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Specialty Glitter Sprays. Glitter is Everywhere.

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1 Specialty Glitter Sprays


3 Glitter is Everywhere

4 Why Glitter? An opportunity to grow our set

5 Why Glitter? Popular in the crafting community Holiday season opportunity

6 Why Glitter? Our competitors have a variety of Glitter options for consumers Perfect for holiday greenery, wedding centerpieces, ornaments, room decor, scrapbook pages, cards and kids crafts

7 Glitter High intensity glitter formula for a multi-dimensional effect Ideal for home décor and craft projects Use on metal, wood, wicker, glass, ceramic pottery, Styrofoam, paper and more Non-clogging, high quality formula Skus: Silver, Gold, Red, Clear Size: SSPR in 10.25 oz fill MSRP: $6.99 Timing: late July 2012 Status: Production mid-June

8 Crafters will be enticed by Rust-Oleums latest offering

9 Consumer Needs and Trends: Non Clogging Formula Non-Clogging Formula: The #1 complaint regarding Glitter is clogging. Its extremely important that our Glitter paint provides a positive, non- clogging spray experience.

10 Comments about Krylon I purchased the Starry Night color, which was suppose to give me a coating of dark grey with glitter. Instead, I only got clear propellant or adhesive with a bit of glitter. My project was ruined and I didn't have time for another option. I can't believe that Krylon let this product go to market. How am I suppose to trust their products in the future? Cans of paint are too expensive to waste money on if they're not going to work, By Fooish WARNING! DOES NOT WORK WELL!! Glitter coverage is ok but the spout gets jammed and continues spraying the clear glue/adhesive even when your finger is off the trigger. wastes all the propellant and adhesive! drips clear adhesive everywhere! only got 1 coat out of the can even though it still feels half full! -, By Leslie Atcheson, (Pittsburgh, PA USA)

11 Consumer Needs and Trends: Excellent Coverage

12 Glitter Competitive Set ProductFill SizeRetailsDistributionFeatures 5.75 oz $7.99-$8.99Joann, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart Colors Available: 12 Clear Top Coat: 1 Adheres well to most surfaces, even plastic Formulated to provide full coverage and a truly 3-dimensional look Safe for use on Styrofoam Acid-free for scrapbooking Clear Top Coat available * High tendency to clog and Glitter flakes will rub off, which is messy 4 oz $4.99-$6.99Joann, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart Colors Available: 5 Easy to use Non-clogging Fast drying Adheres to: Wood, Metal, Wicker, Plastic, Glass, Craft Foam, Plaster, Ceramic, Fabric, Paper, Paper Mache. * Light Glitter look, multiple coats are required. High price point for a small fill size 5.5 oz $6.49-6.99Joann and Michaels Colors Available: 7 Quick-drying and non-clogging Use on a variety of surfaces Safe on fresh flowers Easy soap and water clean-up Can be used on washable fabrics Acid-free * Designed for light applications such as floral arrangements Krylon Glitter Blast Krylon Glitter Design Masters Glitter

13 Glitter Spray Paint Strategy Non-clogging glitter formula Excellent coverage 3D look Adhere to many surfaces used in the craft market Plastic Metal Wood Wicker Glass Ceramic Pottery Styrofoam Paper

14 Glitter Branding Specialty Brand In-store placement Building a new category

15 Social Media Explosion

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