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Lesson 2: How Does Your Garden Grow? The Future of Farming.

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1 Lesson 2: How Does Your Garden Grow? The Future of Farming

2 Current Trend in Farming Simple Farming – School gardens Steps for planting a garden

3 Use of Produce – School Gardens Taught in Science Classes School Meals Youth-led Farmers Markets Produce home to families Senior exchange Cooking classes

4 Community Support - School Gardens Support from the community is critical. Denver Urban Gardens can help with planting. Teachers and staff are involved. Residents and families help support it.

5 Community Gardens Piece of land owned and shared by the community Plant fruits, vegetables and flowers Urban, suburban or rural Individual or community-owned plots CSAs are becoming popular

6 Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) A way for consumers to buy direct from a farmer. – Farmer offers a number of shares to the public. – Consumers purchase shares in exchange for receiving produce.

7 Urban Farms Found in Cities Similar to a CSA, but also may have animals (e.g. chicken coop) May have fruit orchards May have a stand for selling foods from the farm

8 How many of you have visited a farmers market? What did you find there?

9 Farmers Markets Colorado and in the U.S. Outdoor market where farmers can sell their stuff Mostly local foods Farmers will have a booth or table May sell other products May have food trucks Sampling is encouraged!

10 Truck Farm Urban way to farm when you dont have land. Mini-Farm Seeds planted in pick-up truck.

11 Student Projects Project 1: Deconstruct my snack – Teacher will distribute worksheets – Students will complete the pre- write question Project 2: Journaling – Complete journaling for week 2 – Turn in notebook

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