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Plantain, banana and pineapple tissue culture

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1 Plantain, banana and pineapple tissue culture
Biochemical Products Ghana Ltd Ningo Prampram Road, New Ningo, Dangme West District, Greater Accra, GHANA, West Africa

2 We are located off the Prampram New Ningo road opposite the Tä lagoon, New Ningo, Greater Accra Region, Ghana, West Africa.

3 Biochemical Products Ghana Ltd Ningo biotechnology centre, Dangme West District, Ghana, West Africa

4 The plantain and banana “mother garden”

5 The starter material The “explant”

6 Preparing explant for initiation

7 Surface sterilization

8 Surface sterilizing the explant

9 Explant transferred into growth medium

10 In the controlled environment (growth) room

11 Successive transfers in the laminar flow cabinet

12 Plantlet multiplication and rooting

13 Screen house for acclimatization and nursery to field readiness

14 De-flasking and first stage transplant for acclimatization

15 Acclimatization chamber

16 Acclimatized plantlets in seedling trays ready for sale of transplant into soil bags

17 Field ready in soil bags

18 Field ready plants in nursery

19 Reduced time to fruit formation

20 Advantages of tissue culture plants
Suckers produced are Identical in character to parent stock Disease free: no virus, nematode, fungus etc Year round lab production of suckers for year round field planting Reduced time to maturity e.g. apem hemaa flowers in 8 months Large numbers of suckers for planned plantation development

21 To order For large scale, call us to plan your crop.
Better to plant throughout the year Mono crop requires 1,800 suckers per hectare Remember, initiation to field readiness takes six months

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