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2011 Report to the Community.

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1 2011 Report to the Community

2 2011 Financial Information
Dear Board of Trustees, I conducted my audit in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America and standards applicable to financial audits contained in Government Auditing Standards, issued by the Comptroller General of the United States of America. In my opinion, the financial statements present fairly, in all materials, the financial position of Northwest New Jersey Community Action Partnership as of August 31, Lawrence Belcher, Jr. Certified Public Accountant Source of Revenue $43,108,116 Expenses $43,108,116 State of New Jersey $1,367,199 Direct Client Services $17,486,848 Child Care Vouchers $5,572,197 WIC Vouchers $3,464,770 Federal $14,687,480 509,921 Child Care Vouchers $5,572,197 WIC Vouchers $3,464,770 United Way & Private $2,178,487 LIHEAP Vouchers $14,746,436 Local Government $1,091,547 Administration $1,837,865 LIHEAP Vouchers $14,746,436 2011 Financial Information

3 The Board NORWESCAP BOARD END STATEMENT 2011 Board Members*
James Buehler Allison Conley Tom Fitzgerald, Vice Chair/Secretary Sandy Friedman Mary Ellen Kline Ken Knipmeyer Dawn Marie Kondas, Treasurer Richard Kuhrt Loren Lemelle, Deputy Treasurer Jan McDyer Marty Miller Kay Reiss, Board Chair Bea Rush NORWESCAP BOARD END STATEMENT NORWESCAP’s mission is to improve the lives of low income individuals and families in need in northwest New Jersey primarily by offering, referring or collaborating with others to provide programs and education which help foster self-sufficiency in the following domains: Economic and Employment Building, Nutrition and Healthy Living, Child and Family Development and Housing. We will also provide community services in: Information and Outreach, Volunteer Services and Emergency Services. NORWESCAP will strive to measure our progress through self-sufficiency scales driving by defined outcomes. NORWESCAP will ultimately try to see that families have self-sufficiency across domains, seeking to strengthen the family as a whole by looking across all of a family’s needs. As an organization, we will invest our funding and management time in the highest value projects or agency improvements that can best help families and individuals reach self-sufficiency and strengthen our communities. Executive Leadership Terry Newhard, Executive Director Lynn Snyder, Chief Fiscal Officer Georjean Trinkle, Associate Director Patrick Grogan, Associate Director Maritza Baakman, Executive Secretary *as of December 2011

4 Child and Family Development
SERVICE BUDGET COUNTY PEOPLE OUTCOME CHILD CARE RESOURCE AND REFERRAL $831,690 Hunterdon Sussex Warren 27,728 Individuals 1,686 Parents had improved access to child care services; 3,915 child care professionals/parents/teens trained; 21,127 child care technical assistance calls/visits were performed; 16,156 licensed center slots were maintained; 9,175 First Books were distributed. CHILD CARE VOUCHER PROGRAMS $4,509,347 3,470 Child care subsidy was provided to 1,112 families with 1,988 children to increase the adult’s ability to attend work, training or education. While their children are in safe nurturing, educational environment. EARLY HEAD START $2,293,786 Morris 259 individuals 97% of enrolled three year olds mastered 4 out of 5 preschool readiness skills; 90% of families achieved one or more family goal. FAMILY CHILD CARE $261,050 316 Developed 115 new child care slots in family child care homes and maintained 450 child care slots; 138 family child care home based businesses approved that meet State registration requirements. FAMILY SUCCESS CENTER OF PHILLIPSBURG $200,000 2,954 983 unduplicated families received case management services; 190 families reduced barriers to accessing health care; 430 linkages to other human service agencies were made; and 800 children received holiday toys. FIRST STEPS CENTRAL & FIRST STEPS NORTHERN $79,240 1,084 1,084 child care professionals increased their education in the area of infant and toddler care. HEAD START $3,683,702 335 91% of transitioning preschoolers mastered kindergarten readiness skills; 100% of identified health needs were addressed and 90% of enrolled families achieved one or more family goals. HOME VISITATION/ HEALTHY FAMILIES/TANF INITIATIVE FOR PARENTS (TIP) $259,803 194 10 babies born into the program were born healthy; 11 families graduated from the program after three years; 6 individuals obtained full time jobs; 3 individuals completed training programs; 2 returned to school.

EMERGENCY BASIC NEEDS $40,000 Warren 98 households Provided at-risk households with crisis intervention and emergency assistance (food, clothing, shelter, health, safety, and medical) to address an unmet need and avoid crisis situations. FIRST CALL FOR HELP $36,708 3,136 individuals 7,680 advocacy calls, information and referral calls, contacts, and follow-ups were made to create service linkages. HOMELESS HOTLINE $17,389 611 individuals 611 individuals received emergency housing placement to avoid homelessness. LOW INCOME HOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM AND EMERGENCY ENERGY SERVICES $14,887,255 Hunterdon Somerset Sussex 26,537 individuals Provided 26,537 individuals with energy assistance, energy education and crisis intervention services avoiding no heat situations. MCKINNEY VENTO ACT FOR HOMELESS CHILDREN AND YOUTH $5,000 55 individuals Increased supportive services for 50 homeless families and provided advocacy with school districts. NORWESCAP PROGRAMS-VOLUNTEER INVESTMENTS In-Kind Entire Service Area 1,530 individuals 1,470 individuals provided 67,450 volunteer hours representing an estimated savings of $1,328,765 to the agency. PHILLIPSBURG NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME PREVENTION INITIATIVE $111,510 375 individuals A collaboration with the Phillipsburg Police Department which increased personal safety for Phillipsburg residents; provided educational information to 350 individuals increasing awareness of community issues; and 85 at-risk youth received opportunities to prevent the use of drugs and/or alcohol. POST TANF OUTREACH $75,000 Morris 525 individuals Outreach was provided to 100% of referred former welfare recipients; 70% of referrals were provided to link individuals with resources in order to obtain/maintain employment, receive assistance with energy services, or receive linkage to a food service. RETIRED AND SENIOR VOLUNTEER PROGRAM $249,342 Sussex/Warren 747 individuals 747 volunteers provided 74,795 hours of service to 142 non-profit organizations, saving local agencies $1,597,621. STATE HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM (SHIP) $29,000 762 individuals 95% of Medicare enrollees that received health insurance counseling reported an increased understanding of their health benefits and health benefit status. UNIVERSAL SERVICE FUND $262,811 22,439 individuals Assisted 22,439 eligible individuals to ensure that they only have to pay an affordable portion of their household income for electric and/or natural gas service.

6 Economic & Employment Building
SERVICE BUDGET COUNTY PEOPLE OUTCOME ARTHUR & FRIENDS $250,000 Sussex Morris/Warren Essex/Cumberland 57 individuals 47 disabled individuals received vocational training; seven employed by Arthur & Friends; six have obtained part time outside employment and one obtained full time outside employment. One hydroponic greenhouse was built in partnership with Gateway Community Action Partnership with five staff members trained. CAREER AND FOR WOMEN $246,060 Hunterdon Somerset Warren 303 Of the 116 new, unemployed participants seeking services, 54 individuals obtained full and/or part time employment; and 12 individuals pursued formal training opportunities. CIRCLES ™ INITIATIVES $75,000 50 78% of 2011 Graduates have remained actively involved with Circles and are vigorously working on their action plans and accomplishing goals; $585 reduction in social service and disability benefits to Circles participants; $12, reduction in debt by Circle Leaders; and an 86% retention rate of volunteers. COLLEGE COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM $66,925 29 I 19 students received a grade of “C” or better; 21 students become engaged in the Community College Empowerment Project; and 1 student enrolled in a four year college program. FAMILY LOAN PROGRAM $50,000 Morris Sussex/Warren 65 Individuals Assisted 65 individuals increase their budgeting skills; provided $19,800 in loan dollars to help individuals remain employed; current loan payments maintained a yearly default rate of 2%. FAMILY SELF-SUFFICIENCY $150,000 Union Passaic 78 6 individuals graduated from the program with escrow accounts totaling over $53,200; 22 individuals enrolled in educational programs; 49% of families have established escrow accounts; 3 individuals graduated from college programs. INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNT PROGRAM (IDA) 25 25 participants enrolled in the program saving for home ownership, business or education increased their knowledge of financial literacy and improved their credit. The total yearly deposits for participants equal $24,712.28; 3 participants graduated with total value of assets at $109,864.50; and average monthly deposit of $102 per month. MORRIS COUNTY FINANCIAL LITERACY $15,9020 125 23 financial literacy workshops were provided; 125 individuals increased their financial knowledge on budgeting, savings, banking, credit, insurance and financial goal setting; 16 individuals received financial mentoring. VOLUNTEER INCOME TAX ASSISTANCE & EARNED INCOME CREDIT OUTREACH 2,204 individuals 2,204 Individuals served received a total of $2,205,460 in Federal Refunds; and $390,880 in Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Taxpayers saved a minimum of $336,750 in professional fees.

ELDER COTTAGE HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES $31,260 Hunterdon Somerset Warren 5 individuals Independent, affordable housing provided for 5 elderly participants on relative’s property. HEATING SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM $836,000 Sussex 189 Households 189 households received heating system repairs, retrofits, and replacement systems to increase operational and cost efficiency. HOMELESS PREVENTION PROGRAM $340,000 Morris 115 households 115 households received one-time financial assistance to prevent housing eviction or homelessness. SAFE HOUSING $16,410 60 Health and safety home repairs provided to 60 elderly households to support their independent living. SUSSEX SENIOR APARTMENTS $69,950 11 households Provided safe and affordable housing for 11 elderly households. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY HEA WEATHERIZATION ASSISTANCE $556,091 1489 high energy burden/high energy expenditure households were assisted with prioritized energy conservation tactics and improvements. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY ARRA WEATHERIZATION ASSISTANCE $2,970,000 571 571 high energy burden/high energy expenditure households were assisted with prioritized energy conservation tactics and improvements.

8 Nutrition & Healthy Living
SERVICE BUDGET COUNTY PEOPLE OUTCOME BACKPACK PROGRAM $108,940 Warren Hunterdon Sussex 419 individuals 419 ‘food insecure’ children received essential food each weekend during the school year through a food filled backpack. BREASTFEEDING PROMOTION AND SUPPORT $ 117,000 Somerset 3,256 individuals 3,256 pregnant and breastfeeding women received education and support for breastfeeding resulting in a 3% increase in breastfeeding rates. CANCER EDUCATION AND EARLY DETECTION (CEED) PROGRAM & OUTREACH $302,210 398 individuals 398 individuals without health insurance received cancer screenings and/or diagnostic services. 100% of individuals with abnormal findings were referred for appropriate follow-up; 1,820 residents increasing their knowledge of health issues and cancer risks. CHILD CARE FOOD PROGRAM $76,634 175 individuals 18,048 Snacks provided and 29,170 Meals provided that met with USDA meal pattern requirements, 23 sites met USDA Standards. FARMERS MARKET NUTRITION PROGRAM $53,180 2,659 individuals 2,659 participants received $20 worth of checks to purchase locally grown produce at participating farm stands from June to November. FOOD BANK $1,054,636 115 agencies Distributed 2,307,299 pounds of food to charitable agencies that feed those in need providing the agencies a savings of $2,677, in food costs. PROJECT HEALTHY BONES $2,500 Morris 256 individuals 82% individuals attending classes reported improved balance and mobility; and 87% increased their weight training programs; 92% increased their knowledge of osteoporosis, nutrition and exercise. SUMMER FEEDING PROGRAM $32,000 242 Provided 11,869 free lunches to low income children during the summer at 13 different locations in accordance with USDA guidelines. WOMEN, INFANTS CHILDREN SUPPLEMENTAL NUTRITION PROGRAM $4,238,635 9,635 individuals Improved the health and nutritional status of 9,635 women, infants and children during critical periods of growth and development. 94% of women who participated in during pregnancy gave birth to infants weighing >2,500 grams (5.5 pounds).

9 Contact Information Corporate Office 350 Marshall Street Phillipsburg, NJ Telephone: (908) x 110 Facsimile: (908) Arthur & Friends 350 Marshall Street Phillipsburg, NJ Program Leadership: Wendie Blanchard Telephone: (973) Facsimile: (973) Cancer Education Early Detection (CEED) Program Leadership: Sarah Engler Telephone: (908) Facsimile: (908) Career and Life Transitions Center for Women 108 East Washington Avenue Washington, NJ Program Leadership: Patricia Moonjian Telephone: (908) Facsimile: (908) Child and Family Resource Services 186 Halsey Road – Suite 1 Newton, NJ Program Leadership: Sharon Giacchino Telephone: (973) Facsimile: (973) College & Community Empowerment Project Program Leadership: Alicia Liss Telephone: (908) x 200 Facsimile: (908) Family Loan Program Individual Development Account Program Program Leadership: Carolyn Graeber Telephone: (908) ext. 116 Facsimile: (908)

10 Contact Information Family Success Center of Phillipsburg 459 Center Street Phillipsburg, NJ Program Leadership: Jessica Konzelmann Telephone: (908) Facsimile: (908) Family Self-Sufficiency PO Box 563 Denville, NJ Telephone: (973) Facsimile: (973) First Call For Help 350 Marshall Street Phillipsburg, NJ Program Leadership: John Korp Telephone: (908) Facsimile: (908) Food Bank 201 N. Broad Street Program Leadership: Helene Meissner Telephone: (908) Facsimile: (973) Head Start Early Head Start 120 South Main Street Suite C Program Leadership: Lois Henseler Telephone: (908) Facsimile: (908) Housing & Energy Services Program Leadership: John Korp Telephone: (888) Facsimile: (908) Skylands RSVP Volunteer Resource Center Program Leadership: Nancy Hess Telephone: (973) Sussex County Circles Program Leadership: Dianna Morrison Telephone: (973) Facsimile: (908) WIC Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 Program Leadership: Nancy Quinn Telephone: (908) Facsimile: (908)

11 2011 community investors 3M Foundation DSM Nutritional Products
Joanne Hala AGL Resources Delaware Joint Toll Bridge Commission Harmony Press Ahart’s Market Delaware Valley Interfaith Council of Harmony Township Alba Vineyard Churches Harmony Township Lion’s Club Appaloosa Management, L..P. EMD/Millipore Hawk Pointe Foundation Arc of Warren County Estate of Beryl J.N. Greig Holland Township School AT&T Estate of Merle Parbel Hunters Helping the Hungry AT&T Verizon Pioneers Exxon Mobil Foundation Hyde and Watson Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe Co. Feeding America Inmar Logistics Avon Foundation for Women First Book IRCO Community Federal Credit Union BASF First Hope Bank Jann Law Books Bassett Foundation First Presbyterian Church of Sparta J.G. Petrucci Company Beaver Brook Country Club First Presbyterian Church of Washington Johnson & Johnson Bergen County Special Services First Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Junior Woman’s Club of Washington Bio Flex Solutions, LLC Hunterdon County Kessler Foundation BJ’s Wholesale Club David Fleischer Kindred Souls Band Boonton Housing Authority Flemington Car & Truck Country Ken and Laura Knipmeyer Borders Flemington United Methodist Church Knoll Heights Borealis Foster Wheeler Kohl’s Cares for Kids James Buehler Frazier Industrial Company Kressler, Wolff & Miller Cadbury Adams Freeholders of Hunterdon County Lakeland Bank Center for Prevention and Counseling Freeholders of Morris County Legal Services of Northwest New Jersey Centers for Disease Control and Freeholders of Sussex County Alicia Liss Prevention Freeholders of Warren County Madison Housing Authority Clifton Public Housing Agency Garden State Urban Farms Walter and Kathleen Maher Colalillo Family of ShopRite Stores GlaxoSmithkline Jon Male Construction Specialties, Inc. Global Giving Foundation (Pepsi) Mars Snackfoods Corporation for National and Greater New Jersey Annual Conference Deborah Meltz Community Services of the United Methodist Church Merck & Co., Inc. Courter, Kobert & Cohen Grow-A-Row Money Management International George and Nancy Cummins/Greenway Hackettstown Regional Medical Center Morristown Housing Authority Flowers and Greenhouses Hackettstown Rotary Estate of John Mugavero

12 2011 community investors Gloria & Paul Winter Zufall Health Center
Bob and Lois Molnar PNC Financial Services Group Target NJ Department of Agriculture Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey TD Charitable Foundation NJ Department of Children and Families Professional Impact NJ (PINJ) Thrivent Financial for Lutherans NJ Department of Community Affairs Raritan Valley Community College Toys for Tots – Picatinny Arsenal NJ Department of Corrections Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) Trader Joe’s NJ Department of Education Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Trinity United Methodist Church of NJ Department of Health and Senior Rocco’s Pizzeria Hackettstown Services RoNetco ShopRites Unitarian Church of Morristown NJ Department of Human Services Rutgers Against Hunger Unitarian Fellowship of Sussex County NJM Bank St. Mary’s Church United Way of Hunterdon County NJ Office of the Attorney General Schaub Charitable Foundation United way of Northern New Jersey NJ Office of the Secretary of State Schiavoni Leadership Group Unity Bank NJ State Fair Selective Insurance Company US Department of Agriculture National Fatherhood Initiative Selective Group Foundation US Department of Energy National Guard Food Pantry Service Electric Cable Television, Inc. US Department of Housing and Urban Nestle’ USA Sheridan Printing Development Nicholson Foundation ShopRite of Hunterdon US Department of Human Services Northwest Jersey Reading Council ShopRite Partners in Caring US Marines Toys for Tots Foundation NORWESCAP Board Members Sodexo Foundation Daniel and Jacqueline Velez New York Life Sovereign Bank Verizon Check Into Literacy Pajama Program Swiftwater Foundation WRNJ Oldies 1510 AM Panera Bread (Fenwick Group) Sophia Inclusive Catholic Community Wachovia/Wells Fargo Bank Pass It Along Sparta Presbyterian Church Wachovia Bank Foundation John A. Perrucci Sr. Memorial Sparta United Methodist Church Wakefern/ShopRite Partners In Caring Association Spectrum Floors Wal-Mart Foundation Phillipsburg Board of Education State of New Jersey Warren County Division of Senior Service Phillipsburg Education Association Judge Steinhart Warren Hospital PHS Class of 1943 Stop-N-Shop Family Foundation Weis Markets Phillipsburg Housing Authority Stop and Shop of Pohatcong Westside Methodist Church Phillipsburg Police Department Sussex County Charter School for Whole Foods & World Hunger (WHY) Phillipsburg Town Technology Gloria & Paul Winter PNC Bank Sussex County Community College Zufall Health Center PNC Bank Foundation Sussex County Division of Senior Services

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