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Floral Designs.

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1 Floral Designs

2 Materials First things First!
Fresh floral material(carnations, baby’s breath, backer’s fern) Floral Container Floral Foam (Oasis) Florist wire and wire cutters Sharp florist Knife Florist shears

3 Basic Floral Design Shapes
When Designing floral arrangements it is necessary to determine what shape arrangement is desired. The person designing the arrangement will look like when it is completed. Basic floral design shapes include round (circular), triangle, horizontal, crescent, hogarth (s) curve, and right angle.

4 Design Principles Balance- is achieved in a floral design when flower size and container flow together and complement each other. The arrangement has visual weight on each side of the axis to make it stand alone. If the arrangement is symmetrical the floral design could be divided in half ad have equal visual weight on each side of the arrangement.

5 More Principles... Focal Point- It is important in some designs because it creates the accent and interest. This will catch the eye of the viewer. Proportion- in an arrangement is important to keep relative size, color, and texture of the flowers to create a pleasing arrangement. Scale- Is a principle that must be taken into consideration. The size of the flowers, where the arrangement is to be used, placement of the arrangement, and overall size of the completed design are all factors of scale.

6 Some more design principles
Accent-Is used in a design to draw attention to the design. Many Many designers use the focal point to create this emphasis. Repetition-Is used to accentuate the flowers and colors used in a design.Repeating the use of material or color throughout the design can be very effective. Rhythm-Creates a sense of continuity among the shapes,colors, and and textures.

7 Two More... Harmony- Is to created in a floral design when all the parts flow together to give a total, completed look to the arrangement. Unity-Is created when all of the arrangement flows together and is not segmented.

8 Design Materials Line flowers are ones such as snapdragons, delphinium, and gladiolus. In most cases these flowers are used to establish the outer framework of an arrangement. Massing flowers are those which have the flower head on the terminal end of the stem. These flowers are used in the arrangement to create all of the design principles and to accent the focal point. Some examples are roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and asters.

9 Form flowers are those which have a unique shape or form
Form flowers are those which have a unique shape or form. They may be used to create the accent or the focal point. Bird of paradise, potea, and orchid are a few.

10 Hang on there is one more!
Filler flowers are used to tie the arrangement together. They help to fill any empty spaces in the design. They are also used to cover the mechanics of the arrangement. Some examples are baker’s fern, asparagus fern, baby’s breath, Statice, heather, huckleberry, and palm.

11 Arrangements


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