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How Plants Are Classified Part 2: Reproduction

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1 How Plants Are Classified Part 2: Reproduction
6-2.3: Compare the characteristic structures of various groups of plants (including vascular or nonvascular, seed or spore-producing, flowering or cone-bearing, and monocot or dicot).

2 Link Five fast things you know about seeds

3 Essential Question ? What are the main ways scientists classify plants? You already know they are classified as vascular and non-vascular. The following classification can also be used to group plants.

4 Seed Producing Plants Seed-producing plants are plants that reproduce through seeds. Seed plants make their own seeds. Seeds contain the plant embryo (the beginnings of roots, stems, and leaves) and stored food (cotyledons) and are surrounded by a seed coat. From those seeds, new plants grow.

5 Seed Producing Plants There are two major groups of seed-producing plants: cone-bearing plants (gymnosperm) and flowering plants (angiosperm).

6 Seed Producers The Cone-Bearing Plants
Most cone-bearing plants are evergreen with needle-like leaves. Conifers never have flowers but produce seeds in cones. These seeds are said to be “naked”. Examples include pine, spruce, juniper, redwood, and cedar trees.

7 Seed Producers: The Flowering Plants
Flowering plants differ from conifers because they grow their seeds inside an ovary, which is embedded in a flower. The flower then becomes a fruit containing the seeds.

8 Flowering Plants: Cont.
Examples include most trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and legumes (beans).

9 The Non-Seed Producers: Spore Producing Plants
Spore-producing plants are plants that produce spores for reproduction instead of seeds.  Spores are much smaller than seeds.  Almost all flowerless plants produce spores. Examples include mosses and ferns.

10 Give 3 qualitative observations about fern spores?
See Fern Spores Video

11 Give 3 qualitative observations about moss spores?
See Moss Spores Video

12 Classify each picture as a seed producer or spore producer
1. 3. 2. 4. 5.

13 Summarize Follow the teacher to create a diagram comparing seed-producers to spore-producers.

14 Answer EQ Define key terms. Seed Spore Conifer

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