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Notes on tracebility and standards

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1 Notes on tracebility and standards
Harm Jan van Burg

2 Intro and disclaimer Goverment Electronic services delivery
Standardsmanagement Programme management Policy implementation Personal title

3 Society & Government Complex Political
Balance between what should be done and what can be done In control

4 Tracability Supply chain Used to be just buy-ship-pay
Long detailed chains Farmer to fork

5 In Control Industry Govenment Information Where, Who, What Health

6 What can we do UN/CEFACT: open transparant and free
Community; gov. control; not a company Trade and Transport facilitation wide or narrow scope Definitively a standards issue More specific a semantic issue

7 Semantics and Trust Global understanding about goods and products
Understanding on wherabouts Not just messages Trusted controled semantics

8 Agiculture Leading sector Food Health Trust
Lots of activities, Fish, Plants, Flowers, Livestock

9 Recommendations Use of libraries Careful with commercial standards
Always ask where is this from? who benefits? Standards are not A-political Involvement paramount

10 Committee on trade supported by UN/CEFACT
Trust and stability Equal playing field Facilitating trade Protecting society Enable balance and control

11 Next steps Cooperation (also within UNECE)
Support and involvement (help us supporting you)

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