen Quarter

51 The taste of coffee is much better at nature rest stops

52 Tourists cruise ferry at HardangerFjorden

53 Stream Nest – Osa, herbal garden pool, made of 3,000 logs and 22,000 bricks


55 Waterfall in tourist road Hardanger, Willy Haraldsen

56 Living next to paradise – JosenFjorden


58 Beauty preparations to impress the female

59 Wake up in the morning to courting dance of swans

60 My best friend (spouse) in the joys of life – watching from the cliff

61 And this is the landscape she is seeing – Lysefjorden

62 The rock at Kjer 818 m above the Lysefjorden – Kjeragbolten

63 Mind cleaning and deep meditation over the cliffs – Lysefjord

64 God dispersed the clouds. 40 km of clear view – Lysefjorden

65 The erect cliff 604m Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) – Lysefjorden


67 Reflections at the mountain lake

68 Stave church at Heddal – Stavkyrkje

69 Crystal palace at the ski museum – Oslo.

70 Lovers watching sunset at OsloFjorden

71 Midnight sun, colorful sunset at OsloFjorden

72 Lift-off of jet airplane from Oslo airport into sunset sky

73 Norwegian kids in Oslo – 2 nursery ies on 7 kindergartners


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