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Metro Atlanta Regional Transportation Referendum Fundraising Overview.

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1 Metro Atlanta Regional Transportation Referendum Fundraising Overview

2 HB 277 passed in April, 2010 July 31, 2012 election, simple majority 10-year, 1 penny sales tax Georgia divided into 12 regions; regions vote separately Effort in metro Atlanta managed by MAVEN/CTM Other 11 regions managed by GA Chamber of Commerce Metro-Atlanta 10-county region will generate $7.2 billion over 10 years 52% Transit 48% Roads, interchanges, bike/ped, aviation

3 May 2011 benchmark poll: majority of voters unaware or undecided; balance favor the tax, by small margin. Overwhelming majority of Atlanta voters agree traffic congestion is a serious problem, and if un-addressed, we will lose jobs, economy will suffer. Large majority of voters plan their day to avoid congestion. 200,000+ citizens participated in outreach efforts to develop the 157-project list. Consensus among Governor, Speaker, Mayor Reed, majority of local elected leaders, biz community, 100+ org. coalition

4 501 (c)(3) MAVEN$2.0 million budget Neutral, non-partisan education, research, etc. No limit on contributions Generally tax-deductible 501 (c)(4) CTM$6.8 million budget Vote Yes activities, persuasion and advocacy No limit on contributions Not tax-deductible Subject to state campaign disclosure requirements

5 MAVEN Donors$2.0m of $2.0m committed Community Improvement Districts (BIDs) Corporate and family foundations, universities Individuals CTM Donors $4.2m of $6.8m committed Public and private companies Associations, membership & industry organizations Individuals

6 Major targets: companies who get it (engineering, consulting, construction, real estate, banking, technology, supply chain/logistics, etc.) Finance Committee: peer-to-peer asks, targeting, triangulation Geometry is important: associations, targeting within industries, special events, connectivity, etc. Seth Godin, author of TRIBES: best donors are the ones engaged in working toward the mission of the enterprise

7 Signature gifts-Set the bar high Special events- Create deadlines Fill up the room- Use peer pressure to your benefit Start at the top- The $ get smaller as you go down Dont ask for nos- Get the right person to ask Dont get snoozed- Be persistent Water the flowers- Turn your donors into askers

8 Win. The ultimate currency of your campaign is VOTES, not dollars. Use the fundraising effort to secure VOTES, not just dollars. (sell shares)




12 Transform Metro Atlanta

13 Dave Williams VP Transportation, Metro Atlanta Chamber

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