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Takii and Sakata Saturday April 5th 2014

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1 Takii and Sakata Saturday April 5th 2014
Joe Rawley Larry Janeczek Gary Lee

2 American Takii Petunia African Sunset AAS Award Winner

3 American Takii Agastache Arizona Series

4 American Takii Ornamental Pepper Mambo 2 colors
Ornamental Pepper Conga

5 Sakata Seed Viola Colormax - NEW
Large flowered Viola with NO pansy blood bred into the Viola More vigor than most other violas on the market Flower size may shrink some during summer heat This series will create a lot of flower power per square foot Superior weather tolerance and very good for over wintering 10 colors plus a mix (Mix will only contain clear colors)

6 Sakata Seed Zinnia Profusion and Profusion Double
New Slick type coating available in 2015 New Sunrise Double Mix Fade tolerant colors Doubles are perfect for large containers Easy to grow and longer flowering than other series Not as susceptible to leaf spot as Zahara

7 Sakata Seed Danessa Primula acaulis - NEW
Danessa requires no cold vernilization to initiate flowers Flowers 3 weeks earlier than Danova Compact habit for pot-tight production Earliest acaulis on the market Pink with Rose Eye

8 Sakata Seed Snapdragon Candy Showers Trailing habit
Strong blooming under short days Flowers up and down the entire stem Available in a multi-pellet (5-7 seeds per pellet) 3 plants per 10” pot For a better looking basket use multiple colors New color: White

9 Sakata Vegetative Petunias
Pink Radiance (was Cotton Candy in the PW line) Two bicolor: Blue Star and Rose Star Violet Bouquet is a two tone light violet and dark All Sakata petunias have strong mounding and semi trailing habit, early to bloom and very floriferous Available from Oro Farms and Danzinger Pink Radiance Blue Violet Bouquet

10 Sakata - Calipetite Calibrachoa
Naturally compact Dense mounding plants New colors: Mid Blue Need no supplemental lighting Yellow is slightly smaller than rest of series Will continue to bloom all summer for the consumer Available as a URC through Dummen

11 Sakata Petunia Supercal
The All Weather Petunia Durable flowers which are long lasting Higher pH tolerance prevents yellow foliage Best grown cold 2-3ppm Bonzi works well as a growth regulator Neon Rose is the most popular color New colors: Cherry Improved, Grape and Salmon Glow Colors that bloom at the same time: Artist Rose, Blushing Pink, Violet, Pink Ice and Terra Cotta Grape Cherry

12 Sakata - Impatiens Sunpatien Compact
Breed for small pots (Great for quarts) No PGR’s needed Unaffected by Downy Mildew New colors: Pink and Royal Magenta (Improvement) (Compact series) Won the Home Depot Garden Trial Award Royal Magenta Shell Pink

13 Sakata - Impatiens Sunpatien Spreading
Ideal for baskets Unaffected by Downy Mildew New colors: Clear White, Scarlet Red and Shell Pink Spreading Shell Pink

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