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1 Leading and Managing the Change. Prof. Haydn Chen President Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan ROC Conference, Ateneo.

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1 1 Leading and Managing the Change. Prof. Haydn Chen President Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan ROC @ACUCA Conference, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines, Oct. 17-18, 2008

2 2 The Time of Fast Changes: 1/2 Time of ever-accelerating pace of historical change, the ever-increasing knowledge, the ever-increasing globalization and an ever- increasing speed to make people run to and from. Consequence of the above is an age of global paradox : Ever-decreasing wisdom Ever-increasing fragmentation on social, economic, political grounds Ever-varying job market

3 3 The Time of Fast Changes: 2/2 In time of fast changes, we, as educators in higher education, must help our students learn how to learn so they would become ideal graduates and valuable contributors to the ever-changing society. Three fundamental questions: What should you learn in the university? How should you learn? How do you know you have learned? Leadership and Management: Who, What, Why, How, When, Which …

4 4 Institution Development – Uniqueness and Characteristics Founding Period: visions and goals Growth Period: Two facets – Academic Units, Faculty members Three Approaches - Building on Specific Strength (Active approach), Free/Anarchic Style of Natural Growth (Passive), Design of Faculty Structure and Members (semi-active) Matured Period: Restructuring and/or Fine Tuning Positioning of a University in a globalized world External Factors vis- à -vis Internal Needs Continuing Growth of Existing Strength and/or Establishment of New Disciplines Balance/Choice between Holistic Education versus Professionalism

5 5 Tunghai University – as an example (1/6) Founding Visions & Goals (1955-1971) Founding Spirit on Christian Beliefs - Founded by the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia (UB is based in New York City) A small Liberal Arts College style Emphasized General (Holistic) Education Introduced Student Labor Education Core value of the university is to develop student character to be professional yet widely knowledgeable as well as laboring in both body and mind. University Motto: Truth attained through Faith expressed by Deeds.

6 6 Tunghai University – as an example (2/6) Growth Period: 1972-1992 From elite school to general Departure of UB in 1971 Transform into a comprehensive and large scale operation reflection of reality and expectation of the society Formation of Evening Division, Extension Education Increase in Colleges from 2 to 5-6 Closing of small classes More emphasis on specific discipline world trend Continue to focus on humanity and social sciences founding objectives Teaching first, research second Growing pain constrained by limited resources

7 7 Tunghai University – as an example (3/6) Matured Period 1992-present Driven by external factors and/or internal needs competition from increasing number of universities and colleges, reduced number of high school graduates, resource, accreditation/assessment, reducing public funding, government restriction by Ministry of Education, lack of self governance and freedom to manage, advancement of the community (high ways, rapid train, science parks…)…. globalization in economy, education, work places, world issues, world citizenship… Thus, the situation led to restructuring or reengineering to meet the new challenges.

8 8 Evaluation and Assessment Core competence Opportunities Limitations Cost effectiveness Resource generation and controlled expenditures Implementation Methods Uplifting the base and/or developing specialties? Human resource evaluation and distribution? Addition or integration? Sun-set rules? Cont d

9 9 Tunghai University – as an example (5/6) What has been done?! Formation of a new College of Fine Arts and Creative Design for the creative cultural enterprise Integration Establishment of a new Department of Electrical Engineering connection to science park addition Research Centers at the University Levels center of excellence, research or market driven in and out Teaching Excellence Program emphasize teaching and learning core value Re-evaluation of General Education renaissance of liberal arts education core value

10 10 Internationalization seven layers of diversified approaches globalization and world citizenship Strengthen the Authority of Deans Resource delegation and promote inter-college programs integration and organization Establishment of a residential School for Liberal Arts Learning an Old Tunghai in a large Tunghai Univ. addition in content Tunghai Education System from K kindergarten to D doctor). Tunghai University has affiliated High School and Elementary School enabling the development of two 7-year programs: 1) Planting the roots (3rd grade to 9th); 2) Blossoming flowers: (10th grade to Bachelor degrees) integration Cont d

11 11 Governance: A University must be accountable, able to meet the accreditation/assessment criteria, having quality assurance in teaching and learning, open and adaptable, providing opportunity for lifelong learner, returning benefits to the society as a community asset, respectful, ethical, and sustainable.

12 12 Cont d To meet the above objectives and to become a center of excellence in higher education, a University must recognize her core competencies, improve competitiveness, some of the key factors are: Autonomy Outreaching idealism Internationalization Accountability Clear and sustainable policies at the National and the Institutional levels A complete set, yet flexible rules and regulations to be adaptable to change

13 13 Issues on Leading and Managing the Change: Governing bodies; rules and regulations Leadership quality and visions Process and culture Globalizing the faculty and staff Staff development Mobility Resources Curriculum, teaching and learning Quality Assurance Others

14 14 Thank you!! May God bring us wisdom and power to do His works in higher education.

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