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FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON PROJECT HELP SLIDES. Project Info THE DOCTORS SCIENTIFIC OBSERVATION of Charlies Behavior (Story Prog. Reports 1-11) Choose whether.

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2 Project Info THE DOCTORS SCIENTIFIC OBSERVATION of Charlies Behavior (Story Prog. Reports 1-11) Choose whether you will assume the role of Prof. Nemur (neurologist – focuses on Charlies intellectual growth) or Dr. Strauss (psychiatrist – focuses on Charlies emotional growth) Report as though you are one of the doctors, using textual evidence from Charlies progress reports to evaluate Charlies progress/regression. Write a paragraph for each Prog. Report, citing textual evidence. Instructions and Samples at medical-progress-report.html,, http://www.coleman-, medical-progress-report.html

3 Project Info LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FROM ALICE Ms. Kinnian believes that Charlie is the right candidate for the operation because of his determination to learn. Using textual evidence that supports Miss Kinnians opinion of Charlie, write a letter (at least one-and-a-half full, double-spaced pages) from Ms. Kinnian to Prof. Nemur and Dr. Strauss recommending Charlie for the operation. Samples at, Sample_Letters_of_Recommendation.htm Sample_Letters_of_Recommendation.htm

4 Project Info CREATE A COMIC BOOK THAT DEPICTS : 1.One of Charlies childhood memories or experiences 2.Algernons changes in the story. 3.Charlies experiences at the bakery. Must incorporate at least three direct quotes from the story Must include a rationale (at least one full, double-spaced page) that explains the emotional impact of the scene and how your comic book version reflects this impact. You may make a paper or digital comic. See,, http://www.comic-book- and

5 Project Info MIX-TAPE FOR CHARLIE Create a mix-tape cd or USB key for Charlie with songs that encourage open-mindedness, growth, and patience. Include: 3 songs (either on CD or USB key) with a CD case with original artwork. Printed lyrics with bibliographic citations (see to do it electronically) Analysis (at least one full, double-spaced page) of how each song reflects Charlies personality and life (textual evidence) and encourages open-mindedness, growth, and patience. Use only music you legally own!

6 Project Info MAKE A VIDEO BOOK TRAILER. 1.Be sure it is at least 2-5 minutes long. 2.Be creative and include photos and/or video clips, titles, credits, etc. 3.Research other book trailers on YouTube. (Get your parents permission before going on YouTube.) 4.Beware of breaking copyright laws. 5.Add sound and music. Make your viewers want to read the story! Samples at:, 65001,,,,, 65001

7 Project Info MAKE A BLOG. 1.Blog about Charlies experiences based on what you know about the story through his progress reports. 2.Write from Charlies, one of the Doctors, or Miss Kinnians first- person point of view. 3.Make at least 10 posts of a few paragraphs each. 4.Do not plagiarize from the story – use your own words and pictures. Your blog can really be digital for the internet or it can be on paper. How to Blog: under-13/,,,, under-13/www.blogger.com Sample at:

8 Project Info MAKE AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE OPERATION CHARLIE HAD (but assume that it could be successful). 1.Make it for TV, Radio or Web. 2.Make it 1-2 minutes long. Research advertisements for other life-changing operations like bone marrow transplants at St. Judes Hospital, lap band or stomach bypass, pacemakers, kidney dialysis, etc. to see what your ad should look like, sound like, etc. Samples:,,,,,,,,

9 Project Info CONVERSATION BETWEEN CHARLIES 1.Charlies mind creates a separation between Charlie- before-the-operation and Charlie-after-the-operation. In his progress reports, Charlie depicts this separate Charlie as another person that he sometimes interacts with. 2.Write a scripted dialogue (at least one-and-a-half full, double-spaced pages) between the two Charlies in which they try to teach or give advice to the other. Watch your punctuation and paragraph breaks! The following slides will help.

10 Top 8 Tips for Writing Dialogue By Ginny Wiehardt, GuideGinny Wiehardt See More About: writing style writing dialogue Writing dialogue -- realistic dialogue, anyway -- does not come easily to everyone. Done well, dialogue advances the story and fleshes out the characters while providing a break from straight exposition. However, just as realistic dialogue is one of the most powerful tools at a writer's disposal, nothing pulls the reader out of a story faster than bad dialogue. It takes time to develop a good ear, but noting these simple rules and obvious pitfalls can make a huge difference. 1. Listen to How People Talk.Listen to How People Talk. Having a sense of natural speech patterns is essential to good dialogue. Start to pay attention to the expressions that people use and the music of everyday conversation. This exercise asks you to do this more formally, but generally speaking it's helpful to develop your ear by paying attention to the way people talk. Sponsored Links Have You Written a Book?Have You Written a Book?Publish, Promote & Sell Your Book. Get Your Free Publishing Guide Now! Proofreading & EditingProofreading & EditingReliable and Professional Services Fast Turnaround - Free Article Marketing ExpertsArticle Marketing ExpertsAward-winning articles that appeal to both users and search 2. Not Exactly like Real Speech.Not Exactly like Real Speech. But dialogue should read like real speech. How do you accomplish that? Alfred Hitchcock said that a good story was "life, with the dull parts taken out." This very much applies to dialogue. A transcription of a conversation would be completely boring to read. Edit out the filler words and unessential dialogue -- that is, the dialogue that doesn't contribute to the plot in some way.plot 3. Don't Provide Too Much Info at Once.Don't Provide Too Much Info at Once. It should not be obvious to the reader that they're being fed important facts. Let the story unfold naturally. You don't have to tell the reader everything up front, and you can trust him or her to remember details from earlier in the story. 4. Break Up Dialogue with Action.Break Up Dialogue with Action. Remind your reader that your characters are physical human beings by grounding their dialogue in the physical world. Physical details also help break up the words on the page: long periods of dialogue are easier for the reader's eye when broken up by description. (And vice versa, for that matter.) See the link above for examples of how this can work.charactersdescription 5. Don't Overdo Dialogue Tags.Don't Overdo Dialogue Tags. Veering too much beyond "he said/she said" only draws attention to the tags -- and you want the reader's attention centered on your brilliant dialogue, not your ability to think of synonyms for "said." 6. Stereotypes, Profanity, and Slang.Stereotypes, Profanity, and Slang. Be aware of falling back on stereotypes, and use profanity and slang sparingly. All of these risk distracting or alienating your reader. Anything that takes the reader out of the fictional world you're working so hard to create is not your friend. Read some examples of how to achieve the tone you want without stereotypes, profanity, and slang. 7. Read Widely.Read Widely. Pay attention to why things work or don't work. Where are you taken out of the story's action? Where did you stop believing in a character? Or, alternatively, when did the character really jump off the page, and how did dialogue help accomplish that? You can start reading like a writer with the link above, or pick up an anthology and start your own list of writers to learn from.reading like a writer 8. Punctuate Dialogue Correctly.Punctuate Dialogue Correctly. The rules for punctuating dialogue can be confusing: many writers need help getting them right in the beginning. Take some time to learn the basics. A reader should get lost in your prose -- not feel lost trying to follow your dialogue.

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