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TOP TASTE A new dimension, enjoy the eating of grapes & stone fruit.

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1 TOP TASTE A new dimension, enjoy the eating of grapes & stone fruit.

2 LOCATION TOP TASTE The farms of Frutas Esther are located in La Vega Alta del Río Segura in the Region of Murcia, with a very specific climate, almost like a desert; with calcareus and low nitrogened soils. All these conditions are perfect for the production of high quality and tasty fruit.

3 Criterious to be a Top Taste Authentic flavour Intensive colour Presentation

4 1. The field: The preparation of the Top Taste line needs a specific and differentiated labour, specifically during the: pruning thinning irrigation harvesting

5 The pruning: Making a more exhaustive pruning, leaving less mixed branches each tree Creating an open form, to assure a higher lightness to the fruit.

6 Thinning: The objective is obtain more flavour by making the thinning in 3 different stages (this damages less to the trees), and reducing yields: Flowers Buds Fruits

7 Irrigation: Top Taste uses a more controlled, differentiated and especially dynamic fertirrigation system. These sensors avoid the waste of the water and fertilizers, resulting in the optimization of these resources, and Make specific modifications in the fertirrigation (real adjust to the water demand of the tree). We arrange this by the use of sensors (dendometers). These sensors are strategically located in the fields, measuring continuously the hydric needs of the plant, avoiding its hydric stress in every moment, nor the excess neither the lack of water. Twin drop lines

8 Harvesting: To guarantee an optimal condition Top Taste, the fruit also needs a differentiated picking process. Tree ripe fruit Double picking frequency Smaller picking boxes

9 2. Packaging: Once finished the ripening in the farm, Top Taste receives a special treatment in the packing house : Higher Selection Better Presentation Priority in the packing and cooling processes, to avoid degradation of organoleptical properties. Handy Packaging

10 3. Distribution: One of the main goals of the modern distribution is to satisfy the customer, the consumer. Top Taste concept helps to achieve this and also create the opportunity to : Differenciate Improve the imagen of the fruit shop Consumer loyalty

11 4. Consumer: Top Taste using, the best varieties, a new way of growing and a special presentation, offers to the XXI century consumer, a product: Tasty Healthy Selected

12 5. Product range: Peaches, white and yellow flesh Nectarines, white and yellow flesh Donut Peaches and Nectarines Apricots Plums Grapes

13 Frutas Esther certifications: Global Gap Natures Choice Integrated Production IFS BRC Certified Traceability

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