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J a n k a A N N I E 16 hours Guessing Time.

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2 J a n k a

3 A N N I E



6 16 hours

7 Guessing Time

8 1. Am I from : A) France B) Slovakia C) Spain ???

9 Slovakia & EU

10 Where we are: In the heart of Europe Memeber of the EU Bordering to: - Poland -Czech republic -Austria -Hungary -Ukraine


12 1990 Czech and Slovak Federative state

13 1. January – establishment of the Slovak Republic as an independent state I was 3 years old

14 1998- I stared to dance Slovak folk dance

15 1st of May 2004 The Slovak Republic became a member of the European Union.



18 1st of January 2009 Slovakia adopted the common European currency on.

19 Economic Transformation Catch up in European integration process Improving international rating Economic reform- pension system... Growing interest by foreign investment above-average innovative growth

20 Slovak –Taiwanese relations

21 Economic and cultural cooperation Representative office since 2003

22 Traditional Slovakian Food

23 The beauty of Slovakia!


25 Castle

26 1200 Caves, only 12 of them you can see!

27 Language Time

28 The Differences between Slovakia & Taiwan

29 Slovakia vs. Taiwan Population: 23 mil. Population: 6 mil. Area: km² Area: km² Slovakia Taiwan

30 Quiz about Slovakia

31 1. What is the time in Slovakia NOW? 2. How old is my country ? 3. How many of us living there? 4. What language do we speak/ do you know any words? 5. How do we look like and how we are(character) –write any adjectives

32 Which is Slovakian Flag? A) B) C)C) D)

33 A) B) C) D)D) Who is from Slovakia?

34 What is the Capital City of Slovakia ? A) Taipei B) Bratislava C) Paris

35 Slovak Dance Performance

36 Secret time

37 We celebrate twice a year: 1. regular birthday 2. name-day => calendars contain a list of name => widely celebrated => flowers are sold out for popular name (Štefan/ Ján) => in the daily newspapers The original list was the Roman Catholic calendar of saints. The name day corresponds to the day on which a saint "fell asleep" or died.

38 The Official Slovak Calendar for August => Each day was assigned a name 1. Bozidara 2. Gustav 3. Jergus 4. Dominik, 5. Hortenzia 6. Jozefina 7. Stefania 8. Oskar 9. Lubomira 10. Vavrinec 11. Zuzana 12. Darina 13. Lubomir 14. Mojmir 15. Marcela 16. Leonard 17. Milica 18. Elena, Helena 19. Lydia 20. Anabela 21. Jana 22. Tichomir 23. Filip 24. Bartolomej 25. Ludovit 26. Samuel 27. Silvia 28. Augustin 29. Nikola 30. Ruzena 31. Nora

39 Košice 2013 – European Capital of Culture The city was awarded the prestige title of European Capital of Culture. => new vision for Košice- change the city's image and raise its visibility and profile on an international scale.

40 The European Geographical Central Point The village of Kremnické Bane

41 Q&A

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