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Beckwith Street Reconstruction 2011. Reconstruction 2011 Agenda 1.0 Welcome 2.0 Explanation of Reconstruction EA Process and Downtown Master Plan Process.

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1 Beckwith Street Reconstruction 2011

2 Reconstruction 2011 Agenda 1.0 Welcome 2.0 Explanation of Reconstruction EA Process and Downtown Master Plan Process 3.0 Presentation EA Consultation 4.0 Potential Construction Schedules and Measures 5.0 Comments 6.0 Next Steps

3 Reconstruction EA Process The Town has initiated the Environmental Assessment process for reviewing alternative solutions and designs for the rehabilitation of this critical arterial transportation corridor. The environmental assessment process is a planning tool to identify the possible adverse effects of proposed infrastructure projects Act for capital works projects on the environment. It is required process under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act. Before2010 Reconstruction 2011

4 Reconstruction EA Process Environment" is applied in a broad sense and is defined in the EA Act as: air, land or water; plant and animal life, including human life; the social, economic and cultural conditions that influence the life of humans, or a community; any building, structure, machine or other device or thing made by humans; any solid, liquid, gas, odour, heat, sound, vibration or radiation resulting directly or indirectly from human activities; or, any part or combination of the foregoing and the interrelationships between any two or more of them. Reconstruction 2011

5 Downtown Master Plan Process Council has supported Councillor Cummings and the Economic Development Department in commencing a Downtown Master Plan process. The master plan process will strive to develop a theme for the downtown, investigate heritage improvements and façade programs and develop list of capital priority projects (such as benches, garbage bins). These two processes will run concurrently and where some of the items complement each other, such as streetscaping details like streetlights and sidewalk recommendations, they will by synergized. Master Plan Process Status – Call for volunteers currently. Anticipate 1 st Meeting in next few weeks & conclusion by September. Reconstruction 2011

6 Back to the Beckwith Street Reconstruction EA Process The Town will be requesting connecting link funding for Beckwith Street in the year 2011. This funding will assist with: asphalt removal and replacement, manhole lid adjustments and other surface works related to the drainage of the pavement and public accessibility (depressed sidewalks, ramps) all underground works such as sewer and water and street light wiring are not covered by this funding Reconstruction 2011

7 We want to make sure we get it right, so we are asking you! Reconstruction 2011

8 Smiths Falls is unique in that we are a hub to commerce (one hour in each direction will get you to a town or city centre), tourism, and we are affordable. By being located where we are; traffic from neighbouring communities travels through our town daily to deliver goods and services. To ensure the safe passage of residents, commuters, be it work or commerce related or visitors, we would like to ensure our main roadway is well maintained. We have been provided in the past two years funding to provide an upgraded connecting link roadway that takes people through the core of our town and would like to continue this program and also ensure the roadway is not disturbed after placement. Hence the need for upgrades to our infrastructure. Reconstruction 2011

9 Existing Services

10 Our main street which is Beckwith Street is a very unique feature to our Town. Its width is 99 instead of the standard 66. It is one of the widest streets in Ontario with wide sidewalks, area for parking and room for movement of large trucks without affecting regular traffic flow. As we remove and replace services, the existing streetscaping will be disturbed and therefore provide us an opportunity to determine if we want to stay status quo or are there other alternatives we could explore to enhance our Down Town Core. Any upgrades completed would be subject to cost being borne by the Town and will have to be examined by Council for cost benefits. Reconstruction 2011

11 Watermains Beckwith Street has two watermains that run within the parking areas of Beckwith Street. Initially in 1886 Adam Foster placed waterworks on the east side of Beckwith Street to supply the water tanks in the CPR yard. In the following decade Frost expanded the waterworks to major town streets. In 1891 the waterwork system was purchased by the Town of Smiths Falls and expanded upon. By 1899 an additional watermain was placed on the Westside of Beckwith Street within the parking area. Several isolated areas of watermain replacement has occurred over the years, however there are several large sections of 4inch (100mm) main are still in use and are beyond their life cycle (65 year life cycle) and are now below the standard watermain size stipulated by the Ministry of the Environment.

12 The Town will be replacing the following sections of watermain: East Side: From Church St. connect to existing 6 inch watermain and replace 4inch to William Street ( create loop). Then from Main St. remove and replace 4 inch to connect to existing 6 inch line located north of the Chambers Street intersection West Side: From Town Hall to William replace 4 inch (100 mm) line with 6inch (150 mm) watermain.

13 The following street crossings will be replaced as well : Church St. - remove and replace existing 6 inch line and place required minimum shut off valves to facilitate maintenance of water system in the area William St. - remove and replace existing 10 inch from and remove donut ring from around manhole and place required water valves to facilitate maintenance Main St. - remove and replace existing 10 inch tying into 6 inch running north/ south

14 Sanitary Sewers: Existing sanitary sewers are combined in nature, carrying both sanitary and storm waters. Sewers consist of clay pipe varying from 10 inch (250 mm) to 15 inch (380mm) diametre and have been in place for as long as the watermain. Due to the introduction of nodes and green scaping (addition of trees, flowers grass areas) the selection of tree types used in the area, there have been issues with roots in the sewer and throughout the limits of the work. Many of the trees in the nodes will have to be removed to complete the work. The Town of Smiths Falls has had the sewer mains on Beckwith Street cleaned and close circuit televised to view the existing conditions of the mains located on either side of Beckwith Street.

15 Results of CCTV work: There are apparent root mass issues and infiltration concerns; there are no apparent major collapses Refer to CCTV investigation pictures and reports. Please do not be alarmed as to the amount of creaks and fissures you see; you have to remember you are looking a picture inside a 250 mm diametre pipe and everything appears to be exaggerated. The important point to note is that the majority of pipes are still in reasonable circular shape and there appears to be minimal deflection of the pipe from either poor bedding or backfilling operations that could have potentially created a sump or compression of the pipe. Hence alternative rehabilitation technologies can be explored.


17 Storm Sewers: Existing Storm Water Management for the Beckwith Street corridor is being handled by the existing sanitary pipe system. Catch basins had been introduced to facilitate drainage of the roadway and node areas. In the past year, we have provided some minor improvements around the Chambers St. intersection to prevent flooding due to the present gradient on Beckwith Street. As part of our on going infrastructure improvements it is recommended that we separate the sanitary and storm line to two different piping systems.

18 To achieve this it is recommended that there be two lines placed within proximity of the existing sanitary line to facilitate maintenance if required at a later date. Management of storm water should be primarily treated using a storm septor (settling basin - be it a manhole or some thing of that type of configuration) prior to entering an approved storm water outlet into the Rideau River Basin.

19 Traffic Counts

20 Beckwith Street is an intrinsic part of Highway # 15 Connecting Link, which is used to connect Kingston with Smiths Falls and surrounding areas, namely, Perth, Merrickville, Carleton Place and Ottawa. The Connecting Link is provincially maintained through funding provided to the Town upon assessment of repairs required of the riding surface of the roadway. Traffic Count Studies or visual counts of intersections were completed the summer of 2007 and used to provide data on which to base road needs upon.

21 By defining users and yearly visual assessments; we can project pavement wear and identify areas of concern for priority of road repair works. Upon initial analysis of counts taken it has been determined that there is approximately 34% commercial traffic (2,200 heavy trucks use this route daily). This is significant based on the weight of the trucks on the existing pavement. Being part of a connecting link, we are obliged to carry this truck traffic.

22 Traffic counts indicate that there is a variance of 25,200 to 14,700 vehicles travelling on Beckwith at a given intersection (Chambers being most at 25,224 and William being lest at 14,721). Be it here nor there, this street is of significant value to us: historically, culturally and visually, as it is viewed by so many each day be it residents or visitors passing through. What we do to enhance its appearance and structure will ultimately provide prosperity for the Town of Smiths Falls.


24 Existing Lighting - History

25 Through the years lighting has gone from candle to kerosene to hydro powered lighting. In an age of conservation and fiscal constraints, technology has provided the opportunity to change out our existing street light system from High pressure sodium light bulb to a more economical type of bulb (induction) which will reduce our hydro costs by an average of 60%. With this change out, there are some upgrades required as well as additional pole placement due to existing spacing. Therefore we will be enhancing the lighting within the downtown core on Beckwith with a heritage type light fixture. This will add to the prosperity of the Town of Smiths Falls.

26 Retain cobras at intersections or all heritage/theme lighting?

27 Design Ideas Raised Intersections, Crosswalks (raise road to sidewalk level, drainage away from walking area, intersections typically have gentle 1:40 slopes) make it safer to cross the street (visibility to vehicles, speed reduction) make crossing with wheelchairs and strollers easier. push winter slush out of pedestrian route Cost & emergency service considerations (3-10sec. slow) & vehicle comfort

28 Design Ideas Curb extensions (nodes) at intersections -benefit pedestrians by creating shorter crossing distances -increased pedestrian visibility -and tighter curb radii that reduce the speeds of turning vehicles -Keeps parking spaces away from intersection -More difficult for snow plowing

29 Design Ideas Center island narrowings (raised islands located at the centerline of a street) - People with disabilities/slower walking speeds benefit from decreased crossing distances; and - are able to cross one leg of traffic and then wait on a pedestrian refuge before crossing a second leg of traffic.

30 Design Ideas Chokers (midblock curb extensions that narrow the street) Chokers reduce pedestrian crossing distances and enhance pedestrian visibility at a midblock crossing.

31 Design Ideas Controlled Pedestrian Crossings/Traffic Controls Bike Lanes Is there a need for more controlled pedestrian crossings? e.g. Lombard & Lavinia for access into Victoria Park Is there a need for more controlled intersections? (William, Church) Currently discourage use of Beckwith as part of bike route. Should we considered bike lanes?

32 Beckwith Street Revitalization

33 The eventual revitalization of Beckwith Street will have a significant impact from an economic development standpoint. In 2010 the economic development department will be undertaking and leading three critical master planning initiatives; Tourism Master Plan, Downtown Master Plan and a Waterfront Re-Development Master Plan. These three planning initiatives although important as a standalone initiative must evolve into an integrated master plan which incorporates the needs of all three initiatives and provides direction for the future direction of tourism and business development in our community.

34 Beckwith Street acts as the central business core within the community. The street provides wide angle parking and is seen as a unique across the region. Beckwith is also the principle link between the Waterfront/Rideau Canal and municipal waterfront park areas and the downtown business core. The Downtown Business Association is working to address issues relating to parking, road re-paving and street cleanliness, all matters critical to overall first impressions of the community.

35 From an economic development standpoint, the revitalization of Beckwith Street is a high priority project and must be introduced to the business community in an open and seamless manner with ample opportunity for public input and project notice. The revitalization initiative should also take into account signage and opportunities to influence the business community to consider upgrades to store fronts, signage and facades. Plans should also include the ongoing maintenance of the street following revitalization efforts.

36 Ultimately, Beckwith Street will be the major access to and from the Rideau Canal and the business core of the community and the Highway #15 Connecting Link to motorists travelling through to Ottawa, Carleton Place and Perth. How our community is viewed inevitably has a major impact on overall economic development and word-of-mouth, which if positive, can have a significant impact on the success of our municipality moving forward.

37 Potential Construction Schedule and Measures Beckwith Street needs to be as open as possible for livelihood of businesses and access by residents during construction. Timing of Construction will vary with funding approval Ideally:February – April, Alternately: September – November Vehicular & Pedestrian Access One lane open at all times Other considerations Day or night construction

38 Your Turn ! Do you See Any Adverse Environmental Affects? - air, land or water; - plant and animal life, including human life; - the social, economic and cultural conditions that influence the life of humans or a community; - any building, structure, machine or other device or thing made by humans; -any solid, liquid, gas, odour, heat, sound, vibration or radiation resulting directly or indirectly from human activities; - any part or combination of the foregoing and the interrelationships between any two or more of them.

39 Your Turn ! Do you have Any Design Comments? Bike Lanes ? Trees? Heritage/Theme Lighting ? Nodes (Curb Extension) ? Raised Intersections/Sidewalks? Centre Island Narrowing? Chokers? Pedestrian crossings/traffic controls? Other Comments/Concerns?

40 Next Steps Comments to be received by May 21, 2010 to Lynda McKimm @ 613-283-4124 ext. 1148 or via Public Consultation Centre (Townhall) to review the alternative designs and the possible impacts of the designs on the environment (to assist in the selection of the preferred design for the chosen solution). Anticipated Mid June. (all persons signing the list will receive direct notification) Report to Council anticipated early July (all persons signing the list will receive direct notification) Submission to Minister of the Environment & Ministry of Transportation 2011 potential construction (pending funding)

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