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Rainy Day Rosie A resource for the Early Years Created By QM Learning 2012.

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1 Rainy Day Rosie A resource for the Early Years Created By QM Learning 2012

2 Links to Australian Curriculum The following digital resource is intended for use with younger learners to develop their scientific understanding and investigations of the forms of water in the environment and the importance of water for living things. More specifically, the content is intended to help facilitate the delivery of the following aspects of the Australian Curriculum: Science Science Understanding Foundation Living things have basic needs, including food and water (Biological Sciences) Yr 1 Living things live in different places where their needs are met; Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape (Biological Sciences) Yr 2 Earths resources, including water, are used in a variety of ways (Earth and Space Sciences) Science as a Human Endeavour Use and influence of science Yr 1 /2 People use science in their daily lives, including when caring for their environment and living things Nature and development of science Yr 1 Science involves asking questions about, and describing changes in, objects and events Science Inquiry Skills Foundation Respond to questions about familiar objects and events (Questioning and predicting) ;Share observations and ideas (Communicating) Yr 1/2 Respond to and pose questions, and make predictions about familiar objects and events (Questioning and predicting); Compare observations with those of others (Evaluating); Represent and communicate observations and ideas in a variety of ways such as oral and written language, drawing and role play (Communicating)

3 Copyright The text in this slideshow is written by Narinda Sandry and is available under the Creative Commons licences: BY SA NC Images marked QM are copyright (The State of Queensland - Queensland Museum) and must not be reproduced in any format without permission. Please contact: Queensland Museum PO Box 3300 South Brisbane BC Qld 4101 Email: Phone: 07 3842 9241 Images sourced from are used under creative commons licences: –Rainbow Lorikeet by Michael Gwyther-Jones (cc: BY) Gwyther-Jones –Rainbow Lorikeets by aussiegall (cc: BY)aussiegall –St George by yewenyi (cc: BY, NC)yewenyi –Southend South Australia by Holiday pointau (cc: BY, NC) –Sooes River Mouth by Sam Beebe Ecotrust –Shattuck_N2-9477, Rainbow Lorikeet, Broulee, NSW by Steve Shattuck (Southern Ants) (cc: BY) –River in Papua by Cifor (cc: BY, SA, NC) - Simpson Desert by Steve Boak (cc: BY NC) Animal calls: –Beeping froglet courtesy of CSIRO –Rainbow lorikeet Clip art: all sourced from and

4 Teacher Notes View ppt. in slide show mode to hear sounds and enable animations. Photo quality is reduced to enable faster downloads. Should you require a better quality document contact QM for assistance. Please note that the selection of text and slide background was made intentionally for the benefit of vision impaired students. Information regarding this decision can be found in the following document. Individual students will have unique vision needs. vision-impaired-in-mind-article.html vision-impaired-in-mind-article.html utton/bowmandutton4.html utton/bowmandutton4.html

5 Rainy Day Rosie. QM RV

6 Yippee! squealed Rosie early one morning. Its stopped raining at last. I hope it never ever rains again! Michael Gwyther- Jones

7 Be careful what you wish for, warned an older Rainbow Lorikeet named Rusty. Rain is very important to us all. QM RV

8 Not me, said young Rosie. It makes my feathers all wet and I cant fly properly. Everywhere I sit feels soggy! QM

9 I think we need to go on a little adventure, said Rusty. Follow me! aussiegall

10 The first place Rusty took Rosie was the river. If there was no rain, there would be no rivers, chirped Rusty. Yeweni

11 Rosie laughed Thats silly Rusty. The river is too big to be made from rain! The river is just always there.

12 I know its hard to believe Rosie but the rain does make the rivers and the rivers are needed by all of us. You need the river Rosie. Rosie didnt understand. QM RV

13 Rusty and Rosie flew up the river. Without rivers, there would be no homes and food for river plants and animals, said Rusty. QM

14 Rivers flow very long ways and across many parts of our country Rosie, Rusty explained. They carry the rainwater that animals and plants need. Cifor

15 Rusty flew off again, this time landing beside a creek. I know the river seems like it is always there but we only have rivers because the creeks and rain fill the river. QM JW

16 The creeks are also very important for so many creatures. Frogs, insects of all kinds, yabbies, small fish, birds, plants and many others. These things need water and they give us food Rosie. QM JW QM

17 Now Rosie was really confused. Rusty flew on further until he reached a beautiful waterfall. Rosie had never seen a waterfall. Rain helps to make waterfalls Rosie. QM BC

18 That is so beautiful Rusty. I never knew how amazing water is. Rusty took off to one last spot. QM RV

19 Rosie and Rusty landed near a wetland that Rosie knew well. This is my favourite place in the whole world Rusty! I love coming here to splash and find juicy things to eat. QM

20 I know Rosie. Thats why you need to understand how important water is to us all. Without rain, there would be no rivers, creeks, lakes, waterfalls and of course favourite wetlands. QM RV QM JW QM RV

21 Without rain Rosie, things would become very hard for us Rosie. There are places where there is very little water. They are dry and dusty places. Food is very hard to find and there are no places to have a drink or a splash.

22 Rosie didnt like the sound of this place. It had been a silly wish to make. Rosie had a nibble on some beautiful bush flowers made healthy because of the rain. Then they flew home. The Waterboy

23 Later that day Rosie was playing with her friends. One of them said Im so glad it has stopped raining. I hope it never ever rains again! Steve Shattuck Oh no, said Rosie, you must never wish for that! Let me show you why.

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