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By: Rolf Timmerman Technical Manager Manager Californian Protea Association & Chrysal An Update on post harvesting Date: October 2013 Location: Resendiz.

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1 By: Rolf Timmerman Technical Manager Manager Californian Protea Association & Chrysal An Update on post harvesting Date: October 2013 Location: Resendiz Bros. Protea Growers, Fallbrook, Ca

2 Content Chrysal Company Profile R&D Protea Available Products Flower Food

3 Company Profile Worldwide staff of over 200 people (in Holland, Nordics, UK, Germany, France, USA, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, China, Japan and Kenya) Offices in US, UK, Germany, China & France Production sites in Holland, Colombia, Ecuador, Japan & Sweden R&D centers in Holland, Japan & Colombia - (Staff of 14) Technical Consultants in Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia & Africa (Staff of 16) No.1 in Post Harvest products in Europe, the Americas and Japan

4 CHRYSAL INTERNATIONAL Headquarters in Naarden, The Netherlands

5 R & D Lab Activities: Applied research Formula improvement Benchmark testing competitor products Develop regional specific formulations

6 FLOWER TEST ROOMS Over 500 tests per year Climate Conditions Temp Controlled: 20C Relative Humidity: 60% 12 hrs - Light / Dark Over Pressure : no ethylene Holland Colombia

7 Post Harvest Issue(s) Protea Leaf blackening! Bract browning Botrytis Flower quality


9 Why is Leaf Browning? o Still a mystery ? A little less now …. SUGAR! o Under fertilizing during Growing? o Immature cut stage? o Lack of (sun) light? o Flower development complicated, requires tremendous amount of energy o Long transportation time from Harvest Consumer

10 Sugar Loving Cut-Flowers Lisianthus Galdiolus Tuberrose Tight Cut Sunflowers Viburnum Bird of Paradise Baby breath Brodiaea Protea species Protea species

11 Sugar Types Glucose Glucose Fructose Sucrose Xylose Etc…

12 South growers level Stellenbosch university still developing optimal treatment… Chrysal Some growers in South Africa do use Chrysal Professional 3 Chrysal some also use Chrysal professional 2 Others do nothing, so more education still required. Chrysal 1 grower is trying Chrysal RVB non-clear and adding glucose

13 Netherlands & receivers end Specialty Importers places product on Professional 3 solution upon arrival (Oudendijk / OZ import) Chrysal General importers; Bouquet Companies places Product on Chrysal Professional 2 For auction supply now Professional 3 is compulsory! Lighting in cooler not common Stored in Cooler at 2 º C or 34 F

14 USA growers Level Just plain water? Other ideas or experiences!

15 Treatment: water Total vase life: 12 days Photo taken: day 13 Treatment: Chrysal Clear Professional 3 liquid Total vase life: 20 days Photo taken: day 13 Vase life Protea


17 Has a higher food level! 100% GLUCOSE The Carbohydrates in product is 100% GLUCOSE Prevents Leaf Blackening on Protea Ensures long lasting, more vibrant flowers Develops shape, color and scent Keeps vase water clear, clean and odorless Leaves no sediment or cloudy residue Works in all water qualities Dosing rate: 10 gr/liter ( ~ 1.3 ounce / Gallon) Lowers the water pH Chrysal Professional # 3 Vase Solution


19 Sugar Why not just sugar? Bacteria love sugar: the more sugar the more bacteria -> Stem blockage -> no water uptake -> no sugar uptake! In Professional 3 next to the sugar: - Acidifier -Mix of desinfactants Optimal dosage is key!!!

20 Approximate volume & weight units of sugar per one (1) gallon (~4 liters) of flower food solution Solutionqty in per %gramsOuncestool 2% tablespoons 3%752.61/3 cup 4% /2 cup 5% /3 cup 10% cups

21 Liquid solution for Shipping / Display period Hydrates flowers to prevent wilting Keeps bucket water clean for up to 6 days Limited amount of food Lowers water pH Clear, clean & odorless solution Reduces flower waste No need to re-cut stems Saves labor & water Available in 5ml and 10ml formula Chrysal Professional # 2 Processing Solution

22 Chrysal Professional 1.5 Qt. T-BAG Low dose holding solution Designed for the display period Easy to use – No guesswork Accurate dosing vs. Dosatrons Visual control - Stays in bucket Dissolves in minutes – No waiting Reduces your shrink Reusable for up to 6 days 3 Simple Steps

23 2 Methods of Dosing Chrysal Clear Liquid or T-Bag Easy to use Provides nutrients Keeps water clean & clear Makes flowers last longer Add Water

24 Flower Food Packets Full dose flower food for consumer use at home Keeps stems firm, leaves green and helps buds open Dissolves completely - Perfect for clear vases Keeps vase water clean and clear Available in Generic & Specialty formulations Maximizes vase life and value for your customers Consistent results are achieved when Chrysal is used on every bouquet you sell Give away extra packets with each flower purchase

25 FLOWER SOLUTIONS Do they matter??

26 What is Flower Food? Acidifiers lower pH of tap water Clarifiers keep pollution in check Nutrients provide energy for opening and holding in vase

27 Wax flower Very Ethylene scensitive! Bud, flowers and leaves abortion Recommendation: AVB (STS) Dosage: 1 cc/liter Always first drink! Re-cut stem first Use very clean water Use very clean buckets

28 Wax flower Treatment time: minimum 2 hours, outside cooler Minimum 4 hours in cooler. Idealy overnight treatment When very clean practices: re-use possible Sometimes still bud drop (after long transport or transport with variable temperatures): more stress = more Ethylene! Extra Insurance: Ethylene Buster sachets (1-MCP) Add 2 sachet in a box

29 Thank you!

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