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Supervisor: mgr Sylwii Jasiewicz Authors: Małgorzata Kosałka Monika Sulka Angelika Kudzia Sylwia Grabiec.

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2 Supervisor: mgr Sylwii Jasiewicz Authors: Małgorzata Kosałka Monika Sulka Angelika Kudzia Sylwia Grabiec

3 Introduction Man and symmetry Symmetrical buildings What a car has to do with symmetry? Symmetry in nature Summary Miscellaneous

4 We would like to show you that symmetries are around us. They are present in our everyday life. Seldom do we notice them. The story about symmetry starts at our homes which are pervaded by it, although asymmetry is becoming more and more popular.


6 Despite the growing number of ways of shaping glass, the glasses remain symmetrical.





11 The hair may not be symmetrical, but the whole face is.

12 Mr. Beans face remains symmetrical even when he makes various silly faces.

13 Atomium, Belgium, Brussels The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France Branicki House, Poland, Białystok Orthodox church, Estonia, Tallin

14 Atomium is an example of modern architecture. Although nowadays asymmetry is in vogue, the building is symmetrical.

15 The designers of this House showed great abilities, for even the rooms in the buildings are symmetrical.

16 There are symmetrical buildings in every country. Estonia is no exception here.

17 The worlds most famous tower is also symmetrical.


19 Once we get inside our super- symmetrical car, we may admire symmetrical steering wheel, buttons, knobs, gear lever, etc.

20 Symmetry in nature is not a common thing. It is enough to look at plants and animals. In nature there are no ideal shapes, but while looking at an orange, everybody sees a ball. Therefore, the notion of symmetry cannot be dismissed entirely from nature. Symmetrical fruit Symmetrical flowers

21 Watermelon Avokado Peach Pomegranate Apple Coconut Nut Orange

22 Watermelon resembles in shape a ball. The patterns on its skin are not symmetrical, but the whole fruit is. Its seeds are also symmetrical. Watermelon displays central symmetry. We must admit that the fruit is very tasty, unfortunately, this cannot be measured in terms of symmetry.

23 Avokado has one plane of symmetry. Its leaves are also often symmetrical.

24 Apart from having many planes of symmetry, peaches display central symmetry, like peach flowers.

25 Peach flowers have five petals and may have 1-5 planes of symmetry, depending on the position of the petals.

26 Pomegranate has five planes of symmetry.


28 Coconut resembles in shape a ball. Even the centre of the fruit is symmetrical. This fruit may have an infinite number of planes of symmetry and displays central symmetry.

29 Nuts are symmetrical, but they do not have an infinite number of planes of symmetry.

30 ORANGE Orange is famous not only for its taste but also for its central symmetry.



33 A pansy has only one plane of symmetry.

34 Pipe vine also has only one plane of symmetry.

35 Lady Slipper has an unusual shape which does not prevent its being symmetrical.

36 … may boast of five planes of symmetry.

37 This beautiful flower which symbolizes love is also symmetrical.

38 Windflower holds the record among flowers. It has six planes of symmetry! On top of that it displays central symmetry.


40 Even when the wind blows, the windmill remains symmetrical.

41 Symmetry clearly dominates our surroundings. However, what it worth noticing, it does not take exactly measured form but contributes to putting our everyday life in order. We see it at home in objects and appliances used for preparing food etc. Nobody measures flowers and trees with a ruler. It is enough for them to have similar colours and shapes reminding us of various figures. What is symmetry, then? Putting reality in order. Nobody likes to live in a mess and chaos.

42 Building s Road signsCarsFlowersGeometrical figures the Eiffel Tower prohibitory signs Volksvagendaisytriangle Taj Mahal regulatory signs Toyotanarcissussquare Łuk Tytusawarning signs Citroendaffodilrectangle Teatr Wielki in Warsaw information signs Deaewooroseregular pentagon Golden gate in Gdańsk Mercedesgerberaregular poligon Sacré Coeur in Paris marsh marigold isosceles trapezium Triumphal Arch orchidkite Gold temple primrosedeltoid

43 Is symmetry around us?

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